Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hypocrisy and Hypocrites

PRIME Minister Andrew Holness yesterday called for cooperation between the Government and the Opposition in dealing with crime.

It would be easy for me to ask the question, why you did not offer this cooperation while in opposition and why you used crime as a political football during the election campaign.

BUT as a nation we must at some point move crime out of the political arena and view it as a threat to national security that requires all hands on deck. NO party should be boasting that it alone can solve crime because that is a false statement to make as no political party alone can solve Jamaica's crime problem. I go even further to say that the Political class alone cannot solve crime and that all good people must stand together and fight this scourge on the land.

Political parties must realize that a lot of the people they call political activist are in fact criminals and they must distance themselves from these people and bring them to justice. When you were in opposition you declared that crime exist because you were not the Government as only you and your party can solve it. You went even further to declare that the then Minister of Security and his party is incompetent to dealing with the issue of crime. I remember when you and your supporters went out of you way to ridicule the then minister when he said Jamaica needs divine intervention only for your Minister of Security to declare that he is waiting for God to strengthen his hand. It is the Hypocrisy that gets to me and what I do not like.

  • Bunting: I reaffirmed my belief in the need for Divine intervention to touch the hearts of Jamaicans to bring about a change in our culture to help win the war on crime. 
  • Robert Montague: is looking to God to help him address issues affecting the country’s security, like his predecessor Peter Bunting who had sought divine intervention. "I ask my God as I pray daily not to make my load lighter but to make my arms stronger"

It would go a long way for the Prime Minister to first acknowledge that in the past he and his party used Crime and the murder statistics as a political Football in order to win elections and for that, he and his party was very sorry BUT now wants to turn a new page on the issue and promised never to use crime again in the political arena. It would take some of the sting out of the cynicism from opposition supporters. Right now people in the opposition are thinking that he is saying this just because he is the Government and want to be seen as successful because he wants to secure his legacy why he Holness is now offering a hand of national cooperation, for selfish personal reasons only. He must come across as sincere, open and honest especially on this issue...

Crime is an affront to who we are as a people, to our National Heroes, to our nation building experience and future generations of this country and as such this partisan, Political school boy bantering must stop especially since it is costing lives and prosperity.

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