Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arsenal Till I die!

This is the year I thought the young gunners would have come of age, this is the year I thought Wenger would have prevailed and the great experiment paid off but instead we have been knocked out of all competitions and our chances of winning the Premiere League is slipping away before our very eyes.

The season has been very disappointing for me as I am forced to come to the conclusion that our current crop of players is just not good enough. We have a lot of skillful players who play beautiful football but something is missing in the guts and heart department, they are just not Arsenal enough, they are too easily intimidated by opponents and some mentally, don’t even show up on game day. Arsenal has not won any trophy in 6 years and the blame for that rest squarely on the back of the manager. As far as I am concern this should be Wenger’s last chance, I am now prepared for life at Arsenal without Mr. Wenger as the manager but who will they replace him with? I like Wenger but I love Arsenal more and would like to win more trophies with him as Manager but how long should we wait, I would hate it if we become one of those clubs who change managers every other month.

Arsenal is not a bank, it is a football club whose primary purpose is to win trophies and beat Tot-Scum, the club is always reporting how much profit it made but it never wants to spend any of it and invest in good solid players. We are not asking for the club to spend crazy money, we are just asking for the club to make value for money purchases to bring in the right experiences into the club and create the perfect mix of players capable of winning trophies and continue to beat Tot-Scum.  We have been watching this team collapse year in year out, throwing away big games, finals and even beaten by the Scums, this cannot continue.

The current squad is not efficient, yes they play beautiful football but the object of the game is to win and you win by scoring goals but they will not score goals if they do not pressure defenses and take shots at the goal. In our last match against Manu, it took Manu 2 to 4 passes after which they are attacking Arsenal’s goal, testing our defense while Arsenal will make 12 to 15 passes only to end up losing the ball to their opponents against Barcelona in the champions we took no shots at Barcelona’s goal.

These are the Players we need to get rid of:
Almunia (pass it)
Rosicky (should have been sold a long time ago)
Denilson (Complete waste of Space: Useless)
Arshavin  (?)
Bendtner (?)
Vela (unless he improves on loan)

Arsenal should have invested in an experience goalkeeper two seasons ago, Almunia is not good enough and the other keepers are ideal number twos and not yet ready to be numbers one slot. It is so bad that we are forced to resign the 41 year old Lehmann who I will never forgive for costing us the Champions League title.

  • Arshavin is capable of so much more and he is a good supplier but has grown lazy and spends a lot of time losing the ball or just walking around the field, if he is not prepared to pour out his heart and guts for this club then it is time for him to go.
  • I have spent the past 2 season wanting Bendtner to succeed, to become a prolific striker but the Dane have not produce the goods, in my view he lacks creativity in the box, however I am willing to keep him for now.
  • Arsenal need a proper back 4, our defense is horrible I have not seen it this bad in a long time however I like Djourou, Vermaelen and think we should rebuild the defense around them.
  • Denilson and Diaby are a complete waste of space and should be sold. Denilson should never ever wear an Arsenal jersey again unless he pays for it himself.
It is easier to list the players I like than the players I don’t like so:

These are the players we should rebuild the squad around.
  • Szczesny and Lukasz - are good number twos
  • Djourou and Vermaelen – Very good defenders
  • Kieran Gibbs – Improving
  • Fabregas – If is heart belongs to Arsenal then yes but if he is not into it then he serves us no real purpose, his pining for Barcelona is getting on my nerve.
  • Nasri – Pay him anything he wants, he must stay.
  • Alex Song - Pay him anything he wants, he must stay.
  • Wilshere – Inside this kids chest beats a heart shape like an Arsenal crest
  • Andrey Arshavin – Not very consistent but when he shows up great things happen.
  • Walcott, Van Persie – Walcott improved a lot and Van Persie’s creativity in the box is second to none
  • Chamakh – Have lots of potential but needs to be consistent
  • Aaron Ramsey – I hope he returns to form, he was very good
Finally I use to get annoyed at people who insist that Arsenal should invest in more English players but now I am totally for it, being an English club demands it for a number of reasons.  We are not the most liked club in English football, ever since Wenger fielded a squad a couple seasons ago, without any English players we have become the most hated club, xenophobia gone mad. I get the feeling they see Arsenal as a prim-donna-French-club that moan and groan every time a call goes against them or one of their players leg gets broken.
English Referees are also affected by this xenophobia bug, calls that have gone against us would never have gone against clubs with more English players and even thou we now have some English players in the squad the damage as already been done. The likes of Rooney, Terry and Gerrad can get away with murder on the field when Arsenal players are booked just for looking at them the wrong way. 

English players play with heart and a backbone they want to win and will do whatever it takes, they will leave either your guts or theirs on the field of play for glory of winning and they are not easily intimidated not to mention white English players can tell the ref to go fuck himself and nothing will come of it. As over price as they are I feel we need more English players with attitude, enforcers players like Ryan Shawcross, Kevin Davis, Karl Henry, Paul Scholes, Joey  “bad boy” Barton, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher just to name a few can commit the most heinous crimes on or off the field and will still get the support of the English media, pundits and the public to the extent that they will become the victims (poor lads). Arsenal need more English players in order to level the playing field, the nature of English football demands it.


Arsenal vs Villa (2009)

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