Friday, April 22, 2011

Keep it Arsenal !

 I think I have calmed down enough to write a blurb about the Sp*rs vs Arsenal match and the state of the Arsenal. I had hoped that this squad would at least understand the importance of beating the scumbags but I think with this squad that is asking for too much. There was a time when 3 up against a side would mean game over, done and dusted but not anymore. These days we can score 3 or 4 before halftime and still end up losing or drawing the match. It is so predictable that Arsenal supporter now live by the motto “it’s not over till it’s over”, we just do not trust this squad of players to deliver the glory for Arsenal FC, that it seems, is asking too much. 

Yes they play beautiful football, have been for 2 or 3 seasons now, but we know the real beauty of Football is winning. All the fancy passes and twinkle toeing into the box means absolutely nothing if at the final whistle we do not come away with 3 points. I do believe this season is over for us, the other top three clubs are just too mature to give any grounds, they understand that they are on the field of play to dig out a result and come away with the 3 points. Now we are in a battle for second place and I would not be surprise if we ended the season in third (Please prove me wrong). We lack a proper defense and a strike force to tear other team’s defense apart when it really matters.  Gone are the days when we take the lead and shutdown the match. When Henry would take the ball to the corner flag and keep it and the defense would make it impossible for anyone to score while still being dangerous up front.

Arsene Wenger’s post match reports are becoming more and more of an Annoyance but I do understand why they are the way they are. Wenger during the season cannot come out and give the squad a public bollocking, he cannot afford to be negative while we still have matches to play, so he is forced to remain positive and give the squad his full support. It is a shame that his great experiment failed, if it had succeeded then the other over spending clubs would have become the laughing stock of English Football, it would have been a slap in their faces, look what we can achieve on a shoe string budget and some young players. 

 “I'm convinced if we win our last five games we will win the championship”
-Arsene Wenger (April 22, 2011: BBC) (How I wish)

Wenger has lost his sharpness, his ability to uniquely identify problems and fix them before they manifest themselves on the field. This squad was always 2 or 3 players short of becoming the perfect Arsenal Team, his second weakness is the 7 or 8 dead weight players we still have in the squad, imagine taking off Wallcot and Nasri to bring on Arshavin and Bendtner that to me was a mistake. Wenger’s announcement that being second is OK will not win him any favours, after all “We are the Arsenal, we run things, things don’t run we” 

Arsenal Till I Die!!


  1. I'm trying this comment again as I had to sign in to my Wordpress account. You might enjoy my blog too, I do write about football quite regularly and I AM another pissed-off Arsenal fan who lives in Jamaica!! Plus husband and son. Our season is indeed over. While we were throwing away our many chances to catch up (with a very average Man U side this year, and Chelsea and Liverpool well behind) we now find ourselves overtaken by Chelsea. Yes, I think we will end up third. Being an Arsenal fan is no fun these days.

  2. Thank you for commenting on the post, yes it is very frustrating to be an Arsenal supporter, the squad is certainly not balance and Wenger can no longer ask us to be patient we have done that for 6 years now and I think next season is do or die for him. I am sure I will enjoy your blog very interesting. Thank you

  3. Hey everyone I'm a season ticket holder at Emirates. I'm in Kingston Jamaica 22-29 Dec. What's going on?

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