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Removing the Jamaican Menace (2003)

Jamaican Yardies are destroying Her Majesties Perfect Society

I wrote this on: January 1st 2003, found it and decided to Blog it.

Derived from Jamaican Patois, the term "yardie" can be ambiguous, having multiple meanings depending on context. In the most innocuous sense, "yardie" can simply refer to a Jamaican national; as "yard" can mean "home", our beloved rock, our island home. Jamaican expatriates who moved abroad to countries such as the U.K. and U.S. would often refer to themselves and other Jamaicans as "yardies". Then Yard and yardie became a dirty word.

It seems that almost all crimes committed in the UK is expected to have a Jamaican connection, it is the first thing the authorities look for.  The British media is constantly reporting about Jamaican drug gangs, Jamaican drug mules, Jamaican criminals and yardie violence. It seems that Jamaican yardies are destroying Her Majesties perfect society. Jamaicans are being blamed for everything except the terror attack on the World Trade Center and if the Home Office announces a Jamaican connection I would not be too surprise. If one follows the British media, one would think that every Tom, Dick and Harry who commits a crime and who just happens to be black, is a yardie, thus creating a negative perceptions of all Jamaicans in the minds of the British public.

 I am not opposed to the British Government imposing visa restriction on Jamaican citizens. It is the right of the British government to protect itself from whatever it considers as a treat to its people, its society and its way of life. SO if restricting Jamaicans from traveling to Britain returns Her Majesties country to the perfect society that it once was, then you all have my blessing. However I am wondering at what point does, the British Government and its people accept some responsibilities for the increase in crime and gun violence that is sweeping the country.

It is not relevant that the British citizens who are committing these crimes may be of Jamaican parentage, the fact remains that most of these criminals are British Citizens, most born in the United Kingdom and have no direct connection to Jamaica and have never set foot in Jamaica or were transported to the UK from early childhood.

  • At what point does the responsibility of the Jamaican Government ends and the responsibility of the British government starts? 
  • Are we to assume responsibility for first, second or third generation British citizens with Jamaican lineage? 

I have seen reports that blame the influence of Jamaicans culture and Jamaican criminals on British youths, the British government and people are blaming Jamaica for its failures. The government is also blaming gangster rap and the influence of Black American culture for the problem it faces within its society, It seems to be everybody else’s fault.

**********Inserted on July 9th 2017: Based on Facebook discussion**********

I am in a debate where a person told me that the knife crime epidemic that is taking place in the UK is the fault of Jamaica, saying it is because of the Jamaican influence. If so then the UK will never solve their knife crime epidemic problem unless they take full responsibility for your own failures as a society.

The fact is the vast majority of people involved in this epidemic of knife crime are British Born citizens who have never set foot in Jamaica and most have no connection to Jamaica. This is a British Problem, the dysfunctionality and weak mindedness of their young people comes from the British society. In Jamaica we have our own problems to deal with, pure crasses and bigger fish to fry when it comes to crime and as such WE have no time to try and solve this very British Problem or take the blame for it. One person even said that he blames American rap culture, so it is everybody else’s fault except the British.

One cannot deny the fact that this dysfunctionality of the British BORN people represents a monumental failure of British society to properly socialise and educate the young people of Britain. Which is sad for a country boasting to be the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world, compare to tiny Jamaica you can afford some social engineering. It is definitely showing that there is something fundamentally wrong with British society why their young people feel so disenfranchised in such a rich country and feel this is how they need to behave.

I remember a Reporter said about that British Bomber of Jamaican descent, the one who never set foot in Jamaica. He said that he had British soil under his feet and Jamaican blood running in his heart. Deh one deh lick mi fi six!

To you idiots in the UK who live like this, you live in one of the richest countries on the planet, access to education and healthcare more opportunities than young people in Jamaica and acting like idiots stabbing each other is the most you can come up with? Really? You are all dumber than a bag of rocks and YOU being in a rich power country is like pearls before swine.

************ End of Insert ***********

The fact of the matter is, black British citizens have been ignored by their own Government for far too long, they are not seen and treated like equals and are the underclass of British Society. They represent the failures of the British society to properly socialize and to properly educate British youths regardless of their lineage or colour, so as to make them good upstanding people. They are the product of years of exclusion from mainstream British society, poor education from a failing education system and no prospect of making a proper living in today’s society built by new Labor.

 I am not here to defend Jamaican criminals; because God knows they need no defending, criminals are a major problem in both our societies. Nor am I here to oppose the visa restrictions because if Jamaica had a problem with British Hooligans, I would also support measures to prevent British Hooligans from entering Jamaica. What I am against is a move by the British government and media to vilify the entire population of a country base on the actions of a few Jamaican criminals and also the action of blaming Jamaica for crimes of British born Citizens of Jamaican lineage, these people are a product of British Society. Believe it or not most of us are hard working people, with normal jobs, families to feed and a life we enjoy. We don’t all live in those places the media love to show, most of us live in normal places where our children go out and play and grow up to be good honest citizens. Just like not all British citizens are hooligans or criminals not all Jamaicans are dangerous yardies.

Jamaica is a country with many different problems most of which stems from our colonial past and I do agree that Jamaican criminals have no business disrupting the perfect lives of British citizens. On the other hand Jamaican prisons are filling with British citizens trying to traffic drugs.

 The Jamaican Government is now charged with the responsibility of protecting other peoples Borders, other peoples society, we must make sure that drugs do not enter the United Kingdom and the United States of America and if they do, then there will be hell to pay. Day after day however barrels and barrels of guns turn up at Jamaica’s ports of entry. Countries like the United States of America and Great Britain manufacture guns and do not care where these guns end up or whom they kill so long as they are able to sell them and make a profit. 

 These are the rules, the bigger and stronger countries sets them and we must follow, they do not care that their guns and their demand for drugs are destroying my country. I must fight a war on three fronts. I must prevent the drugs from coming into Jamaica, prevent the drugs from leaving Jamaica and prevent your guns from coming into Jamaica.  At what point will the international community step in and play their part.

Multiculturalism, Assimilation and Respect for British Culture:
I wrote this around 2005/2006 after the events of 7/7, rising racial attacks fueled my the media and the murder of Anthony Walker pushed me to write this.

I find Great Britain to be one of the most beautiful countries on the face of this planet. The land is green and when the sun shines it is absolutely, the most fantastic sight to behold, rolling green hills and fields as far as the eyes can see.  I find no fault with the food, which is as diverse as the commonwealth, real, natural tasting and the local real ale tasting like nectars from the gods themselves. The positive about Britain is its rich history which includes its colonial past and the commonwealth and the way the land and society holds on to that history, not everything is bulldozed and rebuilt into some boring monolithic modern structure.

The negative is definitely the mindset of the people; Britons are the most miserable people on the face of the planet. The British have mastered the art of complaining, I have never heard a group of people who complains so much, they complain about everything, always moaning and groaning, always whining, “...The way this bloody country is running”.  All this built up frustration must find an outlet it must be released in some way. Could it be that the continuous wave of anti-social behavior across the UK is as a result of this, why else would people go out get drunk and beat each other to bloody pulps? If you are miserable to begin with and drink then getting drunk will increase that misery to the point of aggression. 

Rex Anglorum-Saxonum
Another way in which this misery and frustration finds an outlet is to always blame someone else for whatever problems they have, real or imaginary. The British are professional scapegoat artist and the problem is only getting worst. Everything that is wrong with the United Kingdom of Great Britain is the fault of Immigrants and British born minorities. Even before the events of July 7th 2005, the British Anglos represented xenophobia gone mad, for a people who supposedly hate diversity they, historically went out of their way to create a very diverse Colonial Empire of which they are still reaping its benefits. If British born minorities and immigrants work hard and take care of their families and are successful, they would complain that they are taking jobs away from Anglo Saxons who regard themselves as the one and only true British citizens. If they don’t work they complain that they are a drain on British society, using up their hard earned tax dollars that should only be spent on Anglo Saxons.

The events of 7/7/05 is like fuel on the fire, it has created an environment where British Anglos can act upon their feelings in a society where people are more willing to turn a blind eye to racial abuse. Assimilation is a two way street and British society has been practicing exclusion for years. Britain as long since declared itself a civilize society with a civilize police force to deal with crime, Tony Blair attacked Iraq because he thought they were behaving in the most uncivilized manner, yet the British public have set out to prove to the world that they are also capable of the most uncivilized behaviors. Hate crimes soared since 7/7 as white British citizens set upon immigrants who inhabit their land. The number of racially motivated crimes recorded by police in England and Wales went up by 12% to 59,257 in 2004/2005, according to Home Office figures. Within British society the Government and the media continue to emphasize the negative effects of Immigration while continuing to ignore positive contribution of immigrants to British Society, throwing fuel on the fire for political points. One such attack was against a young black kid who was killed by a group of cowards hiding in the bushes. They jumped out and chopped him in the head with an axe, Anglo-Saxon ignorance at its worst. 

In order to assist Immigrants and British Born Minorities to achieve a higher state of British-ness, Anglo-Saxons came up with a series of mile stones to help them on their journey. Concepts like Multiculturalism, Assimilation and respect for British Culture, are just some of the words being thrown about. The problem here is how will anyone know when any of these milestones have been achieved, how will this manifest itself within society, at what point will white British citizen wake up and embrace their fellow non-white citizens and immigrants? English speaking commonwealth countries has been under British rule for 350 year, if they have not achieved “Britishness” in all that time then either they will never achieve it or the concept of “Britishness” is a moving target, designed never to be achieved by non-Anglo-Saxons. I find these buzz words to be extremely dangerous, it’s an historical reminder of how the Nazi’s use to talk about the Jews just before they started throwing them into Ovens.

Now I am not saying that immigration should not be controlled and I am by no means condoning illegal immigration, I am all for standardization of the process which can come about without fueling the fire of racial hatred and bigotry. If the politician and the media took the time to listen to legal immigrants and British born minorities they would realize that they also want standardization of the process, a reduction in illegal immigration and asylum seekers. What they do not want is for the politicians and the media to ponder to people’s fears, to raciest groups and to stir up racial hatred among the general population thus converting Britain into a Neo-Nazi state-of-mind.

 Apart from the few murderous radicals, who exist in every society, how does the other British Born Minorities and immigrants show disrespect for British Culture? What is British Culture? Is it getting piss drunk and beating the bloody pulp out of someone, anyone, is it football hooliganism, singing “En-ga-land, En-ga-land, En-ga-land” while you put the boot in. How was Anthony Walker disrespecting British culture, he was assimilated, a modeled citizen, a son any mother would be proud to have, he did not drink or smoke or beat people up on the streets, well educated and a member of the Church of England how much more assimilated can you get but he was black and no amount of assimilation can change people’s perceptions of you when you are not white.

Even if the Muslims tear down their house of worship, dress is European style clothing and eats pork pies they will never be fully accepted in British society, nor will any other immigrants or descendants of immigrants. This I know because black British have long since given up their culture over the past 350 years and have accepted a European existence and they are still not accepted.  Nothing will ever change in the United Kingdom until this British culture of constant misery, moaning, groaning, whining and blaming others is overcome and the people learn to accept the fact that they live in a multicultural society and embrace the difference around them.

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Justice For Stephen Lawrence !!

  Murderer, blood is on your shoulder Kill I today you cannot kill I tomorrow, Murder your inside must be hollow, How does it feel to take the life of another? 
Buju Banton

 Murderers of Stephen Lawrence 

Murderers of Anthony Walker


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