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What Christmas means to me

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In the time of Julius Caesar, December 25th was the date of the winter solstice.

In the northern hemisphere, on the winter solstice the sun reaches its lowest point on the horizon, creating the shortest day and longest night.

The pagans of the time celebrated the winter solstice as the Unconquered Sun. After this day, the days begin to get longer, the weather gets warmer and spring approaches; and so it represents the Sun (light) winning the battle over darkness. There would be feasts, and all types of other celebrations to pay tribute to the Sun.

In the fourth century, the Christians shifted Christmas Day to the day of the Unconquered Sun.

In Jamaica today, as in most other parts of the world, the mention of Christmas conjures up many images for us all; the Christmas tree and the abundance of nicely wrapped presents. Christ’s birthday, Singing Christmas carols, getting off from work and school and getting together with family and friends.

But, while we as a Christian nation tend to see Christmas as the birth of Christ, we forget its true roots and which is it that it signifies a transition from darkness to light. Christ conquered the darkness, as did the Sun.

To me, this particular Christmas and the coming new year 2012 has caught me in an enthusiastic state as I wait, looking forward to that global transition from darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment, from hate to love, from selfishness and greed to more generosity and altruism, from separation and disconnection to unity.

Today on a global scale we see isolation, corruption in our leadership, Inflation and recession, environmental deterioration, diminishing resources, unrest and oppression and we have to ask what tha hell is going on? In addition, if you are really observant you will see that things are changing around you at an alarming rate led by scientific and technological advances, The information age is upon us.

On a global scale, we all are becoming more and more informed, we are learning things more efficiently, knowledge and technology is more accessible to more people instead of only the privileged few, we are seeing that ancient wisdom has been misrepresented to keep the masses dependent on these few, and so now things are moving much faster and getting clearer, as a result, the societal institutions; religion, medicine, education, politics, and banking that have developed and matured over the past 1000 - 2000 years are now decaying, and breaking down due to their reliance on blind obedience and brain washing.

The model of social prejudice and the byproducts of imperialism that we have been subjected to for so long is now beginning to crumble and methods that promote unification, personal and environmental health, realization of our dreams will now arise to take their place.

People are now more informed and so, the wool over their eyes is slowly being removed.

People are already beginning to look within for the answers they seek, instead of outwards to money, possessions and other people (experts/authority figures).

The unstable state of today’s world is for someone who is an optimist (like me) only a sign of a new beginning, a new dawn, a reshuffling of the deck.

These crises so to speak are really a wakeup call, one that screams a movement toward integration and unity, where our day to day activities support our environment and our physical, mental, spiritual selves, where our leaders see themselves as servants of the people supported by the people instead of modern day monarchy dictating to the people and supported by big business.

The rigid, limiting structures that existed before only benefitted a few, and now we are rejecting them, gradually changing our view so that we can no longer accept these ideologies as truth if we are to evolve, this however cannot go on without a fight.

There must be upheaval…

Through our interactions and choices, our collective human consciousness creates the world we live in. If we understand that by changing how we think and act, we can change the world for the better then all we need to know is 1) what it is that we truly want and 2) how to be positive.

Our ability to adapt and simplify our lives are qualities attributes that are going to become increasingly important.

Daily at New Phase we talk about the things can we do to live a better quality, healthier life.

Eating properly (following sound nutritional practice), getting enough exercise AND rest, spending time with our friends and family, investing in our personal development, following our dreams, having a sense of community and compassion, pursuing interests and engaging in fun recreational activities, these are all things that point the way to a life that everyone on this planet should have access to.

This is something we can all work toward collectively.

This Christmas, I recognize that I live for you all, I commit to play my part everyday to manifest the transition from darkness to light where people of this world no longer suffer because of manmade illness (i.e. caused from lifestyle factors), war, prejudice, and oppression.

My first step is to improve myself.

I thank you all for a wonderful year, of learning, of laughter, of fellowship.

Peace, love, health, prosperity and happiness
 Happy Holidays
Always Martino ...“Breakboy Nrg”

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