Saturday, December 3, 2011

When I am Here!

When I am here

When I am here, nothing else seems to matter, nothing else seems important when I am sitting here in this chair.
When I am here, My stress is over there, somewhere, anywhere but here. Beyond the horizon, in a land far, far away, just stories on the evening news. 
When I am here in the mornings, all I need is a nice cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, while watching the sunrise over the horizon. Listening to the sound of the sea, watching the gentle rippling motion of the waves as it slowly makes its way towards the white sandy shores. Enjoying nature as I watched birds eat a ripe mango that had fallen to the ground.
When I am here, at midday after lunch, there is nothing like a cold Red Stripe beer while sitting here, ...yes here, right here, in this chair and
When I am here, in the evenings, there is nothing like a glass of Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Rum served neat while watching the magical Caribbean Sunset. Feeling the cool tropical evening breeze as it passes through the trees.
When I am here, I am happy that I am right here and not over there because there is always trouble over there, life is hard over there, people are sick and dying other there, wars are being fought over there, people are rioting over there because there is no unity over there. Over there the color of a man's skin is of MORE significance than the color of his eyes.
When I am here, I am content, my life is perfect, my life have meaning, a sense of purpose but
When I am not here, I spend all my time wishing I was there, yes right there, sitting in that chair with my beer, watching the setting sun over there.

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  1. Believe me, I spend ALL my time wishing the same thing. This was a nice short little post that took me back for a moment. Thanks!