Thursday, January 5, 2012


By Michael Abrahams

'Twas di night before Christmas
An all thru mi yard
Me a dig up di place fi find
Mi voter registration card

Fa election day a come
An me tink me shoulda vote
But me put di whole a dem
In di same ol sinking boat

Labourite an Comrade
Of di two a dem mi tyad
Because mi tink dem party dem
Harbour some tief an liad

Wedda Manatt or Trafigura
Light bulb or JDIP
Dem tek all a we fi eediat
An inna wi money dem dip

Opposition cuss government
An government cuss opposition
But no matter who inna power
We en up in di same position

Wid greedy an dishonest MPs
An questionable government ministers
So many of di candidates dat me a see
Appear to be shady an sinister

Andrew tek ova from di driva
An Portia a drive fi har Jeep
An me wonder if any a dem promises
Dem really a go keep

Fa me get let down by both sides before
So none a dem me really trus
An me tink seh when whoever win tek office
Some new scandal a go buss

An when me did watch di leaders debate
A dat time me get cross an frown Fa instead a hearing di real issues dem
All me see was two clown

One dodge questions about gays in di cabinet
An di odda want a Jamaican queen
I mus confess, I was not impressed
Wid di orange or di green

Well midnight almost deh pon me
An although me a search hard
Me nuh stop come up empty handed
Cause me still cyaa find mi card

Might as well me doh find it yah man
Cause mi nuh tink seh me a go bodda
Fa when me pree how di ting set up
Is six a one, half dozen a di odda

But den again our forefathers
Did work an struggle an fight
Until dem get adult suffrage
Fi gi me an yu di right

So athough me tyad a di slackness
An tink seh di parties not nice
Me a go look fi mi card one more time
And try fi mek a choice

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