Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Real Hotties of Parliament

It is no secret that the Jamaican women are in charge of the day to day running of the country. On every level of society the Jamaican woman is taking charge, this is a trend that started long ago. In schools, girls outnumber boys on almost every level, girls are more likely to achieve higher education than boys and on a daily basis more woman can be seen heading out to work than men, regardless of the type of job and more men can be seen holding their corners on the side of the road begging for handout than women.

Source:CIA Factbook
definition: age 15 and over has ever attended school
total population: 87.9%
male: 84.1%
female: 91.6% (2003 est.)

Source: Jamaica Education Statistic 2000 - 2001
Enrollment at the Tertiary Level:
Boys : 32.6%
Girls: 67.4%
Out of the 29,593 enrolled:
Boys : 9,645
Girls: 19,948

Enrollment at the Tertiary Level By year:

7. Best place for high-skilled jobs : Almost 60% of high-skilled jobs in Jamaica are filled by women, compared to 2% of similar jobs in Yemen.
Women’s Status Worldwide: Best and Worst Places | Secrets to Your Success

There are only three countries in the world where your boss is more likely to be a woman and Jamaica is number one. No other country in the world holds a candle to Jamaica, where just fewer than 60 percent of all managers are women.

Men are more likely to get their education and socialization skills from the dancehall, it is the dancehall DJs that have become role models to our young men, it is the DJ who teach our young men how to interact within society as the aggressive lyrics of the dancehall gets played out in real life, on the streets of Jamaica. For the women it is not that men are in short supply, it’s just those educated, upwardly mobile, family oriented men are in short supply as the women lose patient with the dancehall(Jack-it-up-cock-it-up dig-out-di-red) mentality of the average male. What is the purpose of higher education if you are going to lower your standards and respond to the mating call of the man on the corner, “Hey gal come yah nuh” just does not cut it anymore when you have a couple degrees and PhDs to your name.

I have even heard it said that the Jamaican woman is forced to add men to the ever increasing list of goods we import from overseas, let’s see … SUV –check, French wine – check, imported Terrazzo tile and marble counter-tops – check, a good man – check..

The Jamaican women have been climbing up the corporate ladder for some time now, so it comes as no surprise that they are taking over the very Seat of Power, the Government of Jamaica.

Not only are the new entries to Parliament some of Jamaica's brightest but they are also some of Jamaica’s hotties and I am here to introduce just a few.

Minister of Youth and Culture, the Hon. Lisa Hanna, MP
Bachelor's and Master's degree in communications from the University of the West Indies

Deika Morrison, MBA, SM, BAS (cum laude), BSc. (cum laude) (Managing Director)

University of Pennsylvania, MBA

Harvard University
SM (Master of Science in Engineering Science) · GSAS
University of Pennsylvania
School of Engineering and Applied Science, BAS, (Environmental Systems)

University of Pennsylvania
The Wharton School, BSc. Economics, (Finance)

Senator Imani Duncan Price
Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
Wesleyan University
Centre for Sustainable Development Studies

Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte
Former Minister of State at Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade, Jamaica
Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
King's College London, U. of London
University of West Indies

Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith
University of the West Indies

Master of Laws in Commercial Law from the London School of Economics,
Bachelor of Laws from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill
Bachelor of Arts in French and International Relations from the University of the West Indies
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
And even though the following did make win at the polls but lost by a narrow margin:

Paula Kerr-Jarrett
University of London (SOAS)
LLM The University of London(UCL/LSE)

Dr Saphire Longmore-Dropinski, MBBS, PhD
University of the West Indies

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