Sunday, March 25, 2012

Neutrality and the Diehard Party Supporter

Neutrality does not mean docile, or that you should not have an opinion, it is the opposite really, it means you can have any opinion your want, you can come out of the corner swinging left right and center, you have no allegiance to anyone, any group or any party. It is freedom from the shackles of conformity, from those who are fighting you to conform,to live life on their terms. Because one declares one shelf to be Politically Neutral does not mean that one have given up ones rights to be a Political and Social Activist, it just means I am Free, to be the Political and Social activist on my terms.

"Peoples Hernandez: You're not a cop anymore.
John Shaft: Do you think that makes me less dangerous, or more dangerous?"

Given the choice between parties who are equally bad, I means really bad, with politicians who are just bold face dirty, liars and thieves, I mean nasty piece of work, how can people who claim to be educated and have common sense chose between them and support them? Unless the people who support them are idiots or have some personal interest, I am not saying I would never support a party the problem is I see none that fits into my view of the world and worthy of my support.

While I do follow Jamaican politics, I am beginning to believe that we are in fact a doomed people simply because we believe that everything in our society has a political cause and a political solution. I grow tired of partisan politics and the entrenched minds of the diehards who support them. They have no understanding of neutrality, they cannot comprehend it and to them you must fit into a partisan bucket. Neutrality is the ability to say what you want, when you want to and how you want to, neutrality frees me from the constraints of the party and the party supporters or the beliefs of any other groups or persons. I do not have to fit into any pre-conceived mold, it is not about what you think of me, it is about what I think of myself and I feel better for it.


I will express any concepts, any ideas I feel is right and if what I expressed resembles the views of any party, then that is just coincidental, since I do not consider the party but my own Principles and Policies, which is all I have to go by, to live by and will never compromise who I am and what I am for anyone. I consider it demeaning, pathetic and shallow if I derive my Principles and Policies from a party or any other group, it means I have lost control of the ability to define me. They fit themselves to me, I do not fit to them, they must conform to my views I will not conform to theirs, they must sing my song, I will not sing theirs. If person A in party B says X and I agree with it, it is not because person A said it or it came from Party B, it is because Person A and Party B said something that I already believe in, something that is already a part of my core belief, they said something that fits into my view of the world.

Which is not how the diehard views the world, if person A in the party the diehard supports, party B says “X”, he will agree with it and defend it to the very end but if person A in the opposing party C says “X” he will oppose “X” to the very end, “X” is no good even when he was a defender of “X” the night before the election.I do not understand blind allegiance to any group or party or persons, it is a concept that is totally foreign to me, where did we get this blind religious like faith in the party from, this may explain the fact that I also do not understand the blind allegiance/faith to a Religion, I am just not wired that way.

I think Jamaicans for the most part are blind partisans and tribal and will never see our way out of any situation because of this. Partisan Politics is use to pass on the Nation Building responsibilities, away from ourselves, it is not me but them, yes those people, that party is the problem. We are not a pro-active society, we are not an organized society and we are for the most part a greedy shellfish one dimensional society, we stand up for nothing but our own self interest.

Partisan Diehards see Jamaica’s progress as depending on a party, I see Jamaica’s progress as depending on the Jamaican People regardless of Party. Even if the Party you support is not in power you are suppose to be guided by a bigger principle, a bigger force, that is the nationalist, patriotic Nation Building force, you should give 100% to Jamaica and nothing to the Party.

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