Monday, April 30, 2012

The Jamaica Observer Page 2 Pictures.

If you want to legitimize anything in Jamaica such as a social event or a business, keep a party and invite some white or light skin people then have the Jamaica Observer take pictures for Page 2. The Observer will mostly publish Page 2 pictures of people with the lightest skin colour thus legitimizing your business or event in the minds of a people who are completely obsessed with the colour of a person’s skin, since it seems there are those among us who equate success and jet settings with only upper St. Andrew Reddas and Brownings.

To the Jamaica Observer if you have light skin people at your event then it must be an event worth supporting, the place to be and to be seen. Not only are the people in the pictures mostly light skin but page 2 is formatted to show bright over expose images giving even the blackest face a lighter complexion.

I have been told that even if black people are at these event they are less likely to make page two, unless they are ultra-famous like Usain Bolt and their spouse or girl or boy friend is of light completion or white again like Usain Bolt or just standing beside someone with a light complexion. Someone stated that maybe the events that Black people normally go to is not taking place at the moment, that is to say Black people like “Blackie Mango” is not in season and will not yet show up on J.O’s page 2.
I know for a fact that the Jamaican middle and upper middle class is a lot more diverse than the Observer would have us believe, that jet setters come in different shades from all sections of Jamaica. I will continue to observe the Observer to see if its page two pictures reflect the true demographic makeup of the Jamaican society or just the upper St. Andrew and imported “Reddas dem”.

Jamaica Ethnic groups: black 91.2%, mixed 6.2%, other or unknown 2.6% (2001 census). More of a healthy balance would be nice, not only more blacks but Chinese and Indians should be included, after all we are "Out Of Many... One People!"... 

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