Saturday, July 14, 2012

Temple of Thieves!

There is an older member of my family who is very religious. A bit lonely and getting on in age, he spends a lot of his time going to and from church, also entertaining various church members at his home. It has reached the point where these church people seems to come and go as they please. This older person seems powerless to do anything about it at times and at other times thankful for their company as he would declare that they are his church brothers and sisters and in his mind that means a lot.

It has come to our attention that certain top members of his church are actively trying to transfer the property of this individual into their names. They are trying to get him to sign over his house to the church.The church elders have requested the title to the house and have declared that they have a burial fund stating that they will ensure that he gets a proper burial when he dies. They have even gone to the trouble of sending over various contractors to measure his house and the yard.


We see in the news time and time again about the evil that takes place within churches across the world and in Jamaica. Pastors sleeping with underage little boys and girls. Pastors treating the church like brothels and the woman and men of their congregation like their own personal sex toys. Every con artist has a gimmick of some sort and the people preaching in churches have the best gimmick of all. The use of religion to get the same thing the drug dealers, the warlords, the Dons and the politicians want out of life and that is to enrich themselves at the expensive of the weaker more vulnerable members of our society while preaching of the better that will come.

The Church is full of sexual deviants criminals and thieves.  
Recently what we have always known about the Church and various religious types have come to light as they are now under a spotlight and running like cockroaches trying to look righteous and holy.

There are no difference between scammers, cross dressing scammers and members of the church except that one might wear a dress and the other wears a cheap sunday suit but what they do is the same. They are confidence tricksters, conmen trying to trick people out of their money while sell false hope and lies.

Pastor used my money to buy new vehicle - Elderly
A Kingston pastor is being accused by a senior citizen of selling her car and using the money to buy himself a new vehicle instead of it being put down to fund her burial. Seventy-four-year-old Jean Blake is describing as "savage", the actions of head pastor of the Prophetic House of Worship Church, Kevin Campbell.  The court heard that when the complainant told Johnson to hand over the cars he returned four failed to return the other, which he had transferred in his name. The car was valued at $535,000. The court also heard that Johnson was given $60,000 by the complainant to buy a music system for the church, but he allegedly used it to do something else.

Church loses $300 million - audit ordered to find the funds
A church located in western Jamaica has been drawn under the microscope by its members and community following the revelation that funds amounting to more than $300 million have allegedly been embezzled.

Pentecostal Pastor Convicted For Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Kingston Girl
Fifty-five-year-old Kingston pastor Paul Hanniford has been convicted in the Home Circuit Court for having sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl he baptised.

Pastor caught in 'compromising position' with 15-y-o 
Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth — A Moravian pastor alleged to have had sexual intercourse with a 15 year-old girl on the night of Wednesday, December 28, 2016 has been formally charged with statutory rape, police say. He has been identified as 64-year-old Rupert Clarke, a longstanding minister of the Moravian Church, based in Manchester.

Pastors accused of abusing 12-year-old
Following investigations by detectives from the Centre for Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, both pastors were yesterday charged with carnal abuse.
The alleged victim, Stacy*, has welcomed the latest development.


When we visited this family member we noticed that one of his rooms was empty and when we asked what happened to the furniture that was in the room, he told us that some of his church sisters came into his house and took it.

We discovered all this when the family member had called his daughter requesting the title to the house and when she inquired why he needed it, all was revealed. As a result we contacted our lawyer, got a new will made, a new title transferring his property to his son and daughter's name then paid a visit to the church informing them that the line has been drawn and any further attempt to extract his property will be met with the full force from either the law or the unlawful!

I cannot imagine just how many elderly people across Jamaica has been scammed out of their house, homes and various properties by these Religious Church people selling salvation and making promises to bury them when they are dead, only to turn around and throw them on the rubbish of life. This is why no man walking on this planet can preach to me and I try never to set foot in any of their so called houses of worship because they contain the worst of humanity, the more they preach, the more disgusting they look to me. The Religious Community contains the worst of Humanity!

When one sit and talk to poor people about their relationship with the church they would boast about how rich their pastor is. How expensive the car that he drives and how big his house on the hill is. It seems to be proof that he is a good pastor and God has blessed him with riches. Almost all of these pastors do their scamming work in poor ghetto communities, extracting money from poor people on almost fixed incomes, who cannot find food to feed themselves but are expected to give what they do not have to the church. These pastors, leaders of flocks are thieves, men without souls, void of conscience and live at the expense of others, poor vulnerable people. 

It is one thing to be set upon by everyday wicked people but to be set up on by people who claim to be religious, holy, righteous and true. Carrying out the words of their God is nothing but pure 100% evil. Religious evil is way more disgusting than any other form of evil on this planet.

The religious concept of forgiveness helps to perpretrate this evil because the religious can be evil today, repent tomorrow and then be evil again the next day because they can repent it tomorrow. The religious church is and always was a temple of thieves, confidence tricksters because religion is a construct of men as they attempt to control other men.

I remember poor people in third world Jamaica sending their hard earn scarce money to overseas ministries, to men in fancy suits and flashy cars worth millions for some extra blessing. I remember my Grandmother getting a key from that Oral Roberts Ministry claiming it was blessed by that racist Roberts himself and whenever there was any problems in her life, she would hold on to that key for dear life, waiting for its blessing to work its magic.

“No to Homo Agenda”: How evangelicals spread anti-gay hate to Jamaica From funds to personnel, here's how U.S. churches are directly inciting virulent homophobia on the island

"On January 4, 1987, Oral Roberts told his followers that if he did not raise a total of eight million dollars by March, God was going to take his life."

Dear Pastor,
I am a regular reader of your column and I must say that you have been doing a superb job. I am 23 years old and I have a severe problem that I would want you to give me some advice on. I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old. I have always been an active member of my church. When I was 16, I got raped by a guy who lived in my community. When this happened, I was so terrified and I had sleepless nights and it took me a while to get over it.

The problem I am having is that, ever since I was raped I became totally addicted to sex. I just can't stop having sex. I even have sex with guys I know nothing about. Sometimes I feel guilty because I am still active in church. **I told my pastor about it and he too had sex with me**. I don't know what else to do or who else to turn to. Almost all the young men in my community have had sex with me and some of the guys at my church too. I am so confused. I have tried to stop but I just can't. Please tell me what to do.“

She went to the pastor for help and got weh the duck get...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Real Backstabbers of Ashburton Grove

No one can blame the supporters of Arsenal Football Club for being angry, frustrated and feeling let down, this is like an yearly event, players we welcomed with open arms when they were nothing, supported them through their bad times with injuries and bad form only to be cursed out and insulted by them after just one good season, it is getting stale and so very predictable. I am angry because Arsenal is not only losing a good player but another captain, a leader. I am hurt that leaving Arsenal can be so easy for these young mercenaries, while we sing and cry “I am Arsenal till I die” they plot and plan the time of their exit.

This is the reason why I do not have any players name printed on the back of any of my shirts who has not proven himself. If I had an Arsenal Jersey with Nasri or Van Persie written on the back I would take it into the backyard and burn it.

I am gutted by Robin Van Persie’s decision and the way he went about it, it seemed just when the squad was shaping up, becoming interesting, his greed took over. Arsenal has developed some of the best players in the world today, most of these players did not come to Arsenal when they were at the top of their game, their development and achievement was due to the vision of Arsene Wenger and the coaching staff who have the ability to see something in a player and build on that. I am tired of the club being used as a stepping stone, players are treating themselves like stocks on the financial market, selling out when they are on a high.

As soon as these players reached a certain level of development, as soon as the world starts to take notice of them is when we find out the true nature and personality of that player and person. Arsenal FC wasted its time and money on players like Nasri, Clichy, Mathieu Flamini, Alexander Hleb, Emmanuel Adebayor, Captain Cesc F├ábregas and now Captain Robin Van Persie just to name a few, these are the real gold digging, back stabbers and Arsenal should put up a sign in the Stadium toilets titled “Gold Digging, Back Stabbers we should never have signed” and list them all, we should have left them where we found them. If these players want to see a real Arsenal supporter and player, a true legend then look no further than Thierry Henry.

This is a new world order of Football, the age of the Bling where there is no such thing as honour, commitment and love anymore, no one wants to be a part of a squad from the ground up, to be a part of something great, everyone wants an instant trophy winning squad, the finest money can buy, these blingers are not fans or supporters of any club they play for, those days are long gone, there is nothing like the feeling of progressing with a squad, to go through thick and thin and finally to achieve glory, but this is the new world of football, The fu*k you pay me revolution is in full swing.

Van Persie said he does not like the direction the club is going without actually explaining what he means, just when I am beginning to like the direction the strike force was going with Van Persie leading the charge, I had high hopes and expectation for the coming season, we had options upfront.

I understand Arsene Wenger, we all do, we may not like some of the things he does but we know who Arsene Wenger is, we know what he is about. I personally do not want Arsenal to become one of those clubs that change their manager faster than it takes paint to dry. Wenger believes in a balance as well as honour and commitment, yes he is a man that is a bit out of touch with current times but his principles are sound.

Arsene Wenger does not believe a club should be in debt because it spends too much money in the transfer market and on weekly salaries, he does not want to leave Arsenal Football Club in financial ruining and I believe he will quit the club before he starts throwing money around Willy Nilly but real Arsenal supporters are not asking the club to throw crazy money around, we are asking the club to fix the holes in the squad and we are amazed sometimes that the Manager does not see what we see. Arsenal have a stand by your man attitude even when that man is totally worthless and costing us trophies but when the Manager works with that man and he comes good then he is off, firing a salvo of insults towards the club and fans on his way out.

Arsenal Supporters wants the club to be a bit more dynamic when it comes to identifying and fixing problems as well as player selection and acquisition, we understand Arsenal may have to spend a bit more in today’s market. We would like to see a bigger squad with more options on the bench, our squad is way too lean compared to most other clubs.

Alisher Usmanov vs Arsenal Board
Arsenal has for years prescribed that the club must live from its income, and no director or owner must put a penny into the club

This is not a bad principle to have and in any other sector would show an entity with discipline and strong moral character. This concept can only work if everyone concerned buys into it, the problem is Arsenal is the only club playing this game.

Alisher Usmanov states that the self-financing model is being paid for by the supporters while the shareholders reap the financial benefit

Now that is just disgusting, if we are all in this together the shareholders must shoulder some of the burden.

Uefa's "financial fair play" rules, due to be enforced from 2014-15, which view clubs' reliance on individual rich men as unstable, generally inflationary and not what football should be about”.

Simply put the days of the sugar daddy is at an end and the playing field should once again be leveled. However Arsenal FC is enforcing a rule that has not yet been implemented by Uefa, again Arsenal is the only club playing this game and suffering for it.

The news on the street is that Theo Walcott is also considering his future with Arsenal as he enters his final year of his current contract... Seems he gets 60k per week but he wants 100k like the City and Manu boys and instant trophies… I remember when this muppet could not find the back of the net and would trip over his own feet, now he is putting in a few thanks to Arsenal and wants the world.

In Jamaica we call people like these “wagonist” people who jump on the bandwagon, in this case these are people who hijack other people’s successful ride. Some goes to these sure-thing-clubs and celebrate victory even when they did nothing to achieve it but ride out the bench barely making an appearance. There are clubs out there who would purchase a player with no intention of playing him, so long as they deprive the opponents of his services.

Agent86: Arsenal FC and Robin van Persie

The following was written by a Friend, a Mentor and a Diehard Arsenal Supporter, Agent 86:

"Robin van Persie is looking at the next few years when he's 28, 29, 30; he thinks they [Arsenal] can't win trophies. You don't want to say it but you probably have to agree with him.'' Alan Smith

Alan Smith’s statement bothers me. Knowing that the board won’t be swayed by it bothers me more. No, I don’t want to spend irresponsibly or to upset our wage structure. I just want a powerful response to our (second consecutive former) captain’s actions that will send a crystal clear signal to all watching that Arsenal F.C. is nobody’s f*****g muppet.

Ideally, we’d have a long line of players who feel the same way as Arsene about throwing money at a problem, waiting for us to sign them. Sadly, there are far too few players of that ilk than what we need in order to properly address this latest player offensive quickly and painlessly. 

Robin van Persie’s situation is an affront to The Manager, to The Club, and let’s be clear, to the fans. Van Persie has had ONE full season with us. Granted, it’s all he’s needed to prove his class. He is a superior talent. But in comparison, Thierry Henry was as durable as they come. If robin’s eight years at the club had not been more absent than present I’d give him a pass. As it stands though the guy has trampled on the fans’ adoration for him. He has shyt on his own legacy. We got a boat load of goals and some happy moments in return but short of automatic CL qualification, what do those goals do for us now?

He looks like one who’s used words conveniently to elevate himself and his image to the fans while knowing the entire time that he was not going to sign a new contract. Some would say to get over it. That it is typical of the loyalty-challenged modern player but regardless, it is unacceptable!

What will our response be? How do we fix this?

Do we force a deal with the highest bidder, minus the two Manchester teams and Chelsea? If he’s set on joining Manchester City, as suspected, he probably will not care if PSG throws silly money at him. If we choose not to sell him to a rival, we’d probably have to keep him for the final year of his contract and accept that the situation would degrade over the course of the season – moreover, how do you trust a player who is not committed to your cause?  I also imagine that his agent would fear the worst (and surely not unprecedented scenario) that a serious injury occurs and his value diminishes.

If we play this right we can make a few people look pretty stupid.

A wiser man than I am has suggested selling Van Persie to Real Madrid for Higuain plus £10m. Not the worst idea! I’m really not sure how we handle it but it’s a blessing in disguise if done properly. It’s a chance to send that overdue message to the fans, to the league, to the football community, and to all players and their agents that we will NOT be f****d with.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Timeline: Before, During and After the Euros

Euro 2012 Stadiums Of Hate

Europeans seems to accept the worst violence when it is being carried out by other Europeans.

I just finished watching this and it was totally disgusting, I cannot understand why EUFA would reward Poland and Ukraine with holding Euro 2012. If a fraction of this violence was taking place in a country like Jamaica then Western Europe and Britain would have a travel warning against Jamaica, advising their country men to stay away but not so when it comes to white violence. I am at a lost with this, during the regular season supporters in both Poland and Ukraine were allowed to beat any non-white individuals, shout racist chants and perform the Nazi salute while the police just watch and do nothing. It seems in these countries this is the norm, one official then proclaimed that it was not the Nazi salute they were just pointing. You would have to be crazy to attend the Euro 2012 and you would have to be suicidal and crazy if you are not white and decided to travel to Poland, Ukraine or any part of Eastern Europe.

The European media love to show violence in non-white countries but never give violence in European countries and the animals that carry them out the same attention because Eastern Europe is full of Joseph Konys, try dealing with your own dirty laundry for a change.

The Wengerfication” of the English National Squad
I am not a big fan of Roy Hodgson but I like what he is doing to the English Squad, I think Hodgson realized that they cannot keep sending the same old tired media built squad to international competition especially when they have not achieved anything. It is time to start rebuilding the English national team, it is time to start exploring other options and opportunities, even if they fail in their first attempt. England cannot keep sending the same old overpaid and over hype players only to watch them crash out of every competition, the time is ripe for the “Wengerfication” of the English National squad.
England Euro 2012 Exit
England was booted out of the Euro 2012 by an aging Italian squad and rightfully so I might add. It was painful to watch as they were outplayed every step of the way, the English squad tried to win by playing anti-football. This was park the bus at its very best as every player became a defender, yes they had some chances trying to capitalize on the break but just could not finish. England played for penalty shootout and got the penalty shootout, the problem is England have always been terrible at penalties so why were they playing like they wanted to win on penalties is anybody’s guess, I thought they had a plan, an ace in the hole but they had nothing.

The Italian defense did not impress me I thought they were vulnerable and I am sure will get beaten by a team hell bent on taking the fight to them and scoring goals. What was even more shocking is the fact that England does have the potential of being a very fast attacking side but choose instead to play a very defensive match, daring the Italians to “Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Hard Enough”. Milner had no right being in the squad, he is just not good enough and Young is a good player but for some reason was terrible in that match he just kept losing the ball. The time is right to rebuild the English Squad, it is time for the old guard to pack their bags and go and new younger, faster more skillful players added, the time is now.

Crown Thee King of the Hooligans
So after making a big deal about racism and football hooliganism in Eastern Europe (and rightly so) it was the English fans at home who now wears the crown of King of the Hooligans. After being beaten by the Italians it was the English fans marched towards celebrating Italians and began to attack Italian supporters and lay waste to several of their cars making it a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. The British media for the most part was very quiet about the incident and the story was missing from the Daily Whinge and Whine, the same rag that published several pictures from different angles of a fight between Russian and Polish idiots, highlighting Eastern European Hooliganism but turning a blind eye to their own as per usual “It was just lads acting up”. It always amazes me how English officials can easily marginalize and brush aside these things when it involves England but blow it way out of proportion when it involves other countries…

Spain is once again Champions of Europe:

Euro 2012 is over and the champion of the World is once again back to back champions of Europe, congratulation to Spain, they deserve it. Italy did very well to get to the finals but in the end the age of the squad got the better of them especially against a very young and skilful Spanish side.  2012 is truly the year of sports after watching the Euro, English Premiere League, the Champions League, Carling Cup, FA Cup and League football we next have the London Olympics and then it’s the regular Football season again. I wonder if these events were listed on the Mayan Calendar.

The English National Squad
The idea that England was a power house of football must have been created by the English themselves, talk about living in an alternate reality. Somebody needs to break out of the matrix they have been living in all this time and start dealing with reality, it is only then that the English FA will start to fix the problems that exist and it makes no sense blaming the foreign players and the Premiere League for the current predicament.  The English National squad needs to be more dynamic, so far the managers have been afraid to take chances preferring instead to stick with the muppets they know.  It as gotten to the point where certain players and WAGS believe it is their God given right to be in the squad. International tournament have at times been converted into a Festival of WAGs.

Poland, Ukraine and Eastern Europe
Much has been made about how dark, disgusting and raciest Eastern European can be and for the most part it is all true. There is no country in Eastern Europe I would ever visit, not one, I do not go to places where most of the people living there hate my guts, that is just suicidal, I can deal with one or two raciest idiots that is my limit.

The fact that I am sitting here in 2012 means that my ancestors knew how to survive and passed that skill down from generations to generations, they survived being captured in Africa, survived the Middle Passage, survived the cruelty and beatings on the plantation, survived anti-slavery rebellions, survived the 1938 strikes and worker’s rights riot, we survived the political violence of the 70s and we survived Hurricane Gilbert and various Gas riots so there is no way in hell, I would throw away hundreds of years of instincts to identify and stay away from danger and take a chance in Eastern Europe, no that place makes my Spidey sense Tingle.

Everyone is going on and on that Sol Campbell was wrong to warn Black people to stay clear of Eastern Europe because the tournament went by and no black person was attacked and killed, yes that might be true but only because the majority of Black people followed Sol Campbell’s advice and stayed the hell out of dodge, there was no black people to beat and kill so Eastern Europe turned on it self as running battles broke out between Russian and Polish supporters. Knowing that the world had them under a hubble like telescope both Poland and Ukraine went all out to prove that their societies are not as raciest as the British made them out to be. "You can fool some people sometime, but you cant fool all the people all the time"

On display before the final match between Spain and Italy was a musical group made up primarily of Black people, which to me is the classic statement, I am not raciest I have a black friend, well we are not raciest we have a black band. Then the many media outlets tried to print pictures of black people attending Euro 2012 but they ended up just taking pictures of the same couple black people, in the end they just gave up. Black people did not come home in coffins simply because Black people paid attention to Sol Campbell's warnings, stayed home and watched the matches on their 60 inch flat screens, in the comfort of their houses and on their comfy couches with friends or down the pub with friends. This just tells me that the Polish and Ukraine officials can control racism if they wanted to but don’t. Eastern Europe can temporarily control their primal dark disgusting urges to beat and kill black people when the world is watching, not to mention Euro 2012 was not like a regular national league match, it was an international event with a very expensive price tag that raciest tugs just could not afford and was probably prevented from attending by the authorities.