Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Real Backstabbers of Ashburton Grove

No one can blame the supporters of Arsenal Football Club for being angry, frustrated and feeling let down, this is like an yearly event, players we welcomed with open arms when they were nothing, supported them through their bad times with injuries and bad form only to be cursed out and insulted by them after just one good season, it is getting stale and so very predictable. I am angry because Arsenal is not only losing a good player but another captain, a leader. I am hurt that leaving Arsenal can be so easy for these young mercenaries, while we sing and cry “I am Arsenal till I die” they plot and plan the time of their exit.

This is the reason why I do not have any players name printed on the back of any of my shirts who has not proven himself. If I had an Arsenal Jersey with Nasri or Van Persie written on the back I would take it into the backyard and burn it.

I am gutted by Robin Van Persie’s decision and the way he went about it, it seemed just when the squad was shaping up, becoming interesting, his greed took over. Arsenal has developed some of the best players in the world today, most of these players did not come to Arsenal when they were at the top of their game, their development and achievement was due to the vision of Arsene Wenger and the coaching staff who have the ability to see something in a player and build on that. I am tired of the club being used as a stepping stone, players are treating themselves like stocks on the financial market, selling out when they are on a high.

As soon as these players reached a certain level of development, as soon as the world starts to take notice of them is when we find out the true nature and personality of that player and person. Arsenal FC wasted its time and money on players like Nasri, Clichy, Mathieu Flamini, Alexander Hleb, Emmanuel Adebayor, Captain Cesc F├ábregas and now Captain Robin Van Persie just to name a few, these are the real gold digging, back stabbers and Arsenal should put up a sign in the Stadium toilets titled “Gold Digging, Back Stabbers we should never have signed” and list them all, we should have left them where we found them. If these players want to see a real Arsenal supporter and player, a true legend then look no further than Thierry Henry.

This is a new world order of Football, the age of the Bling where there is no such thing as honour, commitment and love anymore, no one wants to be a part of a squad from the ground up, to be a part of something great, everyone wants an instant trophy winning squad, the finest money can buy, these blingers are not fans or supporters of any club they play for, those days are long gone, there is nothing like the feeling of progressing with a squad, to go through thick and thin and finally to achieve glory, but this is the new world of football, The fu*k you pay me revolution is in full swing.

Van Persie said he does not like the direction the club is going without actually explaining what he means, just when I am beginning to like the direction the strike force was going with Van Persie leading the charge, I had high hopes and expectation for the coming season, we had options upfront.

I understand Arsene Wenger, we all do, we may not like some of the things he does but we know who Arsene Wenger is, we know what he is about. I personally do not want Arsenal to become one of those clubs that change their manager faster than it takes paint to dry. Wenger believes in a balance as well as honour and commitment, yes he is a man that is a bit out of touch with current times but his principles are sound.

Arsene Wenger does not believe a club should be in debt because it spends too much money in the transfer market and on weekly salaries, he does not want to leave Arsenal Football Club in financial ruining and I believe he will quit the club before he starts throwing money around Willy Nilly but real Arsenal supporters are not asking the club to throw crazy money around, we are asking the club to fix the holes in the squad and we are amazed sometimes that the Manager does not see what we see. Arsenal have a stand by your man attitude even when that man is totally worthless and costing us trophies but when the Manager works with that man and he comes good then he is off, firing a salvo of insults towards the club and fans on his way out.

Arsenal Supporters wants the club to be a bit more dynamic when it comes to identifying and fixing problems as well as player selection and acquisition, we understand Arsenal may have to spend a bit more in today’s market. We would like to see a bigger squad with more options on the bench, our squad is way too lean compared to most other clubs.

Alisher Usmanov vs Arsenal Board
Arsenal has for years prescribed that the club must live from its income, and no director or owner must put a penny into the club

This is not a bad principle to have and in any other sector would show an entity with discipline and strong moral character. This concept can only work if everyone concerned buys into it, the problem is Arsenal is the only club playing this game.

Alisher Usmanov states that the self-financing model is being paid for by the supporters while the shareholders reap the financial benefit

Now that is just disgusting, if we are all in this together the shareholders must shoulder some of the burden.

Uefa's "financial fair play" rules, due to be enforced from 2014-15, which view clubs' reliance on individual rich men as unstable, generally inflationary and not what football should be about”.

Simply put the days of the sugar daddy is at an end and the playing field should once again be leveled. However Arsenal FC is enforcing a rule that has not yet been implemented by Uefa, again Arsenal is the only club playing this game and suffering for it.

The news on the street is that Theo Walcott is also considering his future with Arsenal as he enters his final year of his current contract... Seems he gets 60k per week but he wants 100k like the City and Manu boys and instant trophies… I remember when this muppet could not find the back of the net and would trip over his own feet, now he is putting in a few thanks to Arsenal and wants the world.

In Jamaica we call people like these “wagonist” people who jump on the bandwagon, in this case these are people who hijack other people’s successful ride. Some goes to these sure-thing-clubs and celebrate victory even when they did nothing to achieve it but ride out the bench barely making an appearance. There are clubs out there who would purchase a player with no intention of playing him, so long as they deprive the opponents of his services.

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