Saturday, July 14, 2012

Temple of Thieves!

There is an older member of my family who is very religious. A bit lonely and getting on in age, he spends a lot of his time going to and from church, also entertaining various church members at his home. It has reached the point where these church people seems to come and go as they please. This older person seems powerless to do anything about it at times and at other times thankful for their company as he would declare that they are his church brothers and sisters and in his mind that means a lot.

It has come to our attention that certain top members of his church are actively trying to transfer the property of this individual into their names. They are trying to get him to sign over his house to the church.The church elders have requested the title to the house and have declared that they have a burial fund stating that they will ensure that he gets a proper burial when he dies. They have even gone to the trouble of sending over various contractors to measure his house and the yard.


We see in the news time and time again about the evil that takes place within churches across the world and in Jamaica. Pastors sleeping with underage little boys and girls. Pastors treating the church like brothels and the woman and men of their congregation like their own personal sex toys. Every con artist has a gimmick of some sort and the people preaching in churches have the best gimmick of all. The use of religion to get the same thing the drug dealers, the warlords, the Dons and the politicians want out of life and that is to enrich themselves at the expensive of the weaker more vulnerable members of our society while preaching of the better that will come.

The Church is full of sexual deviants criminals and thieves.  
Recently what we have always known about the Church and various religious types have come to light as they are now under a spotlight and running like cockroaches trying to look righteous and holy.

There are no difference between scammers, cross dressing scammers and members of the church except that one might wear a dress and the other wears a cheap sunday suit but what they do is the same. They are confidence tricksters, conmen trying to trick people out of their money while sell false hope and lies.

Pastor used my money to buy new vehicle - Elderly
A Kingston pastor is being accused by a senior citizen of selling her car and using the money to buy himself a new vehicle instead of it being put down to fund her burial. Seventy-four-year-old Jean Blake is describing as "savage", the actions of head pastor of the Prophetic House of Worship Church, Kevin Campbell.  The court heard that when the complainant told Johnson to hand over the cars he returned four failed to return the other, which he had transferred in his name. The car was valued at $535,000. The court also heard that Johnson was given $60,000 by the complainant to buy a music system for the church, but he allegedly used it to do something else.

Church loses $300 million - audit ordered to find the funds
A church located in western Jamaica has been drawn under the microscope by its members and community following the revelation that funds amounting to more than $300 million have allegedly been embezzled.

Pentecostal Pastor Convicted For Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Kingston Girl
Fifty-five-year-old Kingston pastor Paul Hanniford has been convicted in the Home Circuit Court for having sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl he baptised.

Pastor caught in 'compromising position' with 15-y-o 
Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth — A Moravian pastor alleged to have had sexual intercourse with a 15 year-old girl on the night of Wednesday, December 28, 2016 has been formally charged with statutory rape, police say. He has been identified as 64-year-old Rupert Clarke, a longstanding minister of the Moravian Church, based in Manchester.

Pastors accused of abusing 12-year-old
Following investigations by detectives from the Centre for Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, both pastors were yesterday charged with carnal abuse.
The alleged victim, Stacy*, has welcomed the latest development.


When we visited this family member we noticed that one of his rooms was empty and when we asked what happened to the furniture that was in the room, he told us that some of his church sisters came into his house and took it.

We discovered all this when the family member had called his daughter requesting the title to the house and when she inquired why he needed it, all was revealed. As a result we contacted our lawyer, got a new will made, a new title transferring his property to his son and daughter's name then paid a visit to the church informing them that the line has been drawn and any further attempt to extract his property will be met with the full force from either the law or the unlawful!

I cannot imagine just how many elderly people across Jamaica has been scammed out of their house, homes and various properties by these Religious Church people selling salvation and making promises to bury them when they are dead, only to turn around and throw them on the rubbish of life. This is why no man walking on this planet can preach to me and I try never to set foot in any of their so called houses of worship because they contain the worst of humanity, the more they preach, the more disgusting they look to me. The Religious Community contains the worst of Humanity!

When one sit and talk to poor people about their relationship with the church they would boast about how rich their pastor is. How expensive the car that he drives and how big his house on the hill is. It seems to be proof that he is a good pastor and God has blessed him with riches. Almost all of these pastors do their scamming work in poor ghetto communities, extracting money from poor people on almost fixed incomes, who cannot find food to feed themselves but are expected to give what they do not have to the church. These pastors, leaders of flocks are thieves, men without souls, void of conscience and live at the expense of others, poor vulnerable people. 

It is one thing to be set upon by everyday wicked people but to be set up on by people who claim to be religious, holy, righteous and true. Carrying out the words of their God is nothing but pure 100% evil. Religious evil is way more disgusting than any other form of evil on this planet.

The religious concept of forgiveness helps to perpretrate this evil because the religious can be evil today, repent tomorrow and then be evil again the next day because they can repent it tomorrow. The religious church is and always was a temple of thieves, confidence tricksters because religion is a construct of men as they attempt to control other men.

I remember poor people in third world Jamaica sending their hard earn scarce money to overseas ministries, to men in fancy suits and flashy cars worth millions for some extra blessing. I remember my Grandmother getting a key from that Oral Roberts Ministry claiming it was blessed by that racist Roberts himself and whenever there was any problems in her life, she would hold on to that key for dear life, waiting for its blessing to work its magic.

“No to Homo Agenda”: How evangelicals spread anti-gay hate to Jamaica From funds to personnel, here's how U.S. churches are directly inciting virulent homophobia on the island

"On January 4, 1987, Oral Roberts told his followers that if he did not raise a total of eight million dollars by March, God was going to take his life."

Dear Pastor,
I am a regular reader of your column and I must say that you have been doing a superb job. I am 23 years old and I have a severe problem that I would want you to give me some advice on. I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old. I have always been an active member of my church. When I was 16, I got raped by a guy who lived in my community. When this happened, I was so terrified and I had sleepless nights and it took me a while to get over it.

The problem I am having is that, ever since I was raped I became totally addicted to sex. I just can't stop having sex. I even have sex with guys I know nothing about. Sometimes I feel guilty because I am still active in church. **I told my pastor about it and he too had sex with me**. I don't know what else to do or who else to turn to. Almost all the young men in my community have had sex with me and some of the guys at my church too. I am so confused. I have tried to stop but I just can't. Please tell me what to do.“

She went to the pastor for help and got weh the duck get...


  1. It is wicked what the church is doing to your old relative but have you stopped to think that there would not be this void in the man's life and he would not be lonely if you and his other family members were putting in the physical time in his presence that the church members are?

    It is actually being neglected (or outright mistreated) by family with all the attention coming from members of charity organizations that tends to be behind why some old people die and leave nothing to blood relatives and everything to charity.

    The wrong thing here is them being brazen enough to ask for it like they are ENTITLED.

    However, if the man is so lonely and so left alone for so long that these people have time to move in like this, then clearly his family is not doing their job in caring for a man who is no longer part of working society, yet they surely want the reward of being left something in his will.

    Take care of the man and keep his company, he should not be lonely and no breeze shouldn't pass him that unuh don't know bout unless he was a tyrant in his younger life...

    It may seem harsh what I am saying but if you look at the facts of it, I am right. Do not come round the man only when others trying to help themselves to his money. If he had no money to leave anybody would anyone care but the church that the man lonely and don't have nobody? Why is he even living by himself? these same children that rush to get the will made towards them, why aren't they having him living in their homes or taking turns having him in each home some months out of the year?

    It is very upsetting to me that anyone be left vulnerable to predators, whether I know them or not, whether is the very old or the very young.

    But as far as that girl who had the dear pastor story...unfortunately that is a mental health issue and Jamaica and the Caribbean in general and even the average person in America sucks at dealing with it. That pastor need to be burnt what a disgrace even if he was busy judging her as a whore for anyone's taking he should not have been taking, he should have been referring her to a counselor. That is why people nah guh church like one time because they see too much hypocrisy and judment and not enough practical help for real life issues from the leadership...

    1. Thank you for your response to the post, I know I can always count on you to be honest and direct. The person have always had a close relation to his church so much so that everyone thought his social circle was strong and intact, coupled with the fact that this person have a very strong independent personality. They have regular prayer meetings and choir practice at his house, who was to know that when they say bow your heads in prayer means bow your head, close your eyes so I can rob you blind.

      His situation is also a result of migration with most of the family unit spread across the globe as well as other factors but he was never really alone in the sense that no one communicated with him, he was always visited, always called but he will defend his church to the very end, indoctrination complete.

      It just comes as a shock that what we considered as a solid relationship between him and his church was not solid at all… There was no indication that a problem exist until the request of the will by the church, his family was more than willing to leave all his property in his name, it is his and his alone but are not prepared to sit idly by and watch an organization that was supposed to be for good carry out this evil, disgusting act. This situation has put into high gear plans that they did not think they would have to take for a couple years.

  2. I find some churches a little too obsessed with offering but for the most part they care about their members.

  3. Not surprised!! My experience has taught me that most of the congregants are "hiding", yes,hiding from lifes' realities. The church has some of the horniest people in this world!!