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Jamaica the Welfare and Entitlement State

  • Independence and Freedom means absolutely nothing without a strong sense Responsibility and Discipline.

  • Equality, Social-Justice, Self-Reliance and Discipline are wonderful principles to live by and we should try to instill these principles back into our society.
Garrison is the collective term for a body of troops stationed in a particular location, originally to guard it, but now often simply using it as a home base. The garrison is usually in a city, town, fort, castle or similar. "Garrison town" is a common expression for any town that has a military base nearby.

In Jamaica a Garrison is the collective term for a body of diehard partisan voters stationed in a particular poverty stricken ghetto location, created to secure votes for a particular political party and used as a home base for criminal activities and nightly Dancehall Merriment.

The residences of the Jamaican Garrison are afforded certain rights and liberty by the political class that is not given to regular citizens living outside of the garrison community. The Ghetto Garrison is a self-Governing entity whose leaders are appointed by the executive members of the political class. Most people living in the Ghetto Garrison pay no taxes and enjoy various utilities for free, as payment for votes rendered and for turning a blind eye to violence and crime.

The Jamaican Garrison Community was created by the political class, over the years they have meticulously engineered and transformed certain low income, working class communities with decent hard working people by injecting violent drug gangs used to set up and maintain puppet regimes with the primary purpose of ensuring that the people within the Political constituency vote as one, in a block.

Force is not the only way of maintaining a Garrison, it is required from time to time to make sure the people remember just who is in charge, coupled with force is free handout, give a hungry, poverty stricken man a dry crackers and he will love you for life, as the years progress the mindset of the people change as they become more accepting of Ghetto Garrison lifestyle, at which point the hard work of transforming hearts and minds is over, the Ghetto Garrison is now a self-sustaining, living entity free to evolve into what it is today. These days most of the inhabitants of Ghetto Garrison were born into that system, it is all they know and want to know, the people have adapted to life in the Ghetto.

Clovis Toon
Our political class has mastered the formula for Ghetto Garrisons creation, at the core of any Ghetto Garrison is low investment in education coupled with the freedom and liberty to be totally irresponsible and indiscipline, the likes of which is not afforded to anyone else. Poverty is also essential tool in creating the Ghetto Garrisons, if they are poor enough, uneducated enough, hungry enough then you can control their hearts and minds, just give them enough to keep them eating out of your hands and because hardship alone won’t work, you then give them the freedom and the liberty to enjoy themselves anyway and anytime they choose. The Ghetto Garrison only has two rules, 1) only vote for one party and 2) “informer fi dead”, no matter how disgusting the crime or how close to home the crime is committed… “Say Nothing and defend your friendly neighborhood Crime Lord/Don/Warlord and Political Activist!!

When most of us think of the ghetto we think of rundown shanty town community, somewhere disgusting, violent and nasty, a place where everyone is trying to escape from, trying to claw their way out but cannot, trapped like prisoners in a penal colony, unable to break free, destined to live a life of suffering and crime.

The ghetto might be all these things but is everyone really trying to escape it? Could it be that for a large amount of its inhabitants the ghetto offers a type of life, liberty, freedom and lifestyle that can exist nowhere else? This makes living in the Ghetto worthwhile and the negatives a small price to pay.

Life outside of the ghetto is very structured and organized, almost regimental, executed with a sense of purpose where one is not free to do what one wants to do. Life outside of the Ghetto follows a strict code of conduct that sees us sacrificing certain amount of liberty and freedom. It is truly a rat race where everyone tries to play the game in order to stay one foot out of the dreaded ghetto and want to achieve the Jamaican uptown dream, big house on the hill, a big car and maybe a browning or two. Most of the anxiety about the ghetto comes from people living outside of the ghetto, since to them it is a scary black box, a place dark and disgusting with guns barking nightly, people running from here to there, kids crying and the streets filled with dead bodies.

I saw this printed on the T-Shirt of a Hood Rat and wondered why the Glorification of Criminality

If the Ghetto is such a dark disgusting, hellish place then why would anybody live there, anywhere would be better than that place. A nice quiet rural community, where one could plant some food and live a nice quiet life would certainly be more appealing than the dreaded ghetto. But I have been told that Ghettos Life Nice. A life without structure, I was told that very little rat race exist in the ghetto and it is all about ones comfort level. Lots of people in the ghetto get to live for free. Lots of people in the ghetto have electricity and water they never have to pay for and free health care at the expense of the state. I have been told that the vibes in the ghetto does not exist anywhere else.

Della - Ghetto Life Nice (2012) 

I am by no means saying that there are not people in the ghetto struggling and trying to get out, what I am saying is that it is becoming very hard to identify these people, to separate them from the spongers and blood suckers of our society. A lot of people in our society pay lip service to Poverty, using poverty as a means to an end. Our political class pays lip service to poverty all the time, it is their favorite pastime. Paying lip service to poverty and the poor can win you votes because it makes members of the political class look like they are defenders of the poor and downtrodden. The so called Poor and Downtrodden also use poverty to get what they want and live how they want as these days crying poverty is now the “Great Excuse”.

The Political Class have converted Jamaica into a welfare state since the most important thing to the political class is votes, it is the source of their wealth and power and the poor and downtrodden are willing to give their votes in exchange for various handouts and the freedom and liberty to be Irresponsible and Indiscipline. Any attempt to hold the so called poor and downtrodden accountable is met with fierce resistance from both the poor and certain sections of the political class as each use the “Great Excuse”, we/they are too Poor and Downtrodden to be held accountable and Government should turn a blind eye to their actions and let off tax payers’ money to support their lifestyle. The poor and downtrodden of Ghetto Garrisons have created a vast network of illegal electricity connections and water pipes hook ups, on free capture land on which they squat and any attempt to hold them accountable is attacked with cries of, “leave the poor people alone… you too wicked”.

A person once wrote to the Gleaner outlined his experience trying to hire some young people to help him reap his crops from his farm. He said it was time to reap his crop but it was way too much work for both his wife and himself and as they are getting on in age he needed help. On driving out of his property he spotted some of the local young people standing idle on the street corner, he stopped and asked if they wanted the Job to help them to pick his produce. But the response he got back shocked him… “After wi nuh farma” one said … another said “a slave wok dat”... he tried to reason with the young people but to no avail so he decided to leave them to stew in their own ignorance, just before he could drive off one young man shouted … “Boss yu can let off a money, fi buy a food”…. Work no, Begging yes…

Not too long ago a group of illegal squatters was evicted after many years of being given eviction notices, one of the Poor and Downtrodden evicted woman had 8 children and pregnant with her ninth and no father in sight, all born on the captured, squatted land and I am shocked to read people asking for the Government to locate land to “Give” to these Poor and Downtrodden squatters, one person said they should find land in parishes like St. Ann to “Give” these poor people, free of change, not even asking for a smalls, out of principle? .…and I said, a how dem so lucky?

In Portland a group of squatters was evicted from Railroad land and the Government instructed the Social Development Commission to identify new land for the squatters. These people are just given free stuff at tax payers’ expense. Can I contact the Social Development Commission to find me a nice piece of land in Portland, near the beach, free of charge? …and I said, a how dem so lucky?

The Pedro Cays is a small island off the coast of Jamaica captured by 400 to 500 people as some fish the waters around cays, of which about 150 are “women”. I have been told the place have a make shift bar and a Go-Go club, in one interview a man described the place as being filled with prostitutes and nightly merriment. These people are just the nastiest most disgusting set of people I have ever seen, they have converted a once beautiful island into a shanty town, filled with shacks as they live and eat amongst their own waste and filth, they pay no taxes, most are not licensed fishermen but demand that the Government spend tax payers money to improve their living conditions. Among the health and environment issues at the Pedro Cays are the absence of running water, a lack of toilet facilities (as they defecate in plastics bags and in bushes) and a rapidly increasing garbage dump but they have bars, Go-Go club, whores and nightly merriment. …and I said, a how dem so lucky?

I read that during a conversation between the Jamaica Environment Trust and the representatives of the squatters, the trust outline some possible solution which involves some new rules and regulations as to how Pedro cays should be used. The poor and downtrodden hates rules and regulation, they do not like it and are not afraid to tell anyone who dare to impose or propose Rules and Regulation where they can stick it. They asked for attention but did not like the attention they were getting since it meant a change of lifestyle, so some took to the air waves to assure the General Public that it was a lie, all is well, they no longer want the spot light turn on them.

TVJ Peter Espeut - Environmentalist and Shernett Linton - Shopkeeper at Pedro Cays

It was reported the other day that the Government is to use tax payer’s money to build bathroom facilities for the residents of Tivoli Gardens. WTF!! When is it the Governments duty to build bathrooms and if it is the Governments Job, how then can I get them to make an addition to my house, free of charge, at tax payers’ expense? The residence of Tivoli gardens can keep a dance almost every night, carry on with the most almshouse and slackness but cannot build their own Shit House?

There are people in and out of the ghetto who sells ghetto sympathy and guilt which is used by the people in the ghetto to get what they want and live how they want to live...
  • They are poor so it is OK for them to keep a dance 7 nights a week… “Tun-It-Up-Till-It-Buck-And-Stuck”. 
  • They are poor so it is OK for them to capture and squat on land they do not own. 
  • They are poor so they should not have to pay for electricity, Water or pay taxes. 
  • They are poor so the government should finance their existence with tax payer’s money. 
Jamaica it seems is an entitlement society, a welfare state where some people think the tax payer owes them a living and should finance their existence... Everybody wants to “Eat-A-Food” and at everybody else’s expense… We are being used by these type of people and we must identify them and show them the error of their ways, we have no problem helping people who try to help themselves, what we have is a problem with people who have no intention of helping themselves and use cries of being poor and downtrodden as a way of life to sponge of our society...

It is not only we who are being used, ghetto people are also being used by the political class, these people are told that so long as they vote for a particular party, run behind the Political representative and carry on like low class idiots, that when that party comes to power they will be allowed to live at the expense of the tax payer and however they want.....

Entitlement and Welfare are traits belonging to much richer countries who can afford to subsidize people’s existence with tax payer’s money. There is no way poorer countries can afford to do this and must then rely on their people to be a bit more practical, industrious, innovative and think outside of the box for the greater good.

However it gets very hard to motivate people when they see such large unequal distribution of resources and income inequality. Political corruption is demoralizing to any society; it is like being stabbed in the back. Here we are busting our chops trying to contribute to the greater good, following the Rules and Regulations of our society that was put in place by the political class, while the very same political class like pigs at the trough gorge themselves at the public’s expense, consuming the public’s resources for their own selfish, greedy needs. It is part of the reason we are in the mess we are in today because rat “nyam” (eat) out the conscience of our Political leaders.

I understand that a lot of these people are poor but giving them free stuff without demanding any sort of accountability is doing more harm than good. We do not give squatters free land, we rent/lease or sell them land, they must provide monthly payment, if even $100 but they must learn to be responsible. We do not give fisherman free access to Pedro Cays and the freedom to build what they want and live how they want. The Government should build standardized huts, for a certain number of people on the island and rent/lease these huts to licensed, tax paying Fishermen only, with regular patrols carried out to make sure people who belong on the island is actually on the island as a matter of fact access to the island should be done through the coast guard front office who registers who is on the island at any one time but all this is wishful thinking, since in order to guarantee votes the political class have allowed the so called Poor and Downtrodden people of the Ghetto Garrisons the Freedom and Liberty to be completely "Irresponsible and Indiscipline".

There are a lot of hard working poor and low income people in Jamaica, these are the people who through strength, courage and discipline try their very best to carve out a future for themselves and their families, they follow the rules and regulation of this country, they want to achieve and most are not asking for a handout or to live at anyone’s expense. These are the people we as a society need to identify and do our very best to give them a helping hand, they are deserving of our help because for these people our help is not regarded as a handout but an investment in the future of Jamaica,  they and their children will make us proud.
Independence and Freedom means absolutely nothing without a strong sense Responsibility and Discipline
Equality, Social-Justice, Self-Reliance and Discipline are wonderful principles to live by and we should try to instill these principles back into our society.


Political Tribalism will be the death of us, as we are way too small and too poor to survive this crab in a barrel mentality.

Jamaican Mannish, Goat Head Soup

When I was young I hated soup and spend hours at the dinner table as I was not allowed to leave the table until I finished by dinner. I did not understand why we had to drink our dinner but being older I love soup and drink it almost everyday, I just love those squiddly dumplings. The other day for lunch I had goat head soup and normally I enjoy eating the mushed up mystery bits of meat and cartilage with my yam, dumpling and Irish potato but on that day the soup was a turn off…

Imagine my surprise when I went in with my spoon only to come up with a piece of goat jaw bone with the dental work intact! I tell you this goat had a healthy set of teeth but it was a turn off and I could not continue. I quickly put the lid back on the container and deposited the soup in the trash or maybe I should have taken it outside and give it a proper burial, then say a prayer or two.

Also what is the big idea of putting all that green banana skin in my soup, after all I am not a goat.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Remove the Human Infestation

Portland Rock Expedition, Pedro Cays, Jamaica 

Pedro Cays, are four small, flat (2 to 5 metres high), low-lying and mostly uninhabited cays, lie about midway along the southern edge of the eastern half of Pedro Bank. The Middle Cay was captured by 400 to 500 people as a fishing outpost, of which about 150 are “women”. I have been told the place have a make shift bar and a Go-Go club, in one interview a man describe the place as being filled with prostitutes and nightly merriment. These people are just the nastiest most disgusting set of people I have ever seen, they have converted a once beautiful island into a shanty town, filled with shacks as they live and eat among their own waste and filth, they pay no taxes, most are not licensed fishermen but demand that the Government spend tax payers money to improve their living conditions. Among the health and environment issues at the Pedro Cays are the absence of running water, a lack of toilet facilities and a rapidly increasing garbage dump but they have bars, Go-Go club, whores and nightly merriment? WTF!!!

Garbage and Filth!
I read that during a conversation between the Jamaica Environment Trust and the representatives of the squatters, the trust outline some possible solution with involves new Rules and Regulations as to how Pedro cays should be used. The poor and downtrodden hates Rules and Regulation, they do not like it and are not afraid to tell anyone who dare propose any Rules and Regulation where they can stick it.

Disgusting Animals!!

If the people who live over there have no sense of decency, not even the basic concept of picking up after themselves, much less making sure their surroundings are clean and tidy then throwing money at it, is like throwing pearls before nasty disgusting swines, It will only become a sink hole for money. Yes basic service is required but I would prefer to remove the Human Infestation, they are like a virus and remove their shacks and return the area to the wild as wild animals have more respect for nature, themselves and their surroundings.

Poor Masked Booby bird trying to hatch her eggs amid them filth!!

When people discuss "Invasive Species" they typically mean plants and animals that are introduced to an area and wipe out resident species and upset the ecosystem. It never occurs to people that HUMANS are also an invasive species and it does not get any more invasive than them nasty people!

"I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we are the cure."

Might as well the sea level rise and reclaim the Cays

This is how I think this small Island should look:
Miskito Cays Nicaragua

Instead this is how Middle Cay look today:
Rundown Shanty town Shacks

Peter Espeut - Environmentalist and Shernett Linton  - Shopkeeper at Pedro Cays
The State of the Pedro Cays

People who created the filthy conditions and living amongst it!!!

"And Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Roger Clarke returned from their visit to the Pedro Cays said he was buoyed by the residents' apparent willingness to help solve the problem…

In addition to the absence of running water, residents have had to contend with poor and inadequate toilet facilities that have prompted them to designate an area on the tiny island to pass urine and faeces. At the same time, they have also done battle with an increasing garbage dump, which some among them have said has to be burnt each night to prevent it reaching their doors."

Ministers buoyed by Pedro Cays visit

The Shit House

Monday, September 24, 2012

On Mark Halsey

......By Agent86

Let’s be clear on three things first.
  • I've only refereed one match. It was an U-12 game in 1990-something 
  • I only saw the last 15 minutes of the Liverpool vs. Manchester United match yesterday 
  • Players win or lose games but referee decisions matter

Broadcasters should put up some indication of when a team is playing a man short because of a red card. With modern graphics/technology, how difficult would that be? Mind, just from the flow of the match at the point I started watching, it was a little hard to tell that the teams were not even numbers-wise. That is typical of a match where the home team is down, attacking, and playing with more urgency than the team that is trying to “kill off” the game.

Very late into added time, Luis Suarez was fouled near the United penalty area, maybe five meters wide of the box and certainly not close enough to pose a significant threat to the United goal. Nevertheless, he was fouled. Liverpool kept possession but in doing so, the ball was now back farther up-field. Yes, the advantage rule is designed to keep the fouled team from losing momentum, position, and/or the attack potential that may be thwarted if the game is stopped for a free kick – and even for issuing a yellow card since that can be done the next time play is stopped.

When Mark Halsey chose not to blow the whistle for the foul on Suarez, he invoked the advantage rule. Fine! However, when he failed to consider that the ball had been played away from the United goal, he allowed the team already with an advantage to reposition itself and edge closer to the final whistle. When Halsey did not consider that Liverpool were down not just Jonjo Shelvey for the red but also the injured Martin Kelly, he was NOT playing the advantage rule.

Mark Halsey The Twelfth Man!
Unless the ball was heading into United’s net or unless a Liverpool player was in a clear position to put the ball into the net from the next pass after the foul, then what advantage is there in allowing the team with two more players to reshape itself and let more time to pass? Once again a referee failed to make the appropriate decision. Which is common enough, but the beneficiaries are once again the team from the red side of Manchester.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What is wrong with this statement?

"Do you have the support of your prime minister in securing the IMF deal," Holness asked as he noted that any delay in inking a deal with the multilateral could be "detrimental to the very people that you are trying to protect".

A House Divided... 

I have never heard Republicans refer to the President as your president (even though they hate his guts and Rep. Joe Wilson Called Obama A Liar During State of Union Address) or members of the British Parliament refer to the Prime Minister as your Prime Minister even though during Prime Minister Question and Answer Time they can get pretty rowdy. It is The President, our President or The Prime Minister or Our Prime Minister…. The implication form the Hon. Andrew Holness is that The Prime Minister is only the Prime Minister of half the country but not his half, it clearly sends the wrong message to an already fractured and divided society. It is a statement I expect from old, past them prime, gray back, politicians, old dogs that cannot be thought new tricks and tribal, partisan, diehards but not from the young, vibrant, up and coming 21 century politicians/leaders who should represents hope for the future and will lead the country one day.
Must Fall!!!
Sometimes it would be nice if the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader would deliver a common statement together, showing a unified front for example against external attacks, instead of nip picking at each others every word like kids in a school yard, it gets boring and predictable. I have seen this done in a number of countries with positive effects, it sends the message that yes we might have our differences but make no mistake we are Jamaicans and will close ranks if Jamaica is attacked. We all understand that part of the job of being in politics is to go at each others throats like mad rabid dogs but it should not be the entire job.

I did not even see a bipartisan display of togetherness during the Jamaica 50 celebration, yes both parties were represented at various functions but they were there in body not in the spirit of Jamaica’s 50 year Anniversary of Independence. Nothing happened between them that would make me walk away from the celebrations feeling secure in the knowledge that our future looked promising. Before the start of the celebration various members of the Government and opposition was constantly at each other’s throat, cursing loudly and disgustingly like people living in a low class ghetto tenement yard on capture land. One would think that they would have buried the hatchet (though not in each other’s back) for the grand celebration showing the people some form of Nationalistic and Patriotic Solidarity and Pride.

I continue to be deeply disappointed at the members of the political class. They have let us down in the past, are letting us down now and will no doubt continue to let us down in the future. They make no attempt to raise the level of discourse within our society and continue to send the wrong message to the younger generation, that this is a dog eat dog world, every man for himself, go get yours any which way you can world.

"Left to themselves, political parties will quickly degenerate into machines for votes, attacking opponents, distributing the spoils of office and electing candidate....MM"

Small Examples of Bipartisan Behaviour I have read about:
  • -Romney gets bipartisan scolding over his criticism of Obama administration
  • -Hoyer Remarks at Bicameral, Bipartisan Press Conference Urging Joint Select Committee to "Go Big"
  • -Senate Bipartisan Press Conference on Climate Change Legislation
  • -Rep. Dold's Bipartisan Press Conference on the Looming Fiscal Cliff
  • -Rep. Dold at a Bipartisan Transportation Press Conference

I remember How proud I was watching the event that took place 
At time index 4:10 and 4:26 in this video.. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Short Blurb about Customer Service

Some time ago I stopped in the supermarket in Barbican to pick up a few items, while in the line I noticed the cashier with the most miserable grumpy look on her face… I started wondering why is customer service so bad in Jamaica, what could possibly make this woman so unhappy and upset.

Then I started to observe the customers and I quickly realized why this woman was so upset and unhappy. Jamaican Customer service providers and customers are locked in a vicious circle of dislike, the poor girl had to suffer one disrespect and abuse after another and it did not matter the economic status of the customers. So it seems customer service providers go to work and before they face the customers put on the “do not mess today face” to combat the onslaught of verbal and physical abuse that they must deal with on a daily basis. On this particular day I decided to do the opposite, when it was my turn I walked up to her with a big “Good morning my love, how are you today” and a smile. The animated change in her face and mannerism was amazing, priceless, first it was shock as she was taken aback, then realization, after which she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, as she responded “I am fine thank you, how are you doing?”. We chatted a bit about the day while she rang me up and said our good byes while wishing each other a wonderful day.............

I went to a Government office downtown, it was pack, noisy and unruly as one man shouted at the girl behind the counter... “Hey dutty gal, yu foot dry so, yu naw come serve man!” … to the laughter and agreement of the crowd… I stood there in silence with a disapproving look on my face with my papers in hand. The girl walked up to the counter and called me forward... “How can I help you today” and before I could answer the same man unleashed a string of verbal attacks which she ignored like a true champion, I conducted my business and exited the office leaving him cussing like a drunken sailor..........

My first job on leaving school was working for the Government dealing with customers so trust me when I say that Jamaicans are not the easiest people to deal with. Most have a master/slave relationship with customer service providers in which they are the masters and the provider are the slaves who should take any amount of abuse, because they think the customer is always right. Then there is everyday common manners and courtesy which most lack, no pleasantries, just rude, papers thrown on desk or at the person. One of my co-workers at the time got spat on, flush right in her face simply because she dared to tell a customer to wait a bit.
Goa'uld System Lord
Apep, The Serpent God
Brother of Ra

Evil Bad Guy!
Think of Customers Service Providers and Customers like a “Goa'uld” (pronounced “go-AH-oold”) from my favorite science fiction TV show Stargate SG1 (Yes I am a Geek), with each person having two different individuals sharing the same body, one aggressive and rude the other passive, kind and polite. Then just before they interact with customers, they consciously gives control over to their aggressive “Goa'uld” personality as a mean of self-preservation, a kind of fright or flight response mechanism. Customers must put on their game face thus hulking out to deal with service providers and service providers do the same before they approach the counter. I saw it first hand with my co-workers, they are nice and normal in the back room and before they exit to start their shift of Customer servicing they tranforrm!!! Like Mumm-Ra in the Thunder Cats or Dr. Bruce Banner into the Hulk…

It does not take much to change the customer service experience and customers must realize that they are just as responsible for the kind of service they get and the kind of service we are given and service providers must try harder to be indifferent to aggression, like water off a ducks back stick to the script of being nice, polite and attentive to customers and try to defuse any tension that may build up between both of you....Jah know the alternative is not worth the bother.

Customer No Service

  • At JFK I gave the man two dollars American to carry my bags to the check-in counter, he said thank you and put the money in his pocket. At Norman Manley airport I gave the man five dollars American to take my bags out to the curb, he took one look at the $5.00 and gave it back to me, saying that it cannot buy anything and if that was all I was going to give him. I gladly took back my money, put it in my pocket and told him thanks for helping me with my bags. The man at JFK understand the concept of one one cocoa fill basket much more than the man at Norman Manley who wants an already filled basket from each person.

  • I had a wedding to attend one Saturday morning and realized that I needed to buy a pair of socks. So at 9AM I drove down to the plaza near manor Park to see if I could get a pair. When I got to the store it was closed and because the wedding was at 12:00 noon, I decided to wait.  At around 10:45 a lady came to open the store but I decided to wait another 10 minutes to give her a chance to settle in before I enter.  I went in and look around but could not find any socks, by this time she was on the phone, I said “excuse me, do you have any socks” with the phone still pressed to her face she said “Ova deh so!” with a motion of her head, so I went “Ova Deh so” to see if I could find it but still no socks. After a while I said “excuse me, sorry to bother you, but I could not find any” and with an annoyed look on her face, she told the person on the phone to hold on, then said “So hold on, is want, you want me to go ova Deh So and show you?.. “.  With more detail instructions and searching I was able to find the socks but it was not “Ova Deh So” as she first instructed.  I really should have walked out of the store and go elsewhere but it was almost time for the event.  Most businesses would do a lot better if the right customer service practice was in place but most Jamaicans feel that their employers do not pay them enough to turn up, much less to care.

  • I was talking to a friend about customer service and good business practices at which point a certain food place came up. I stated that it takes the entire lunch time just to get to the counter to place your order.  In this particular place the manager behaves like the cashier or the cooks, happy go lucky, Jokes and fun to be had. The cashiers spend most of their time talking to each other and playing around with the back room staff than taking and placing orders. In most cases they almost always get your order wrong and at times you end up at work with someone else’s order. One would think that the manager would put in place a better system to deal with the lunch time crowd. My Friend then declares that sometimes it is the customers who are slow.  Here he outlines the following conversation between the customer in front of him and the cashier:

Customer: "How much for di oxtail?”
Cashier: “Large or small?”
Customer: -"Large"
Cashier:  $8
Customer: "Dat come with rice and peas?”
Cashier: -Yes
Customer: “How much for the small one ?"
Cashier: -$6
Customer: "Ya have stew chicken?"
Cashier: -mm hmm
Customer: "What di small plate look like?”

(Cashier walks to stack of plates to point to the small plate
The thing that bothers me is there are only two plates stacked up

Customer: "It come with plantains?”
Cashier:-Which one, the oxtail or the stew chicken?
Customer: "Di Oxtail"
Cashier: -Yes
Customer: "All rite den, Make mi getta small oxtail, and a carrot juice"
Cashier: - what size carrot juice? Small, medium or large ?
Customer: - "How much for di small one

(Now not to drag this one but we go through a question and answer session with the cups about price and size. Yes, there are THREE stacks of cups again, in size order.  Now homeboy’s cell phone rings ....... he answers.)

Customer: "Yeah man whattagwan ?
Customer: "Me here at Mckenzies gettin some food."
Customer: "Hold on, lemme ask her ....

Customer: Miss , how much fa di Jerk chicken ?
Cashier: - What size?
(At this point I’m ready to box the dude in his head!)

  • Given the choice between bad customer service in Jamaica and raciest customer service I would take bad customer service any day, I remember entering clothing store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and immediately picked up two tails, who followed me everywhere I went or entering the supermarket and being asked continuously where certain items were even though the staff wears a uniform. A situation that was to be repeated many time in the United States, again no "excuse me, do you work here?" just the assumption that you must work here. 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Pursuit for True Freedom and Authentic Long Lasting Happiness for All

As we laugh, party, dance, build new relationships, watch television, enjoy the Olympics, live on Facebook and twitter, send our kids to school, worry about GSAT, CXC, SATs, GMAT, MCATs, etc, strive to move up the corporate and social ladder, go to job interviews and so as we human beings on this planet participate in these and our myriad other rituals

I wonder...

As a curious observer of life on this planet today I wonder how many others notice...

Notice that the institutions of politics, finance, energy, education, health care, and most importantly the ecosystem are headed toward near-certain collapse.

Notice the amount of trees that are destroyed daily, notice the amount of topsoil erosion, habitat destruction, irreversible loss of biodiversity, disappearing rainforests, the dead rivers, lakes and seas, the imminent water crisis,

Notice our almost, total dependence on fossil fuels and the corruption that drives the industry.

Who notices the political trend toward fascism and a surveillance state, brought on by the patriot act and 9/11?

Who notices that our health is being destroyed by our food, that our natural god given right to sow and reap unadulterated crops from the earth is under attack?

Who notices that we are spoon-fed information through the concentrated media and educational system that we regard as truth and reality instead of investigating the truth for ourselves using our own ability to read, reason and draw our own conclusions?.

Who notices that the majority of us spend most of our day to day lives unhappy, slaving for money in the belief that exploring our talents to find something that we could be more happy at is a waste of time?

Who notices that most conflict in this world are brought about because we believe that we are different…separate?

I wonder how many others notice...

Well we may THINK that we are different because we share different belief systems, different ideologies, different skin colour, different language, different social backgrounds and academic experiences.

But we only THINK that we are different because we are shallow and we don’t see beyond the surface.

Even if you don’t understand things unseen, it is clear that we are ALL materially dependent on a couple of things:

Air, Food, Water, Energy sources and the Environment as a totality and Human connection.

ALL of these resources are under obvious threat due simply to greed and ignorance.

This is a time of great jeopardy but also a time of wonder.

A wondrous time due to our awakening consciousness, more and more people are uniting, coming together, it is a time of growing activism and curiosity about the roots of the modern situation. It is also a time of unveiling the knowledge.

So, dive in…know that your more conscious choices will change the world:

  • Pursue sustainable living make it known to the “powers that be”
  • Love and accept people without trying to aggressively change them, instead be patient and lead by example
  • Follow your passion
  • Ignite your creative spark
  • Understand why nature is the key
  • Think about what you want for yourself and want for your world and walk that way.
  • Immerse yourself in the positive (people, books, music, images, etc)
  • Read more, get informed understand that the most informed of us really understand very little.
  • Understand math, science, astronomy,history, philosophy, spirituality, you wouldn't BELIEVE the connections, you wouldn't BELIEVE the developments…
  • Release fear and worry, these result from ignorance.
  • Do the work, transform yourselves little by little, we evolve if we want to.

Good luck
Have a great week
BreakBoy NRG