Sunday, September 2, 2012

It is Now Time To Declare War on Crime In Jamaica

Cry Havoc and Unleash the Dogs of War!!

It seems the only “Short Term” solution to Jamaica’s crime problem is to continue/restart the 2010 Dudus levels of policing because certain areas in Jamaica need to be under constant nightly lock down, curfews every night for the next couple of months or years, house to house searches, street check points and detention of suspected criminals. The situation in Jamaica demands that we change our tactics to a “Get Tough on Crime” tactic. This is the only thing the criminals within our society seem to understand and respect.

The Government should implement a constant State of Emergency as certain areas requires Marshall Law type suppression. Everyone needs to understand that “if you want good… you nose a fi run” and you cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, thus in the short term some good must suffer for the bad, the few over the many, until the good turns on the bad and hand them over, give them up.

Yes poverty is a major factor to contributing to crime and the Government must come up with a long term economic solution, to grow the economy and absorb these people into a Structured crime free life but in the mean time, while we are waiting to be killed, slaughtered like sheep, they must do something, they must put the boot in. There is far too much guns in Jamaica as it is way too easy for imported barrel upon barrel of these America's weapons of death to leave the North American ports and enter our country.

Man chopped to death in Trelawny
44-yr-old Driver shot dead in Portland
Pregnant Woman shot dead during Police Confrontation in Yallahs 
3 killed in Central Village identified

Now I know the Group Jamaican’s for Justice will be against any Get Tough Crime Plan, the JFJ was against the crime bill and the get tough stance of the previous Government, everyone complained about Human rights abuses at the time. People complained about the 73 people killed during the Tivoli incursion and the JFJ reported that 4,000 Jamaicans, including children, were detained under the 2010 State of Emergency, everyone also complained about the increase in the number of fatal shootings by the police which numbered 320 by December 31, 2010 but all of this resulted in a 7% reduction in major crime as such in 2011 murders reduced from 1428 in 2010 to 1124. It is clear there is a lesson to be learned from this is that the “Get Though Stance"... that is taking the fight to the criminals was working and we need to get back to that because this current Hug and Cuddle a gunman plan of the current Government is clearly not working.

Jamaica Total Murders By Year:

Year Murders Notes
1998 953
1999 849
2000 887
2001 1100
2002 1045
2003 975
2004 1471
2005 1674
2006 1340
2007 1583 Election: September 3rd
2008 1618
2009 1683 A new record highest ever with 13 persons killed in the first 48 hours of 2009.
2010 1428
2011 1124 Election: December 29th
2012 1087 Total Number of Jamaicans murdered Between 1998 to 2012 ...18,817
2013 1200
2014 1005
2015 1192
2016 1350
2017 >600 as of 06/23/2017

But what happens every time the spot light is turned on these crimes ridden areas? The people in these communities put on their “Poor Thing Black Pickney, Suffering Face”, cry and scream in front of TV cameras that they are being persecuted, oppressed because they are black and poor. Then which ever party is the opposition put on their “Defender of the Poor and Downtrodden Vote getting Face” and cry and scream how the Government is trying to exterminate poor people, so nothing gets done. The Government withdraws the security forces , the opposition milk the situation for votes and the crime ridden ghettos with its population of Criminal “Ghettonians”, keep a big victory dance, “Tun-up-di -music –till-it-buck-and-stuck” why don't you because they live to kill another day.

One would think that if this country was under attack that a bipartisan consensus on crime coupled with a joint unified statement from the political class outlining their plan of attack and a support for the concept of us against them would have been the strong natural reaction to this attack on Jamaica but instead we get small minded partisan bickering little pricks. The PNP laughed at the previous JLP Government claiming that they said they would fix the crime problem, so they should just fix it and now the JLP Government is doing the same to the PNP Government and in the mean time Jamaica and Jamaicans are under siege regardless of which political party they support. Crime is an affront to who we are as a people, to our National Heroes, to our nation building experience and future generation of this country, this partisan, Political school boy bantering must stop especially since it is costing lives.

Teen shot dead in Waterhouse
2 killed in Ocho Rios
Man shot dead in Trelawny identified
Two killed in Hope Pastures

The problem is everybody watches too much Hollywood CSI TV shows and believes that somehow crime can be eliminated based on some fictional techniques and wishful thinking, but that is because Jamaicans do not live in the real world, our bodies are in Jamaica but our heads are wondering the streets of first world countries, in the real world nothing will happen until you declare out right war on it, just like how America declared war on terror and Trinidad declared war on its criminals. Bad man in Jamaica is not afraid of police in the current context and everyone else is out of ideas, people are saying the Government should fix the problem but no one knows how, the Country is being overrun by criminals. Government needs to engage the Americans and ask them to do more to prevent the export of their weapons of death.

I have been told that a war on crime will not work, that we should “establish a strategy of effective law enforcement instead” which sound sweet, genuine educated lyrics but is as vague as saying we need to grow the economy with out actually giving any details on how to grow the economy or implementing anything. The Jamaican Technocrats always amazes me, they love to hear themselves talk, so full of "First World Education" with a string of letters behind their names, full of big talk and know how, while never actually achieving anything... "The Fluffers", ...."Well you know we should Gismick this and Gismick that or the socio-economic condition based on micro/macroeconomics indicator… blah, blah, blah, blah… brain going numb…”.

This is not a situation where you have either “Effective Law Enforcement” or a War on Crime, both can happen at the same time but we must send a strong message to communities who shelter criminals because criminals keep dance and give them money, that their lives will change because of this and if the change is too much to live with, than hand over the gunman, give the police the information they require to find and remove these evil murdering people.

On the other hand how do we hope to win this War on Crime or create “Effective Law Enforcement” when most of our Garrison Ghetto Communities were created, sustained and protected by the political Class themselves? Yes people those very same Members of Parliament who sit in the Seat of Government and pretend as if they are the solutions to Jamaica’s problems are the ones who created this Cancerous Criminal Empire that is murdering over 1000 Jamaicans a year…. ”and We Let Them”.

The reason why I say “We Let Them” is because law abiding upstanding Jamaicans far outnumber Criminal Jamaicans who is a fraction of the population. We are the majority but instead we run and hide in our grilled up prisons we call homes, sleeping with various weapons in our beds as if they were a hot sexy significant others, our senses on high alert, ready to fight-or-flight , listening for any sound that maybe out of the norm…. This is not how civilized people should live. We not only need to take back Jamaica from criminals but we also need to take it back from the head criminals themselves the "Political Class", the people we hire to do the job.

When a person has cancer sometimes you can treat the illness without invasive surgery but there comes a time when you just have to put the patient under the knife and remove the cancerous tumour. We are at that point in Jamaica, crime is Jamaica’s Cancer and certain elements of the Jamaican population are making a mockery of Jamaica 50, laughing in the face of the Jamaican people, its rich history and National Heroes who died so that we could live … and we are letting them.

We somehow feel that if we lock down the country and unleash the security forces it will NOT look good in the international press and may affect our earnings, so we try to put a band aid on an open sore with a smile. Our economic condition causes crime and crime causes our economic condition, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and stop the vicious circle, grab the bull by the horns and declare to the world that “Enough is Enough!”, we done talk, Jamaica is temporarily closed for house cleaning. Our only short term solution must be to remove this crime cancer and the long term solution is to grow the economy within a more secure Jamaica, one needs to happen before the other can take place.

Feedback: You can't win a war against crime. in a war everybody loose. How about establishing a strategy of effective law enforcement instead??

Feedback: I disagree with that statement its time to declare war on crime. By declaring war on crime we are putting restrictions on how we fight crime. The best way is to have an effective police force and an effective judicial system.

Response: To tell the truth, I do not really care how we fight crime so long as the result is saving lives in both the short and long term and the Jamaican people can live in peace and get on with the business of Nation Building, so if putting in place an "effective Police force and Judicial System" are the answers then please get on with it. I would think that by now on this our 50th Anniversary of Independence, we would already have an effective Police force and Judicial System in place. If we do not have these things in place then how long will it take to put them in place and what should the Jamaican people do in the mean time? Continue to die? Live in fear hiding behind our grills? This is not an either or situation, we need all of the above, both war/tough on crime plus an effective Police force and Judicial System and anything else you can come up with that will saves lives in the short term and get us back on the right track, to build this Great wonderful country of ours and for the record it is not the system that is bad but the people running it, systems are not fool proof especially when every single Jamaican have mastered the fine art of beating and making a mockery of the system.

Fatal shooting in Cumberland
Two bodies found in Kitson Town
Man fatally stabbed in Spanish Town
Two shot dead in Independence City
Independence and Freedom means absolutely nothing without a strong sense Responsibility and Discipline

Bad Man Fi Dead!

By Declaring War on it!!!

America Exports it's Weapons of Death!!

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  1. Its sad what Jamaica has come to. Poor and crime is what our problems are, and the poor no joke fe have whole heap a kids dem cant afford...or have time and patience to show dem love, and dem same ones end up being a frigging nuisance to society. we need to be like china and limit dem to 2kids, sick a dis shittt. dat poor nurse a leave her work fe go home and dem slaughter her like dog, now her kids no have no mother, u think coming up in the world and no have a mother is a pretty ting, dyaaam fukkers dem, pestilence