Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jamaican Mannish, Goat Head Soup

When I was young I hated soup and spend hours at the dinner table as I was not allowed to leave the table until I finished by dinner. I did not understand why we had to drink our dinner but being older I love soup and drink it almost everyday, I just love those squiddly dumplings. The other day for lunch I had goat head soup and normally I enjoy eating the mushed up mystery bits of meat and cartilage with my yam, dumpling and Irish potato but on that day the soup was a turn off…

Imagine my surprise when I went in with my spoon only to come up with a piece of goat jaw bone with the dental work intact! I tell you this goat had a healthy set of teeth but it was a turn off and I could not continue. I quickly put the lid back on the container and deposited the soup in the trash or maybe I should have taken it outside and give it a proper burial, then say a prayer or two.

Also what is the big idea of putting all that green banana skin in my soup, after all I am not a goat.

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