Monday, September 3, 2012

The Pursuit for True Freedom and Authentic Long Lasting Happiness for All

As we laugh, party, dance, build new relationships, watch television, enjoy the Olympics, live on Facebook and twitter, send our kids to school, worry about GSAT, CXC, SATs, GMAT, MCATs, etc, strive to move up the corporate and social ladder, go to job interviews and so as we human beings on this planet participate in these and our myriad other rituals

I wonder...

As a curious observer of life on this planet today I wonder how many others notice...

Notice that the institutions of politics, finance, energy, education, health care, and most importantly the ecosystem are headed toward near-certain collapse.

Notice the amount of trees that are destroyed daily, notice the amount of topsoil erosion, habitat destruction, irreversible loss of biodiversity, disappearing rainforests, the dead rivers, lakes and seas, the imminent water crisis,

Notice our almost, total dependence on fossil fuels and the corruption that drives the industry.

Who notices the political trend toward fascism and a surveillance state, brought on by the patriot act and 9/11?

Who notices that our health is being destroyed by our food, that our natural god given right to sow and reap unadulterated crops from the earth is under attack?

Who notices that we are spoon-fed information through the concentrated media and educational system that we regard as truth and reality instead of investigating the truth for ourselves using our own ability to read, reason and draw our own conclusions?.

Who notices that the majority of us spend most of our day to day lives unhappy, slaving for money in the belief that exploring our talents to find something that we could be more happy at is a waste of time?

Who notices that most conflict in this world are brought about because we believe that we are different…separate?

I wonder how many others notice...

Well we may THINK that we are different because we share different belief systems, different ideologies, different skin colour, different language, different social backgrounds and academic experiences.

But we only THINK that we are different because we are shallow and we don’t see beyond the surface.

Even if you don’t understand things unseen, it is clear that we are ALL materially dependent on a couple of things:

Air, Food, Water, Energy sources and the Environment as a totality and Human connection.

ALL of these resources are under obvious threat due simply to greed and ignorance.

This is a time of great jeopardy but also a time of wonder.

A wondrous time due to our awakening consciousness, more and more people are uniting, coming together, it is a time of growing activism and curiosity about the roots of the modern situation. It is also a time of unveiling the knowledge.

So, dive in…know that your more conscious choices will change the world:

  • Pursue sustainable living make it known to the “powers that be”
  • Love and accept people without trying to aggressively change them, instead be patient and lead by example
  • Follow your passion
  • Ignite your creative spark
  • Understand why nature is the key
  • Think about what you want for yourself and want for your world and walk that way.
  • Immerse yourself in the positive (people, books, music, images, etc)
  • Read more, get informed understand that the most informed of us really understand very little.
  • Understand math, science, astronomy,history, philosophy, spirituality, you wouldn't BELIEVE the connections, you wouldn't BELIEVE the developments…
  • Release fear and worry, these result from ignorance.
  • Do the work, transform yourselves little by little, we evolve if we want to.

Good luck
Have a great week
BreakBoy NRG

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs. This one is very encouraging.