Friday, September 14, 2012

What is wrong with this statement?

"Do you have the support of your prime minister in securing the IMF deal," Holness asked as he noted that any delay in inking a deal with the multilateral could be "detrimental to the very people that you are trying to protect".

A House Divided... 

I have never heard Republicans refer to the President as your president (even though they hate his guts and Rep. Joe Wilson Called Obama A Liar During State of Union Address) or members of the British Parliament refer to the Prime Minister as your Prime Minister even though during Prime Minister Question and Answer Time they can get pretty rowdy. It is The President, our President or The Prime Minister or Our Prime Minister…. The implication form the Hon. Andrew Holness is that The Prime Minister is only the Prime Minister of half the country but not his half, it clearly sends the wrong message to an already fractured and divided society. It is a statement I expect from old, past them prime, gray back, politicians, old dogs that cannot be thought new tricks and tribal, partisan, diehards but not from the young, vibrant, up and coming 21 century politicians/leaders who should represents hope for the future and will lead the country one day.
Must Fall!!!
Sometimes it would be nice if the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader would deliver a common statement together, showing a unified front for example against external attacks, instead of nip picking at each others every word like kids in a school yard, it gets boring and predictable. I have seen this done in a number of countries with positive effects, it sends the message that yes we might have our differences but make no mistake we are Jamaicans and will close ranks if Jamaica is attacked. We all understand that part of the job of being in politics is to go at each others throats like mad rabid dogs but it should not be the entire job.

I did not even see a bipartisan display of togetherness during the Jamaica 50 celebration, yes both parties were represented at various functions but they were there in body not in the spirit of Jamaica’s 50 year Anniversary of Independence. Nothing happened between them that would make me walk away from the celebrations feeling secure in the knowledge that our future looked promising. Before the start of the celebration various members of the Government and opposition was constantly at each other’s throat, cursing loudly and disgustingly like people living in a low class ghetto tenement yard on capture land. One would think that they would have buried the hatchet (though not in each other’s back) for the grand celebration showing the people some form of Nationalistic and Patriotic Solidarity and Pride.

I continue to be deeply disappointed at the members of the political class. They have let us down in the past, are letting us down now and will no doubt continue to let us down in the future. They make no attempt to raise the level of discourse within our society and continue to send the wrong message to the younger generation, that this is a dog eat dog world, every man for himself, go get yours any which way you can world.

"Left to themselves, political parties will quickly degenerate into machines for votes, attacking opponents, distributing the spoils of office and electing candidate....MM"

Small Examples of Bipartisan Behaviour I have read about:
  • -Romney gets bipartisan scolding over his criticism of Obama administration
  • -Hoyer Remarks at Bicameral, Bipartisan Press Conference Urging Joint Select Committee to "Go Big"
  • -Senate Bipartisan Press Conference on Climate Change Legislation
  • -Rep. Dold's Bipartisan Press Conference on the Looming Fiscal Cliff
  • -Rep. Dold at a Bipartisan Transportation Press Conference

I remember How proud I was watching the event that took place 
At time index 4:10 and 4:26 in this video.. 

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