Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mr. Vegas, Mr. Muppet or Gal Clown


Last week I discovered that there was an entertainer in Jamaica called Mr. Vegas, up until that point I had no idea that this man existed. I must admit that his Genre of music is not something I listen to or consider to be music.

However it seems that this Mr. Vagas’s baby mother had cheated on him, in his house, on his bed, in front of his 1 year old which caused Mr. Vegas to have one of the worst public mental emotional break down I have ever seen. I have never seen such a ridiculous display of emotions especially from a person who entertains his fans with such man like bravado. For a person who sells himself as such a “Gyallis” one would think he would have shown the woman and her lover the door then head to the Frig for a ice cold beer, watch a movie or some football before going to bed. The whole incident treated like water off a ducks back or call up the second in line for the throne and have her move in instead of this public display of mental emotional breakdown. A pity party to beat all pity parties and on display for all to see. Now I fully understand why she finds the need to find herself another lover, a real man because clearly the Mr. Vegas is an over emotional muppet who use every opportunity to cry and carry on like it’s the end of the world. While being interviewed all over the world, in the international press.

Gyallis - A Player, A male who's good with the ladies

Almost everybody has experienced love and lost love, it is one of life’s learning experiences. One would think however that with age, one would acquire a more dignified way of dealing with it. Instead of this low class desire to have a Public Mental Emotional Breakdown. This is why we have best friends and close relatives to help us through the tough times, drink a beer and have a chat… I am embarrassed for him, I cannot understand why he thinks his personal life belongs in the public’s domain because this is information pollution from a man-boy who is not mature enough to deal with love and lost love. Maybe the tight pants they are now wearing is affecting the circulation of blood to the brain which intern is affecting the decision making process.

I have been reading in the papers where some Jamaican men have turned to suicide, when they found out their women is with other men or as we call it giving them bun. I am not sure when Jamaican men got this soft, totally void of the "Stiff Upper Lip” concept. I only wish Mr.Vegas had taken this route and spare us the details of his broken heart. I can only say to him and others… “Man Up!” For goodness sake, grow a spine and move on.

Epiblogue (Epilogue)
I have been told that Mr. Vegas represents a real man with feelings who is not afraid to express it but I had no idea that to be considered a Real Man one needs to take to international air waves and make private matters public and cry. Curse and threaten to release damning evidence of a 3 hour long infidelity to the world. Women have been cheated on for years much more than men and yet I do not see them taking to the airwaves to shed tears like Mr. Vegas, except for the regular Dear Pastor section of the Star, which is just pure comedy.

Yes we all have feelings but how he expresses these feelings matters, Mr. Vegas chose the “Over the Top” way and became a laughing stock, he pushed a private matter into the public's domain and the public is free to respond any way they feel like. Some things are best dealt with among close friends and relatives but these days everybody wants to make their dirty laundry public. Everybody wants to mimic the behavior of low class entertainers worldwide where everything is “youtubed”, twittered and ‘facebooked”, every aspect of their boring lives.

What gets me is the hypocrisy of Dancehall entertainers because here we have a person preaching through his songs, educating young vulnerable minds on the merits of being a “Gyallis” and glorifying “Gyallisism” as a valid way of life when all this time he was in a loving monogamous relationship or so he believed. If dancehall is a reflection of real life then he should have been educating our young people on the merits of marriage, love for one’s children and staying in a monogamous relationship, instead he preaches something that was foreign to him, typical do as I say not as I do.

We see this a lot with our entertainers they have a knack for saying one thing and doing the complete opposite, they sell the lowest common denominator because it is an easy sell. There are Dancehall entertainers who sell and brainwash our young people’s minds with nothing but Murder, violence and graphic sex and as soon as they make some money they move uptown to Norbrook and Jackshill and Cherry Gardens with their significant other, away from the Murder, violence and sex of the Ghetto. They send their children to the most expensive uptown schools like Campion, Ardenne, and Hillel Academy shielding them from the dirty, disgusting Murder, violence and sex of the Ghetto life, they move in different social circles and only return to the Ghetto to sell more Murder, violence and sex since it is how they finance their uptown lifestyles. If ghetto life is so nice as most profess in their songs then why do they leave the first chance they get, why don’t they teach their offspring’s about the nice ways of the ghetto?

Gal Clown Mr. Muppet

Vegas Verse 

"Anywhere di gal dem deh mi deh
From yuh seh gal move long time mi ready
Bun down Foxy now mi have ah Brandy
Telephone ah ring gal waan mi candy
Two gal buck up and start a big war
One ah dem fling a big stone inna mi car
But mi know mi and nuh bag-a-man nah par
If a bwoy funny well mi haffi stay far cause"

"Well! competition haffi gwaan cah mi fuss
Sight da gal ya Jah know seh ah war buss
Between Sean & Paul and Mr. Vegas
Ah which one ah pour di coffee dung inna her thermos
Mi haffi get di gal ya now (man ah gi yuh di gal)
She let go her number pon mi (could be di wrong number yow)
Mi beg her for ah date (and then she kill yuh wid di no)
Yeah but she still ah woman nuh bait and man ah ole pappy show
Because mi haffi mek a try, haffi get a bligh
Get an eagle eye I and I nah guh ramp wid nuh guy
And mi haffi mek a cruise inna mi rubber shoes
Gal a get bruise Sean & Paul win and Vegas ah lose"

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  1. You are both right and wrong and here.. I absolutely agree with you that 'Mr. Vegas' made a spectacle of himself putting his personal life in the public domain like that and even though I don't feel that 'boys shouldn't cry' (I kinda hope they have feelings just like us girls), he should have manned up, cope with it in his inner circle and move on (just like everybody else, male or female when encountering heart ache).
    Where I believe you are wrong is when you say 'What gets me is the hypocrisy of Dancehall entertainers because here we have a person preaching through his songs, educating young vulnerable minds on the merits of being a “Gyallis” and glorifying “Gyallisism” as a valid way of life when all this time he was in a loving monogamous relationship or so he believed'.
    If I listen to the dancehall songs correctly, being a 'Gyallis' is indeed the way to go and a proof of ones 'manhood', but the girls 'shoulda nevah give away di p.m' or have 'a bag of men'.. so no matter whether Mr. Vegas himself was monogomous (I have no idea, but from what i've seen at the various concerts and festivals I've been going to over the years with most dancehall artists there are always some girls called back stage), the general notion of the dancehall lyrics is that 'men will be men and hope they don't get caught' but the woman they are with (wifey) should be a saint and wait patiently for her man to come home bringing a likkle money, some food for their pickney dem or some bling. And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Vegas was bawling because his wifey did not live up to her end of the expectation.

    Just for the record, this is not my idea of a relationship, just my understanding of the dancehall songs I sometimes listen to.