Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post Sandy Message from Breakboy Nrg

As the rainfall and intense winds subside, as the power and water supply return sporadically, as downed trees, foliage, light poles and power lines are cleaned up and put right, and as businesses reopen, the progressive return to normalcy is clear in sight.

With this return to the norms of our day to day life, it would be good to reflect on how fortunate we are, 1) to have survived with so little loss and 2) for the disaster itself.

I always find a need to remind everyone including myself that the purpose of the gift of life is to have the opportunity to become better, to evolve.

This disaster as with all others gives us an opportunity to come into another frame of mind.

When faced with an impending disaster, usually in Jamaica’s case, hurricanes.  we shift into high anxiety mode,  we head for the supermarket and/or hardware store, in an effort to implement our 10 point disaster preparedness plan, we closely monitor the updates on TV, radio or the internet and we wait…hoping for the best…

Naturally, for you my friends and by extension my fellow countrymen, I will always hope that the experience of any natural disaster will leave all unscathed in as many ways as possible, but unfortunately a lot of times this is not the reality, some die, some lose their homes, others are the victim of other types of calamities.

So yes, we SHOULD be grateful, if we can laugh at the end of it, and retell the story, and return to work and have a roof over your head and food to eat, and be able to kiss your children.

But is the disaster itself some kind of symbol, a metaphor for our relationships with each other and with nature, it can be something to think about.

Nature balances itself everyday, in order to exist as humans on this planet we take for granted the billions of processes that have to be perfectly right.

We go about our lives ignoring our impact on the environment, by not being aware we inevitably become destructive.

Our way of life today reflects chaos, selfishness, disorder in thoughts, words and deed and the environment mirrors this, how we destroy the environment for profit and our idle comforts, is exactly how we create disasters brought about by extremes (heat and cold) a byproduct of global warming.

Today we face ecological crises, social crises, political crises and human crises and they are all intertwined.

During these disasters, thru the darkness our humanity shines, when the modern conveniences are stripped away we are left to our own devices to entertain ourselves, to be more creative, to help our neighbor, to listen and be more responsive to nature,

Yes, thankfully you are all well after Sandy.

I caution you to also be thankful for Sandy’s message.

-Live with awareness
-Train Hard
-Have Fun

Breakboy Nrg

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  1. As an Anglican...the hymn "Eternal Father Strong to Save" comes to mind, although it's for those in peril on the sea - one line says: "(upon the chaos dark and rude)to give for wild confusion - Peace!...so Peace ~ and thank you for this!