Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awakening!! ... Breakboy Nrg

I hope y’all had the good fortune to enjoy the beautiful starry sky last night.

Today finds me in a reflective mood.

Yesterday morning my grandfather died.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005 and spent the past 7 years living the kind of life that comes with that diagnosis; an operation, numerous doctors’ visits, prescription medications by the bucketful, tests upon tests, pain, and discomfort. Through it all he maintained lucidity, humour and an inner strength that was representative of his character. I hold him up as one of the most influential male figures in my life, my role model for kindness, compassion, integrity, masculinity and responsibility. The memory of his fine example will play on in my mind’s eye for the rest of my life. He will be missed.

Now my view on death may seem a little different or it may not. However, my spiritual understanding sees death as another beginning, a birth, if you will, in another reality. Without getting too deeply into this, I choose to view this experience similarly to a loved one getting an opportunity to explore a new life, new adventures elsewhere. While I may be deeply touched that they are leaving, and I won’t have the opportunity to share physical experiences with them anymore, I celebrate their opportunity for development..The initial part of closure is accepting the reality and letting go. My belief system allows me almost immediate closure. I have but one hesitation about his life, and that is, I know that he could have had more peace, understanding and acceptance at the end of his life.

This perspective is fitting at this time, this season.

The Awakening
A season that represents growth and change, Christmas being a metaphor for the change of era from darkness to light and New Years, the opportunity for beginning anew. Some say Christmas is for the kids, some say for charity, some say food, some might say parties, others, the change in their daily routine. This is a time where if we are sensitive enough we can feel the change of energy in the air, a feeling of togetherness, of gratitude, of exuberance. Modern consumerism however, has turned this energy into frantic confusion.

This is exactly how we focus the energy of our lives, we have an opportunity to pour our energies into becoming spiritually evolved, emotionally developed, creative, and healthy individuals but instead we focus our precious energy into maintaining the artificial construct of modern society that we call REAL life. A life driven by the many self imposed obligations that restrict our time from advancing our health and seeking peace and solace within our hearts and minds.

Rent and mortgage payments, car payments, utility bills, politics, clothes, TV, doctors, hospitals, medication. We start at kindergarten, then primary school, high school, university, professional life, retirement, driven by fear of inadequacy, we rush around until we can’t anymore, never really realizing until the very end how painfully short it all really is…and how much we are so invested in this fleeting time.

Our schedule of distractions have been set up for us from before birth, a pattern which we follow so blindly even if our life is falling apart. A paradigm that instills anxiety, dissatisfaction, sadness, disconnection, anger, resentment and fear in each of us. Have you ever asked yourself, what’s the purpose of this life? And then struggled to really find the answer. Some call it navel gazing, usually a negative connotation to support apathy but I call it seeking self knowledge, seeking reality, trying to improve…

So why is it so stylish, to live an “unconscious” life, an existence where you go with the flow of a structure that leaves the majority of people on the planet unhappy. A life where you leave OTHERS to be responsible for the answers of YOUR reality. The roadblocks preventing us from achieving true happiness are all around us supporting the negative impressions of our unconscious mind. This yuletide season brings with it the opportunity to reflect, Christmas represents the birth of Christ, the birth of the Sun, the light within us.Our higher self identifies with the spirit of Christ, and will move in the direction if allowed, but cannot if it is continuously stifled by the day to day negative distractions of this relative and short life.

Naturally, there are those who believe that there is nothing after this life, but that too is ok. My view is, always, if it works use it. Your experience of life should call you to your belief system, it should never be copied or imposed, like buying an insurance policy you have no use for, because your friend bought one or because the agent was a good salesperson. But remember if you are lazy, closed minded or reject ideas to remain in your comfort zone, you will always be at the same level.

Be mindful..

The Christ acts as a beacon, his story shows what is inherent in you, what is waiting to be expressed. This light, this potential in us all, needs to be awakened, and as more and more reject the fear and chaos that now drives us, we will be healthier in every way, we will be able to see more clearly, and we will be in harmony with our environment and our neighbors.

The awakening to the power of universal love in our hearts awaits us; you just need to choose it right now and begin to walk in that direction.

Only if we truly do the work of seeking inner harmony can there truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

May true happiness reign in your life

Love to you all

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Breakboy Nrg

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