Friday, February 1, 2013

America's Phony Outrage at Volkswagen Advert with Jamaican Accent

The Jamaica Tourist Board spent Billions of dollars over the past 50 years trying to convince billions of people around the world that Jamaica and Jamaicans are happy, relaxed and easy going and as such Jamaica was the best place in the world to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Since (as we all know) Jamaica is the tourist capital of the world and the perfect place for the perfect vacation. (so book now)

The Volkswagen advert was not only brilliant but extremely funny because it tapped into the very essence of what the Jamaica Tourist Board was trying to achieve for so many decades. I see nothing wrong with this advert, I find it funny, entertaining and the accent OK, since I have heard worst from many non-whites. Volkswagen managed to capture how we try to navigate the ups and downs of daily life… Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth… Come to Jamaica and feel alright… easy man, no worries, everything is everything, life hard but mi naw stress…

The American media survives from one phony scandal and outrage to another. It has become routine for them, a way of life, it is the only way they can get most Americans to pay attention long enough and this is one such phony scandal and outrage. Pretending to be upset because the Jamaican dialect was coming from the mouths of white people. 

Barbara Lippert on Good Morning America said it was offensive because it showed that, ''Black people are happy and It suggests that all people in the Caribbean are relaxed and don't feel stress”…. When did being portrait as happy, relaxed and the ability to handle stress racist? In Jamaica, Jamaican actors sometimes do advert and shows using phony American or British accents, were they being racist? I have heard some of the worst stereotypical offending Jamaican accents on the American small and big screen coming out of the mouths of Black Americans and there was no outrage from anyone.

There are other things to be outrage about, like the USA selling Jamaica old not fit for human consumption chicken. Like selling Jamaica old contaminated rice and fertilizer made from Human feces… Like wiping out our production and agricultural sectors by flooding our markets with American Government subsidize products, free and fair trade? …I think not… Where was this outrage when America wiped out Caribbean Banana and sugar sectors and now trying to wipe out the Caribbean rum production in favour of subsidized rum production from American sources? Where is the outrage when the only thing American and British media like to show about Jamaica is hard life, depravity, death, suffering and violence. As everything good about Jamaica is ignored and everything bad is highlighted for your entertainment and to make you feel better about your stressful lives. Since it gives the impression that there is nothing good happening in Jamaica. The minute the media crews land in Jamaica they take a B-line for the worst ghettos, totally ignoring everything and everyone else, giving the impression that the entire population lives in depressed suffering conditioned and dodge bullets daily.

"American journalist and former CBS '60 Minutes' anchor, Dan Rather was in Montego Bay, St James, this week to film a documentary on the infamous lottery scam." ... This is more like it right Barb? None of that happy stress free stuff... just death, destruction and corruption.... We will never hear people like Barb, John and Charles saying anything about this because this is the only side of Jamaica they like to see in the American press.  American journalist Dan Rather visits Jamaica for lottery scam documentary

Jamaican born Christopher John Farley hates the advert, yet to find any articles where he used his powers to defend Jamaica’s interest against the onslaught of the developed countries, except this phony outrage…. But I am still looking…
I am not a fan of American football but I like the Volkswagen advert, most Jamaicans home and abroad like the advert and find it funny. I have encountered only a few overseas Jamaicans who did not like the advert but sometimes when a Jamaican go a foreign they immediately turn idiots and do nothing but find fault with Jamaica because it makes them feel better about leaving, like I said those are only a few. So far both the Government and the opposition have endorsed the advert, although not together which is a shame…These two idiot parties are unable or unwilling to deliver unified messages, outside of the political arena, standing side by side.

 Charles Blow who ever he is... hates it too but who cares, he never mention the word Jamaica before until this advert, I cannot remember him coming to Jamaica's defense against the onslaught of the developed countries.

Outrage time again!!

You can Please some people sometimes but you cannot please all the people all the times..

The Jamaican Government and Opposition endorse VW Superbowl ad, Argument Done!!!


  1. I agree with you a thousand percent. It's just a ploy used by the political correctness machine to create a cause for the furtherance of their marxist, leftist agenda

  2. So I finally see the infamous VW ad...that WHITE MAN get the accent much more correct than nuff I've seen, and he's imitating for a POSITIVE cause not the ignorance and negativity typically the reason for mimicking us! And you are RIGHT the WORST stereotypes against Jamaicans that I have come across while living in the states come from BLACK Americans...

    But anyway that commercial was CUTE!

  3. "to create a cause for the furtherance of their marxist, leftist agenda".... ? I don't know about all that but thanks for taking the time to respond.

  4. Nice informative and thought provoking blog...keep on blogging