Thursday, March 21, 2013

Marijuana Inc: Do as I say and not as I do

The war on drugs has many components and the war on weed is just one such component. Jamaica has been the American front line in the war on weed for many decades. Various leaders over the many years have mentioned the words legal and weed in the same sentence but the American administration over the years made it clear that any such attempts will be met with Cuban style embargoes and sanctions, as we were told we will never be allowed to capitalize on our weed resources.

Fast forward several decades where one American state after other have legalized weed, yes the very same weed that we were not allowed to develop. With 18 Legal Medical Marijuana States including DC and a further 11 States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana the Potential US Marijuana Market is Estimated to be between $46 Billion to $120 Billion, I have seen the $300 Billion figure being quoted in some news outlet, it is clear that the United States of America  have legalized weed and are reaping the benefits from it. They have weed dispensing machines, weed hotels and various state politicians came out declaring that they are trying to create weed tourism market.They have also developed new and improved types of weed in their laboratories.

WHICH COUNTRY SMOKE MORE WEED?: So you are having a debate online with some muppet in another part of the world and they realize that you are from Jamaica and the debate is not going like how they want it to go. Like true idiots void of any intellect they are forced to resort to insults based on negative stereotypes which is almost always void of any facts. You are told that you are a weed smoking smoke, who smoke too much weed which has gone to my head. We are dreadlocks weed heads and that we are useless because we smoke weed. The fact is less than one percent (<1%) of the 2.7 million people living in Jamaica identify as Rastafarian but that does not stop the stereotype and I took one puff of weed back in the 1980's after which I never touch the stuff.

Jamaica have a very big weed reputation, a reputation that surpasses Jamaica’s weed reality. The fact as per the UN we are not the weed smoking country everyone think we are. We are not the weed capital of the world but do not let facts get in the way of perception based of negative stereotypes.
You are in a debate with some first world muppet and who is not liking the logic you are dropping on so they resort to negative stereotypes of Jamaicans as a way to insult their way out of the debate. We are lazy criminal dread who do nothing but smoke weed and commit crimes and your line of argument comes from consuming too much weed.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the number one country that consumes most weed is Iceland with more than 18.3% of Iceland's population used cannabis but they are not disgusting weed heads. The USA is second on the list with 16.3% of Americans using cannabis while Jamaica occupy the 22nd position with only 7.21% of the population smoking weed and the UK the 26th position with 6.2%.

When it comes to making money from weed nobody beats the United States of America. Legal US pot sales soar to $5.4 Billion in 2015 and $6.7 Billion in 2016 according to Forbes. Marijuana sales in Washington state alone top $1 billion and Colorado Topped $1.3 Billion in Legal Marijuana Sales in 2016. The USA is now trading weed stocks on the Stock markets BUT it is Jamaica and Jamaicans and black people in general who faces the brunt of the negative stereotypes and suffer the consequences. Because when white people push weed it is regarded as business, especially when that white person wears a suit and a tie but when black people do it we are disgusting drug dealers and if that drug dealer is black and wears dread locks then he is scum of the earth.

The market for legal marijuana is heating up in a big way. Legal marijuana sales are predicted to hit $9.7 billion in North America in 2017.

If you are going to apply negative weed head stereotypes to Jamaicans then at least allow us to make the money the USA is making from it.

This reminds me of the crack epidemic of the 80’s that affected mainly poor black people and it was criminalized, then they were not sick they were criminals and they filled Uncle Sam’s for profit prison system. Contrast that with today where the USA now have a massive meth and heroin epidemic affecting mainly white people but every report says they are sick, addicted people who needs sympathy and need treatment, now the emphasis is not on prison but help from medical centers.

UK is world's largest producer of legal cannabis
The UK produced 95 tonnes of legal cannabis in 2016, more than double the total of the previous year, reveals the UN's International Narcotics Control Board. This accounted for 44.9% of the world total. The nearest competitor is Canada, with 80.7 tonnes. Some 2.1 tonnes was exported from the UK, making it responsible for 67.7% of the world total, followed by the Netherlands (16.4%).

Steve Rolles, Transform's senior policy analyst said: "It is scandalous and untenable for the UK government to maintain that cannabis has no medical uses, at the same time as licensing the world's biggest government-approved medical cannabis production and export market.

Pot Tourism Receives OK From State Marijuana Task Force
DENVER -- Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, under a recommendation made Tuesday by a state task force to regulate the drug made legal by voters last year. But Colorado should erect signs in airports and borders telling visitors they can't take pot home, the task force recommended. "Marijuana purchased in Colorado must stay in Colorado," said Rep. Dan Pabon, a Denver Democrat who sits on the task force.. Marijuana: Copenhagen to import pot from Colorado....

Here we have this picture on Fortune Magazine, which tells me that weed is OK so long as the people benefiting from it is white and wearing a suit. It amazes me that everything brown people have is always devalued or demonized, diamond, gold, oil and other precious resources are not worth much when it is in Brown people country but once it leaves and reaches shores of America and Europe it immediately takes on great value.

Carved from 236-carat rough $20 million diamond found in Jwaneng Mine, Botswana

What upsets me is that our Jamaican Government have not tested the legalization waters in a long time, not even an open and honest debate on the subject. Various papers have been written over the many years stating that weed should be legal for local consumption and illegal for export which would enhance the tourist industry. Michael Manley mentioned it in the 70s and was met with threats from the Americans and Edward Seaga mentioned it in the 80s and suffered the same faith. I would like to know what they the Americans would say today because from where I am sitting they do not have a leg to stand on since they are high as a kite, legalizing weed and  raking in billions.

Jamaica’s parliament is backlogged, there are bills hanging around that place since 1962 waiting to be passed like a ghost in a haunted mansion waiting to pass over to the other side. It takes years/decades for them to do anything… The United States of America held a senate committee meeting about the lotto Scam coming out of Jamaica and almost immediately before the week was up an anti-lotto bill went through parliament faster than it takes milk to pass through my system and trust me milk and my system are bitter enemies.

Marijuana Vending Machines May Be Coming To California 

Seems OK when White People Grow and Consume Weed

But this seems to really scare the shit out of them!!

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  1. Yuh sight di rake...Jamaica needs to stop acting like it's a pseudo-U.S. colony and do what IT needs to do to pull itself out of the hole, because U.S. leaders are first and always about U.S. interests, as they should be...we don't need to help them defend their own. Our priorities though, if we don't look about them, who will????

    I realize it might as well be legal, are we a sovereign country or are we not? People THINK it's legal down there anyway because the enforcement is not exactly stringent...why not tax it and rake in money? Manley was accused of mashing up the country but you know what, there are other countries to trade with besides the U.S., as we are learning with China and the Russians and the investments they are making personally and professionally in Jamaica...and our genetic blood ties to so many countries around the world like China due to Out Of Many One People is a force we haven't really begun to make FULL use of yet...

    We need to do some radically different things. And if the U.S. embargo us so WHAT? China and many other countries would be happy to do business with us. And we can start advertising ourselves as something other than a tourist country as well, we have brilliant people in Jamaica at all levels, I am always amazed at how SMART we are overall compared to many given counterparts on all levels of the socio-economic ladder in other countries...we have more than sun sand reggae and sex! :) And we are native English speakers, always a plus. We need to make use of EVERY talent God has given us, and wow, there are many.