Thursday, March 14, 2013

When big man talk, no dogs bark!!!

When America has a problem with Jamaica they are not afraid to summon various members of our Government before their Committees for a good old fashion Bollocking… If Jamaica have any problems with America we will never hear about it because our Governments will never say and the people will get upset fearing it may affect their chances of getting the visa, so we can never publicly have a problem with America or be seen to criticize America in any way because we fear retaliation. Government ministers have been summoned to Washington (our colonial masters up north) to explain to the American congress why they have not eliminated Lotto scamming… Like a school boy being summoned to the Principle's Office

Members of the committee did not hold their tongues, there was no politeness on their part as they raked Jamaica over the hot coal... Jamaica was described as a hotbed of fraudsters, it was a full scale slaughter. I am not defending these lotto scammers, they should all be taken outside and shot nor am I defending the slow response from our Governments both PNP and JLP, they should also be taken outside and shot but I object to painting us all with the same corrupt brush. The JLP was Disingenuous as they were quick off the mark pointing fingers at the current Government, the lotto scamming is not a new thing, it was in full swing during the JLP administration and that Government failed to eliminate this scourge.

The political class must remember that when members of the American Congress Committee was classing Jamaica and Jamaicans like dogs, they did not once mention the words JLP or PNP… they said Jamaica and Jamaicans, as members of congress said that the Jamaican authorities were slow to react to this problem for many years which includes both PNP and JLP years. Jamaica as a country was slaughtered yesterday but the idiot political class could not wait to hold their press conference to start the finger pointing thinking they may get some political mileage out of this public Bollocking from the United States. It was the JLP who first fired salvos of accusation towards the PNP Government and the PNP Government Fired back with a couple Salvos of their own.

The only person worth listening to as the voice of reasoning was Ed Bartlett who calmly stated that blame must be shared by both sides and that politicians on both sides benefited from the Lotto Scam Money, however I did not agree with him that everyone must be careful how they talk as I would like to know who benefited from this criminal enterprise and before we start throwing stones at Jamaica a google search will show that many American/UK politicians have benefited and continue to benefit from illegal money, yes two wrong do not make a right but let’s have some perspective.

Both Members of the PNP and JLP looked extremely stupid in my eyes during the news as they fought for the higher ground that simply did not exist as this is not a PNP vs JLP issue but our political class can only think on those primitive lines.

The Hon. Julian Robinson is in Florida doing some five televisions and radio interviews targeting areas in Florida, Colorado, Detroit, Baltimore and Boston which are among the areas most affected by incidents of the lotto scam. So our Government must travel to the United States to warn the American people not to believe the scammers in Jamaica. We Jamaicans must fight the scammers in our country and then spend money hard earn tax payers money to educate Americans in America. So what is the American Government doing? I do not see members of the American Government coming to Jamaica to do television and radio interviews warning Jamaicans in areas most affected by incidents of gun violence of the dangers of buying American Guns...

While our Ministers are answering questions, I think they should bring up a couple issues we the Jamaican people would like the American Government to answer:

1)The visa scamming taking place at US embassy where they have no problem taking poor people’s money and then showing them the door... I wonder how much money per year the embassy rake in?

2) How easy it is for illegal American Guns to leave that country and end up at port in Jamaica. We would like to know if they can do something to prevent barrels upon barrels of their weapons of death from leaving their country thus flooding my streets turning them into killing fields. Please remind them that the Total Number of Jamaicans murdered between 1998 to 2012 is 18,817 and 95% of those were killed by American made and sold Weapons. Make sure you ask them if they can police their ports a little better and be more careful who they sell these things to.

3)Also Mr. Minister can you kindly ask them if it is OK for us to now Legalize weed because we noticed that they have been legalizing it all over America and making billions. We read that they have invented weed dispensing machine, have weed hotels and creating weed tourism. Remind them that the last time we said the words Weed and Legal they threatened us with all sort of sanctions.

Jamaica’s parliament is backlogged, there are bills hanging around that place since 1962 waiting to be passed like a ghost/poltergeist in a haunted mansion waiting to pass over to the other side. It takes years/decades for them to do anything… After the senate committee meeting about the lotto Scam coming out of Jamaica, before the week was up, an anti-lotto bill went through parliament faster than it takes milk to pass through my system and trust me milk and my system are bitter enemies.

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