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Andrew Holness vs. Audley Shaw

I remember the run up to the 2011 Election when JLP supporters was pushing Andrew Holness as the only solution to Jamaica’s problems. I remember people singing his praises claiming that he was a different leader, a new type of leader, a 21st century leader, a break from the old fashion firebrand dark-hearts brand of leadership, that have done more harm than good and have taken Jamaica nowhere.

Now the very same people who placed this man on a pedestal as the second coming are now shouting that they want the firebrand dark-hearts brand of leadership back in charge of the party, so they can deliver fire and brimstone to the PNP. These supporters told the people to vote for Andrew because he was the best of the best, it now seems that all that was a pack of lies and they were wrong and must admit that they were wrong.

Now they are telling the people that Audley Shaw represents the Best of the Best, their man of the hour, presenting him like the second coming. How are we to believe a people who push one man under false pretenses only to turn around 1 year and 8 months later and push another man, certainly your words are not your bond… So why would anyone now believe the JLP on Audley Shaw, this seems more like an act of desperation to me.

I remember the day after the December 29th, 2011 elections when JLP supporters angry from their defeat, came on to the messaging boards of various sites and curse out the Jamaican people for not voting for Andrew Holness. The Jamaican people were classed like free-loading ox-tail eating dogs, let-off specialist who would regret not voting for a brilliant person like Holness.

Well it seems that these JLP people owes the Jamaican people an apology because you have come to the same conclusion that the Jamaican People came to on that Election Day, however it took you about 1 year and 8 months to realize that you were wrong on Andrew Holness. If Holness was the best thing since slice bread then you should have all backed him and speak with one voice… I will never understand why everyone in the opposition party, some being paid by the tax payers, hold shadow minister positions, sits in parliament and do not oppose the Government but wait for one man to open his mouth, it seems if the maximum leader don’t talk then everyone just keep quiet. If Andrew Holness is voted out as leader of the party then the JLP party was the wrong party last election with the wrong leader trying to push him on the country.

Obese, Fat, Overweight, Bloated Public Sector:

Is Everybody in Jamaica hired by the Government? Just how much people do the Government employ and why…. I am beginning to rethink the Governments role in the day to day operation and involving in the country and its economy… What should the primary purpose of the Government be…? Certainly to make sure the proper infrastructure is in place, to provide security and to create an environment that supports increase private sector economic activity but not actually be the entity who employees most of the population… The Government seems to collect taxes just to pay salary and create fictitious/bogus jobs…

Spoon feeding the population creates a cycle of deep dependency hence the let off cultural and cries that Government must give, Let Off, and provide all manner of things that people should be providing for themselves… In 2010 the size of the public sector was conservatively listed as 117,000 direct positions which represents a drain on the public’s purse. Jamaica's wage bill as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) running at $147.6 billion this year (2013), or 10.9 per cent of GDP and yet people are still calling on the Government to provide more jobs, hire more people and pay them with scarce tax dollar, this is the same reason why we still have an army of cane cutters with machetes, …welfare work.

Jamaica is and it seems will always be a Welfare State because the people are happy to be welfare recipients. As a person who use to work in the public sector I have firsthand knowledge of the waste that take place in that sector, everything was up for grabs as people take what they want. The public sector is littered with built in multiple redundancies for every position… The sector is littered with family and friend and friends of friends and political cronies…The welfare position of the Government stifles real economic growth because it kills the desire of the people to use their imagination and innovation to be creative and dynamic, people just keep up almshouse... Government fi let off just does not cut it in this day and age.

The Pearl of the Caribbean
The popular version of History is almost never correct, it is always told from the perspective of the victor and real historians always investigate the facts from all sides. One of the biggest myth regarding Jamaica is that Jamaica was the pearl of the Caribbean, it becomes more of a joke when it is quoted by Black Jamaicans who never enjoyed any of its “pearlness”… The question to ask is who was it a pearl to? To the British, Jamaica was a pearl at various times over the 350 years they directly ruled this rock, it was a pearl during slavery and colonisation and I am sure the slaves never enjoyed any of this “Pearlness”.

Britain had many pearls all over the Empire but the British definition of pearl was based only on their ability to invest very little into a location while getting maximum extraction of wealth. To some who quote this pearl nonsense, they know nothing about literacy rate, healthcare, employment rate, availability of housing and all other economic and social indicators as it relates to the common man because if they know the facts they would never call Jamaica a pearl of anywhere. None of the social and economic documents that I have ever read about our past, points to Jamaica being a pearl except to a certain small class of people and the British… This is why I could spend most of my time just investigating history form all different angles. There is enough historical artefacts out there that would paint a more accurate picture of our past, so whenever you hear any one of these muppets start talking about Jamaica being a pearl with pride ask them, who was it a pearl to?

On another note, I am on my 4th reading of Geoffrey of Monmouth, just love this old book and the medieval term to “Lay Waste”, back then when they finish Laying Waste to a village or a town you can bet your last dollar that they did some major damage…Another terminology I like is "rape and pillage"... I spent most of my time as a child watching 10:00 am matinees and I preferred Vikings and Medieval movies because they were always laying waste and raping and pillaging some place…

70% of History is based on Nostalgia, Fantasy and Perception
I am particular interested in Early Jamaican migration to Britain, the reality surrounding such migration, the mindset of the people in the early 1900s and why they decided to leave, what they found when they got there and what happened... I continue to interrogate the older members of my family whenever I get the chance, about conditions in Jamaica and the UK at time... A lot of history is based on nostalgia, fantasy and perception and I am forced to dig deep in order to get to the reality of the time…

The social and economic condition of both Britain and the Jamaica is well documented and helps to dispel the nostalgia, fantasy and perception fog as even older Jamaicans living in Jamaica would tell you things was better when they were a boy but they were a boy and seeing reality through a boys eyes. Migration to America was just an extension of early 1900 migration as the migratory mindset of most Jamaicans was firmly in place the day slavery ended. It was not surprising then that even after the JLP Government of the 1980’s delivered the Jamaican people from the so called bondage of the PNP 70’s, that migration increased from 20% to 64% by 1988. During Slavery we wanted to escape the plantation, to run away and after slavery we wanted to escape Jamaica.

Jamaica needs at least two viable Political Parties
The JLP CANNOT continue to be this dysfunctional …. Doing so is a crime against the Jamaican people, they have no concept of circle the wagon and do not buy into any ideology or vision while operating like crabs in a barrel. The only reason Edward Seaga held on for so long as leader was because he was one of those tough as nail leader, one man not to be fucked with and it took them many years/decades and many gangs of # to finally dispose him….

For the 18 years while the PNP was in power, the JLP was one big dysfunctional mess, a massive clusterfuck of a party, whose only answer to the Government was block road and street riots, slash and burn politics... and yet they continue blame the Jamaican people for not voting for them, what a joke, give them something to vote for, instead of waiting around for something to vote against... I was for Dr. Tufton as leader of that party and Andrew as deputy leader... together paving a way for a more youthful concept of innovation and imagination but I am beginning such concepts do not exist, since they always revert what they know best, block, road, riot,slash and burn ...

Technology Blows…
Somehow I thought that with all the technological advancements humanity has made, we would at least have a 3 day weekend by now but the reverse is true… The more advance we get the longer hours we work, even when you are at home and on a weekends they can still contact you for work…

Is the JFJ a Political wing of the JLP?
I totally agree that the issues being fought for by Jamaican for Justice are important issues however the problem is the JFJ only seem to fight for them when their party is out of power and as such I question their real intentions…

I am all for NGOs targeting the Establishment, as long as it is done in a fair and balance way… I like my NGOs to be independent, not aligned to any political parties. However clearly the JFJ is a political wing of the JLP and as such any NGO who is aligned to any Political Party will never get my support, regardless of which party they are aligned with. It is a shame because this group could be so much more than just a mouth piece for a party.

During the last Government the JFJ paid light lip service to various issues which was their feeble attempt to appear fair and balance but they never took the attack dog posture like how they do now. They were hardly in the news, no minister or ministry was targeted, from 2007 to 2011 Jamaica had children in adult lockup but for the most part they said nothing, at no time did the JFJ attack Babsy Grange or any member of the JLP like how they are attacking Lisa Hanna. However they were very active in the run up to the 2007 election but went suspiciously silent for the most part after that. JFJ is doing the work of their political handlers; they are no different than G2K or PNPYO, in that respect or any other Political subgroup and until that organization disconnects itself from party politics they will never get my support… You walk like a duck, quack like a duck, then you must be a duck.

Jamaica = Singapore?
Makes me laugh every time Jamaicans try to compare the Jamaican economy to Singapore economy, claiming that we should be where Singapore is with regard to economic development and growth.

The problem is they are missing one vital factor… The people… The difference between Singapore and Jamaica is the mind-set of the people, Discipline, attitude to work, family and life in general is completely different… sacrifice, sacrifice and more sacrifice defines people from that part of the world. For the most part we Jamaicans are a merriment/profile society who regards hard work and long hours as slave driving, coupled with our Let-Off mentality…. Our basic attitude to work is… “The boss not paying me enough to come out of bed, much less get in on time”… In most black communities worldwide you will find Asians hard at work supplying services way into the night, nail salons stay open to do the nails of black people going out to party and enjoy themselves... All West Indians grocery stores are run by Asians, and Chinese food is bought through bullet proof glass all hours of the night and day...

Operation Lisa Hanna and Youth and Culture
The opposition and their operatives has clearly centered their attention on the Ministry of Youth and Culture, normally considered a minor ministry. Not the Ministry of Finance, Not the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, not the Ministry of Justice or education or agriculture but on Youth and Culture.

I cannot remember this Ministry ever being in the news this much pre 2011 and I cannot understand why with the state of the economy and crime, this ministry is the opposition’s main target through its operatives The Jamaican for Justice. The Ministry of Finance, of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture are all far more important sectors required for economic growth, it is where money is generated so we can spend it on Youth and Culture and if we cannot get those ministries right then I do not see how we are going to get Youth and Culture right, just seems Ass backwards to me. I have been told that they see the young minister as a growing threat. They can’t call her low classed, uneducated or a communist and she does not have any gunman or garrison so maybe she can can win elections because she does not have any of the baggage of the older members and they must try and slap her down from now. Yes they tried the pretty dunce thing but that did not hold any traction and even tried to use her divorce and the lost of her child to her powerful husband against her.

The fact is none of these groups, or individuals attacking Lisa Hanna would dare do the same to her predecessor Olivia 'Babsy' Grange, who wears the crown for the undisputed Queen  of Gutter Behaviour and controls a Garrison, duppy really know who fi frighten fi true…

However Lisa Hanna was baited into a trap by the JFJ and she fell right into it, call it youth and inexperience but her response was way over the top. It is true that the JFJ has been targeting Ms. Hanna from day one, being a thorn in her side but she needed to rise above it and separate her personal feelings from her Government and Political life, in this round of exchange JFJ 1-0 Hanna.

Real Museum of Jamaican History's Old Photos
I am addicted to old photos of Jamaica, trying very hard to get an idea of life in the past.

Crime Tolerance is Location Dependent
A friend of mine spend most of her time talking a lot about leaving Jamaica, how horrible it was and the crime, lawd the crime, even though at the time she was never a victim of any crime. A few years ago she finally became a victim of the dreaded crime, when she was held up and her car stolen and not long after that she packed up her milo boxes and off to foreign, never to return to crime ridden Jamaica…

I have another friend living in America, she was held up twice, assaulted once and raped once but I have never heard her say how dangerous America was and she was leaving that damn country, not even the state or location where she live, never!… For many, Jamaica is Dangerous even though they have never experience any crime, they go and come, all their lives only hearing about crime but when they are in countries like America crime seems totally acceptable, natural part of life, there crime elasticity is very high...

I am Sick and Tired of Humanity

  • I am so sick of the Middle East, I am on Middle East overkill now and I change the channel when any news comes on... It’s been like this for a long, long time and will remain like this so long as they exist. 
  • I am sick and tired of hate mongers, regardless of religion or race...Hate mongers are happiest when they have a reason to hate... hate makes them happy... 
  • I am sick and tired of Factions, Race, Religion, Phobias, Politics and Political Parties…
  • I am especially sick and tired of the PNP, JLP and their diehards, I despise them.
  • I am really sick of humanity and their petty Bull Shit Rubbish, constantly belly aching about someone coming to take their stuff or trying to take other peoples stuff  or not getting enough stuff or taking too much stuff, greedy selfish pricks… People need to stop acting like they are going to live forever and realize that they are only on this planet for a very, very short time. Yes you are going to die, we are all going to die then rot and be eaten by worms and over time no one will even remember we existed and everything we go on about, all those divisions in life will not matter after that…

Regarding Paula Deen
With Freedom comes Responsibilities…. The more freedom one has, the more responsibility and discipline one needs exercise. Everyone is free to say what they want, so long as one understands that there are consequences to your actions, not everything one thinks, needs to be said out loud. In Business one needs to exercise even more responsibility and discipline especially in this global, multicultural, multiracial Market place because business is all about the market. Everyone wants to increase their market share and pissing off large sections of society, sends the wrong message to the market place which is why I understand and supports Food Network’s decision to remove that vile racist woman, Paula Deen.

Historically corporations are known to pull their adverts for various reasons, companies have pulled adverts because of interracial, lesbian and gay couple’s on shows... Lowe's and 64 other Companies pulled commercials from future episodes of "All-American Muslim," a TLC reality-TV show, after protests by Christian groups. The Rush Limbaugh advertiser exodus after his statement about Georgetown law school student Sandra Fluke, calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute”, from the Imus show after he called the woman basketball players nappy headed hoes. ABC decided against renewing Bill Maher's contract for Politically Incorrect in 2002, after he made a controversial on-air remark shortly after the September 11 attacks. It is a fact that you are free to say what you but it is also a fact that in Business and in life there are consequences to what you say… Think before you talk.

In response to article in the Daily Gleaner: Hanna wants anti-abortion laws reviewed
The increasing news of dead newborn babies being found all over the place in Jamaica, is disturbing, some found in open lands (a bush) and open pit latrines ... is just horrible....One of the problems we have here in Jamaica is that, about 6 out of 10 kids are what is called Barrel Pickney and if you ask them to point to a picture of their mother and father, they would point to a Barrel or Western Union... It would be interest to find out the family status of Criminals, Gangsters, Shottas, Murderers and Thieves and young mothers and fathers and other delinquents ... what percentage of them grew up in stable homes with both loving mother and father, proper parents and what percentage was raised by extended families and friends or on the street because their mothers and fathers are far away foreign countries with their new family and they almost never get to see them, no hugs or kisses...

The impact on these children of this type of neglect includes a range of emotional and behavioural problems including run-away behaviour, withdrawal, depression, and in some cases, acting-out behaviors, children then turn into adults with anti-social behaviors as the norm, no respect for society and themselves, dog eat dog world.  For barrel children the psychological scars have been great and have been troubling factors unto the second, third and fourth generations. At holiday times, barrels of love are shipped, disguised as brand-name sneakers and clothing, believing that these would make their children happy and make up for them not being around. But the fact remains that the children are deprived of the real love of their parents and only the barrel remains as one of the few tangible signs of any affection. Studying the negative effects of migration is not something most Jamaicans actually care about, not when the act of migrating can result in an inflow of remittance...  But i digress.....

Some people are acting like abortion/prevention is an either/or situation, no to abortion and yes to prevention but it is not an either/or situation… We must give people as much options as possible; everything is a weapon in our arsenal… We must push for prevention as much as possible, educate our young people about making the right decisions in life. But as they say “The best laid plans of mice and men”… That even the most carefully prepared plans may go wrong and as such abortion should also be an option, we hope an option of last resort but an option none the less…  Link: Hanna wants anti-abortion laws reviewed

Spies, Spooks and Peeping Toms
News broke the other day that the American and British Government was listening to our phone calls and reading our internet communications and I was shock that everyone else was shocked because I thought this was already being done and have been done since the invention of the telephone and internet. I just took it for granted that there was an overpaid spook, whose job it was to read and listen to my daily rants…. It is about time everyone understands that freedom is a theoretical concept that have no basis in reality. The Americans for example love to talk about Freedom and democracy and pride themselves on being freer than the rest of the planet but that is just ideological indoctrination for dumb asses. The Government will do what the Government wants to do and if anyone question them then they use the fear card. George Bush use to push up and down the Terror alert levels depending on what piece of legislation he was trying to put in place… Throughout history all Governments use fear to get their way. So at this very moment both the British and American Government knows your sex habits, all those perverted google search terms (massive mammaries) have been collected and cataloged you perverts… hahahahaha… I say let’s start communicating in random, meaningless World War II like codes… “The chair is on the wall, the chair is on the wall…The fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies is now in place”…. That should leave them scratching their heads for a while…

The Worst Science Fiction movie:
In history is without a doubt ….”Independence Day”… Staring “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” because Will Smith did not create another unique character for that movie, he just reused the old one… The Writing Rubbish, Plot Rubbish, execution of Plot Rubbish…. They were too lazy to connect the dots and took the viewing audience for idiots… For a good Sci-Fi movie special effects are nice but not required... The concept is everything… In the original Star Wars they raided Sesame Street and used a lots of Muppets and I am sure R2-D2 was Oscar the Grouch’s trash Can but the concept and execution was perfect. I say in history because they had no excuse, it was high budget but low quality.. The 1953 film War of the World with Gene Barry and Ann Robinson was much better than it by far...

Superman vs. Batman
The previous superman movies just did not do it for me, I remember watching the first Christopher Reeve’s movie and was excited about it but that quickly wore off, however the line “kneel before zod” will live on forever. Reeve was perfect for the role but the writing, plot and characters were way too weak for a comic head like me, coupled with directors who ignore decades of comic history and decided to create their own idea of what superman was, the same can be said for some of the old batman movies… I can sit down and watch the old star wars over and over but I cannot sit down and watch the old superman without feeling like throwing something at the screen. The worst one by far was Superman Return, I was not sure what the writers and directors was trying to do but it was an epic failure not worth a second watch and what made it even worst was that the movie had the technology to do whatever it wanted, let’s hope one day they decide to put superman vs doomsday on film…

I think people are either a Superman or a Batman fan, everyone have a preference, I am a Batman person, not that fancy pants version of batman but the Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb type Batman, mean and gritty, the Batman who would not kill you but when he is finish with you, you wished he had, not to mention he carries a piece of Kryptonite with him just in case he needs to whop Superman’s ass..

I am Missing The Premiere League 

“Arsenal come streaming forward now in surely what will be their last attack. A good ball by Dixon, finding Smith, for Thomas, charging through the midfield. Thomas, it's up for grabs now! Thomas! Right at the end! An unbelievable climax to the league season.”…. Epic Announcing!!!.... Premier league withdrawal symptoms, I need some..

Check out time index: 7:16

Brazil World Cup Riots
When it was announced that the FIFA World Cup was awarded to Brazil, loads of Brazilians took to the streets in celebration as they danced the samba, happy as a pig in slop... Now they are running riot after having a change of heart and mind... I think FIFA needs to have a backup/standby venue and move the world cup out of Brazil and try not to select any more dead beat countries big on talk and short on cash... Frankly it is a bit fracking late now! If Brazil was such a broke, dead beat country who could not afford to host the world cup, then they should not have bid for it, why the hell did they bid for it? I am beginning to believe that the Brazilian squad is not good enough and the shame of not winning the World Cup it in Brazil is taking its toll.

Brazilians should have protested BEFORE FIFA voted, they should have made their voices heard sending a clear message that the world cup is not welcome in Brazil, that as a country Brazil could not afford it and that they have more pressing needs... What they are doing now should have been done the second their government announced their intention to bit for the honour of hosting the world cup..... I saw or heard no such protest against the world cup... I only saw celebration... I did not see any running battles with police.... I did not even read about a grumble....

Eat what you Grow

Some people in the world cannot and wish they had our climate, nice amount of rain fall, perfect amount of sunshine, fertile soil full of life... Never look a gift horse in the mouth... and you never know how good you have it until you lose it... Eat what you Grow, Grow what you eat!!!!

Responding to Article in the Gleaner

First of all when the IMF or economist says the dollar is overvalued what they are in fact saying is that the dollar is overvalued in relation to our ability to earn US dollar, it is overvalued in relation our low economic activity and no growth.

We all understand that there are different categories of imports, we all understand that there are good imports and bad imports. Capital goods imported as a requirement for production is good import, medicine is good import, education supplies good import, on the other hand bottled water imported from Trinidad is bad imports, importing things we already produce is also bad import and a waste of foreign exchange and have the effect of kicking away the legs from under local businesses. So it is true that the depreciation of the Jamaican dollar is like a knife that cuts both ways or like cutting off your nose to spite your face…

One also needs to look at what we are trying to accomplish as a result of dollar depreciation, what process are we trying to kick start. It is interesting that the writer uses the chicken example, chicken needs feed and we import the feed but this is where import substitution comes in for some things. Is it then possible for a local industry in chicken feed to develop and replace feed imports, giving the fact that imported chicken feed is now more expensive? I read where a number of chicken farmers and a part of the best dress chicken operation is trying to switch to free range organic chicken thus eliminating some imported feed requirements. It is this process of import substitution that we need to develop in Jamaica for the things we can produce. When things get hard in our personal lives we often tighten our belts, cut back, conserve, consume less while we try to figure out a way to improve our cash flow, we might do things like taking a second job, or finding a new job that pays better, well it is the same for the economy. The Government regardless of which political party makes up that entity cannot continue to borrow from Peter to prop up the exchange rate market especially for us to import things like water and Hennessey but I do believe that instead of propping up the entire exchange rate the Government should do more to help companies that requires imported capital, which is good import as oppose to bad import, as an input to local production and employment. We cannot just ga-long-so, with no care in the world and no consideration for the consequence of our actions.  The only way to revalue the dollar is through growth and I do not see any growth program coming out of Jamaica.

Jamaica's Veronica Campbell-Brown suspended after failing drug test
With regards to Veronica Campbell: Athletes more than anyone else knows the rules… She is old enough, been at this long enough to know the rules… however I await her side of the story to hear what she have to say, what possible reason could she come up with and if you are found guilty of trying to cheat the system please do not expect any support... I do not have time for rubbish, so I hope it was a honest mistake... What upsets me is the fact that the international press feel they have some ammunition to use against Jamaica, ever since Jamaica started dominating tracks they have been looking for a reason to point the finger… They were never bothered with the lesser athletes but finally they got a big name and the international news media do not do subtle reporting when it comes to Jamaica. Not only to they like to hang our dirty laundry in global view but they have a knack for making that laundry look even more dirty and disgusting than it really is….

I have been surveying the International media when this thing started and it made headlines from Europe to the Americas. From CNN to BBC, from the Guardian to fox sports, to ESPN, many of the world’s largest media houses have been carrying the story and some of them are not nice. Some are also trying to throw a wider net, trying to spread doubt in the minds of people, trying to take us down a notch making some subtle and some not so subtle accusations against all of our athletes.

The statement from the IAAF regarding the case stated: “The doping case involving Jamaican sprint star Veronica Campbell-Brown appears to involve a "lesser" offense of unintentional use of a banned substance, the sport's world governing body said Wednesday. “

Fox Sports Reported: “….”Veronica Campbell-Brown's agent insists one of the cornerstones of Jamaica's wide-ranging sprint success ''is not a cheat,'' even though the test results read differently…..”

I wanted them to have nothing to hold over our heads… but I am happy the charge is not as serious.

This one crack me up:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Remembering My Dog

Way back in the 1980’s I had this dog, a very nice dog and even though he was a young dog, he was very big for his age, he looked more like a pedigree than a mongrel, sometimes you luck out with mongrels and get a very handsome dog. He was a very friendly pup and took a while to get use to the back veranda after he was too old to stay inside the washing room, many a nights we could not sleep because of his yapping and crying.
Like This but brown patch
However time past and he got use to staying outside with the other dogs which is when the problems started. This dog loved to play while the others loved to sleep and guard the property. He saved his best playing time for the night, under my window romping with the other dogs or just ripping anything he could find to shreds. It got so bad we could not leave our clothes outside on the line, he would rip them to pieces or role in the dirt with them. Anything this dog find was fair game, mats, plants you name it, if he could move it, it would be ripped off, ripped up and found in the streets.

It got worse when he ran out of things to play with in our yard and decided to expand his territory to the yards of our neighbors. Many a morning we woke up to find the property of others on the verandah, ripped up and dirty. We could not even deny it because the neighbor would come over pointing to the evidence in our yard and we had no choice but to pay for the damage. One neighbor would drive up, stop and blow her horn then shouted … “You see my welcome mat anywhere?” and yes there it was… “How much did it cost?” we would ask and then we would pay her.

We decided to invest in a collar and a chain in an attempt to restrict his movements but we quickly realized the dog had mad skills, nothing we did could contain him, I was at a loss, I could not understand how this dog was getting out of the collar or breaking the chains but he was and I never found out how. One morning I found the collar still attached to the chain and the collar was still intact... how?.. his head was not that small!

The Special Relationship
Almost every dog on this planet have a special relationship with the postman, as a matter of fact every dog in my area was no exception to that golden rule. This special relationship can best be described as a hate, hate relationship. I cannot imagine what goes through a postal worker’s mind before they start their shift. In Jamaica the postman delivered your mail using a bicycle fashioned with a bell and as they rode along the avenue they would ring their bells at every gate to inform everyone that they've got mail. I never did understand why my dogs dislike the postman so much but they despised him, it was just pure savage hate. It must be the bell because the closer that sound gets the more anxious and irritated the dogs get and they can hear this bell way before us humans. We know the postman is on his way by the change in behavior of the dogs as the hairs on their backs stand up, tail shaped in an aggressive manner as they run around like a caged animal trying to get out and rip poor postie to shreds. The dogs would run to the corner of the fence, looking up the street waiting for the postman to come into view and when he does the excitement was often too much for them to take as they would run around barking and fighting each other.

One day the excitement was too much for Samson, the dog next door as he jumped the fence and attacked the poor postman, who jumped from his bike and started running around a light post with his bike in hand and the dog behind him, biting at his heels. He was using the bike both as a weapon and a shield trying to get this mad crazy dog away from him. In the end the owner came out with a belt and gave Samson a few well deserved slaps which caused him to break off his attack and retreat behind his borders while looking back at the postman with a grudge, as if to say …”wait until next time... when this muppet of an owner goes to work and it’s just me and you... not even God can save you!”.

By the time the postman got to my gate, my dogs are already in a frenzy, they wanted nothing more than to kill this man with his annoying bell, who came every day to put things in their box, on their gate. In their minds this man was an invader, an intruder into their territory and they wanted nothing more than to remove him forthwith. They would jump up and down at the gate, biting the iron bars and frothing at the mouth, all my dogs behave this way except my special one because he was not a fighter but a player. He wanted nothing more than to jump up on the postman for a hug, lick his face and maybe play tag-a-war with his bicycle wheel or pants leg. I was beginning to realize that this dog was never going to be an aggressive guard dog, he was not following the examples of the other dogs. He was more interested in playing than anything else and would bother the other dogs when they wanted to sleep, biting their tails and jumping on them... My dog was a player.

I woke up one morning to find the garden of the lady across the street, in the drive way, plants rip to shreds, roots and dirt everywhere. Now this woman did not have a child or a dog, her first love was plants and she looked after her garden in the morning before work and after work, so I felt for her. Trying to tell this dog off was very hard, the hair around one of his eyes was brown, the rest of his face white and he would bend his head to one side to look at you, then jump all over you…, we chained the gate shut, placed mesh between the bars but no luck, locked him in the back wash room and he barked like there was no tomorrow. I was hoping at some point he would settle down and join the other dogs patrolling and guarding the yard but that was not his thing… One of the things I loved about him was that he knew when I was driving home, don’t ask me how but the second I turn the corner there he was waiting at the top of the road and he would ran beside the car all the way home, yes he was special to me.

One night at around 10 pm, under my window I heard my dog making some strange choking sounds, I knew right away he was not well and he was not responding to me. I went outside to see what was happening, he was in a very bad way and I knew he was on his last leg, he was suffering badly, heaving and puking, I stayed with him until about 2 AM then went to bed and when I woke up he was dead. I knew he was over the lady’s garden because I saw her plants in my yard and I assumed she must have sprayed pesticide on her plants which got into his system, my friends said I was being naive that the woman poisoned the dog, but I did not want to believe that, she did not seem like that type of lady to me but one never knows. He was buried in the back yard and a mango tree was planted in the same spot, we always plant a tree where we bury any of our animals knowing their life force was going to help this plant grow and whenever we pick a mango from the tree we always remember this cute, lovely, super friendly dog that brought a lot of joy but also a lot of pain and financial expense!…

I am so NOT a cat person!