Thursday, July 18, 2013

Black Violence, Black Problem?.... Big Profit

Chicago’s crime rate continues to rise: 41 shootings reported over the weekend...

Does the attitude of the American society in general contribute to the increase in black on black crime? Do the powers that be even care, or is it a matter of black violence, black problem, who cares... so long as that problem is confined to black areas and not a threat. I have been reading various comments on messaging boards regarding crime in America and it is clear that some white Americans take great pleasure in pointing out that the level of Black on Black crime is proof that blacks are inferior and genetically predisposed to crime and violence, some are certainly enjoying themselves at the expense of human misery.

They do not see this as an American problem, no, to them America is quite fine and operating within normal parameters, since the people committing the crimes are of African origin which proves that they are savages and in their world everything is hunky dory. What made it even worst is the fact that America's President is half black, so it is even more important that black people in general fail. There are certain elements of white America who have made it their lives work to prove that blacks are inferior, savages and a threat to society. What amazes me was that during hard times, for example, the World Trade Centre attack, they pretend to be one people, unified against the world, it was a pretentious hug fest performed for the benefit of others but in reality they are anything but unified. It seems black people pay taxes but are expected to solve their own crime problem as the security forces are for protecting whites only against the black menace.

I do not believe that black people or any other human being for that matter are genetically predisposed to violence, so why then are some black people acting inferior and like savages towards each other in one of the world’s richest and most powerful country? For the most part American Black Ghettos were not created by accident, they were engineered into existence and what is happening today is by design, a process that was put in place long ago to create a culture of ignorance and violence within the black population which is now self-sustaining, taking on a life of its own, while the people who helped to engineer this situation, sit back and enjoy their handy work.

Take for example Levittown which was designed to provide a large amount of housing at a time when there was a high demand for affordable family homes. Before the sale of Levittown homes began, the sales agents were aware that no applications from black families would be accepted. As a result American veterans who wished to purchase a home in Levittown were unable to do so if they were black. William Levitt, the promoter of Levittown, attempted to justify their decision by saying that whites prefer not to live in mixed communities and his decision was only business not personal. This mind-set also extended to both governments and corporations who invest more in white areas than they do in black areas.

Of course, without a shadow of a doubt, black people must accept full responsibilities for their actions or lack of actions in allowing the spread of pure ignorance to swagger throughout black communities because what is happening now and accepted as the norm in Black Communities is downright retarded, counterproductive and self-destructive.

In the USA based on a 2010 study, 72 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers and 67% of black children lives in single-parent families.

According to 2002 data from the Planning Institute of Jamaica, about 45 per cent of all Jamaican households are female headed. Female-headed households. We need more up-to-date stats.

In the UK, An Equality and Human Rights Commission report in 2011 found that as many as 65% of African-Caribbean children are raised by one parent – nearly always the mother.

I will go even further to say that as Human Beings regardless of colour, we must accept responsibilities for our actions or lack of actions but I have been on this earth long enough to know human beings do not regard themselves as one unified entity. No one really cares about the level of ignorance that is swaggering its way across black communities, no one really cares about finding solutions, not the government, not corporations and certainly not popular black culture who depends on this level of ignorance to get paid. It is also retarded to expect ignorant people to come up with their own solutions, well for one they are ignorant and it is their ignorance that is the cause of the problem and I am certain you will not like the solutions they come up with, the self-sustaining crime and violence in the black Ghettos is evidence of that.

Enter the For-Profit Prison System that requires millions of customers for its shareholder to make a profit and… tag you are it, black people. This is also part of the design process where people are engineered to become customers to the Prison system, private contract companies are hired and are paid per head to run the system. The bigger the prison population the more money they get and a steady flow of inmates are required to keep that cash flow going. It stands to reason that loads of people are profiting off Black and Poor (regardless of colour) peoples ignorance, so why would the stakeholders want to put in place measures that would stop this flow of easy cash money... The United States has less than 5 percent of the world's population. But it has almost a quarter (25%) of the world's prisoners, 2.3 million criminals behind bars. It has 751 people in prison or jail for every 100,000 in population. (If you count only adults, 1 in 100 Americans is locked up.).  

 Approximately 12%-13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up a staggering 40.1% of the prison population, 1 in 3 Black Men Go to Prison. The lack of investments in Black Communities is part of the designed process to help feed this for profit prison system. These areas have poor and dilapidated educational institutions, poorly paid and unqualified teachers and lack of proper health care and job opportunities. Black communities are left alone, isolated from the mainstream and allowed to stew in their own festering pool of ignorance. Everyone knows that if you want your child to have a proper education, you must try to get them in a school with majority white pupils because that is where your tax dollars goes. Not to mention American Ghettos are laboratories for GMO companies selling all manner of nasty disgusting chemicals they call food and the source of great wealth for Gun manufacturers and sellers, guns are everywhere in America. There are no gun factories in the Ghettos but the Ghettos are flooded with weapons of death as legal gun manufacturers, legal gun dealers and legal gun owners make a profit selling illegal guns to people who are poorly educated and should not have guns. It gets even worse because they then use the carnage they help create as a sales tactic to promote the production and distribution or more guns for profit. 

The education system in the Ghettos play a vital role in maintaining this steady supply of souls to the for profit Prison System as they turn out poorly educated and poorly socialised people into society. The fact is if the parents are mostly uneducated and ignorant then chances are the child will also be uneducated and ignorant, some even more than the parent, a vicious cycle.

The For Profit Prison System is big business, take for example, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group, Prison Contract Companies with 50 percent of their annual earnings through state level contracts, while the remaining 50 percent comes through contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Marshals and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and as of 2010, these two private prison giants netted a total of $2.9 billion and got $29 million in tax dollars each year …just these two companies. AND get this…. According to NASDAQ data, the retirement funds of government employees – including public school teachers – "are some of the biggest investors in private prisons": "The retirement funds for public employees and teachers in New York and California together have about $60 million ($30 million each) invested in CCA and GEO. Teacher retirement funds in Texas and Kentucky have $8.3 million and $4 million invested in prisons respectively, and public employees in Florida ($10.3 million), Ohio ($8.6 million), Texas ($5.6 million), Arizona ($5.3 million), and Colorado ($2.25 million) are also connected to the industry."

Breaking the cycle of Black on Black violence is not going to be easy nor will it end anytime soon as it is not in the best interest of Corporate America and the Government, coupled with the fact that the problems that exist in the black communities are confined to those communities, so very little chance of it reaching white main street America. As I said in a previous post, one long, long time ago in America, we were taking my cousins girlfriend back to her campus in Westchester, when the cops pulled us over, he ask us why we were in his neck of the woods and told us to leave as soon as possible, after we dropped her off, we looked behind us to see him following us all the way back to the highway, just to make sure we got out of town…

Poverty, violence and human suffering is big business for white America, so if you have a few quid and do not mind making money off human misery and suffering then these are the stocks you need to buy because as Wesley Snipes said in the movie Passenger 57 …."Always bet on black"

Corrections Corp of America
NYSE: CXW - Jul 18 2:57pm ET
33.02+0.02 (0.06%)
The Geo Group, Inc.
NYSE: GEO - Jul 18 2:57pm ET
35.30+0.42 (1.20%)

The Incarceration Epidemic - About one-fourth of all incarcerated people on Earth is in the U.S. That constitutes a public health problem.

As of FY09, Black Soldiers comprised approximately 20% of the active-duty Army, 13% of theArmy National Guard, and 22% of the Army Reserve.

Blacks serve in the Army at a rate that is higher than their representation in the U.S. population. For example, as of FY09, the percentage of Black enlisted Soldiers in the active-duty Army was 21% compared to 17% of the U.S. population of 18-39 year old Blacks with high school diplomas. High representation of Blacks was also noted in the Officer ranks where 13% were Black compared to 9% of the U.S. population of 25-54 year old Blacks with college degrees.

The Jamaican Ghetto was created for almost the same reason as their American counterpart, born out of slavery, colonialism, rejection and poverty but it was the home grown colonial black Jamaicans who transformed it into what it is today for the very same reasons, for Greed, Power and money. Our Prison System however is not a For-Profit Prison system, unless you include the guards taking bribes, as power and money is not centered around it but on our ghettos. Is it me or are Jamaicans in the Ghetto spending their time watching nightly international news to find out the names of the world’s most disgusting hot spots, and crazy lunatics then rename their communities and themselves to match crazy town… Vietnam', 'Angola' or 'Jungle 12, Angola' is Goldsmith Villas and 'Vietnam' is Bottom River. 'Jungle 12', named for 12 young men who had and admired friends in 'Jungle' (Arnett Gardens) is Colour Yellow and the now famous Gaza.


Of course, without a shadow of a doubt, black people and poor people must accept full responsibilities for their actions or lack of actions in allowing the spread of pure ignorance to swagger throughout black communities because what is happening now and accepted as the norm in Black Communities is downright retarded, counterproductive and self-destructive. Being poor is no excuse for being Low Class, Vulgar and Violent!

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  1. I could not agree more. When are we going to realize that Blacks that remain in poverty and these disastrous situations simply because we lack the motivation to do anything else. I'm american but i have noticed the similarities in how we live all over the world. I have also noticed the collective denial by others that there are issues.

  2. Nobody invests in black communities because, as I've seen firsthand, the people living in the community don't appreciate anything, you invest, they tear it down with one hand and have the other hand out begging you your hard-earned funds. They all have cable and money for cigarettes, WEED, and more weed but have no job and can't pay rent. That is not the fault of any white person alive today, and to act like black people must needs have all this outside guidance despite all the exposure to all that tv they watch to show them some better lifestyles to aim for, is actually what will make ANYone think they are slow and behind the evolution curve. White people don't class all blacks the way the black media would have you think. It's exactly like Chris Rock said...there are black people...and there are NIGGAS. Nobody with sense likes a NIGGA.

    And they are not interested in elevating a thing despite the lip service given to it, that is why it is cause for celebration when lightning strike one an dem escape the smoking trap and move up into normal middle class or higher life AND MENTALITY. Because amazingly enough, you will find one make it to college and take the same ignorant mentality with them.

    Many of the inner city types here can't focus for longer than 10 seconds if you are not talking about something stereotypical and often pointless. Easy to label you acting white, talking white, everything that is humane and decent and desirable is associated with being white...which then makes it no surprise that when the rapper types and most of these black men here, actually get a lot of money to make a big jump in widening or changing their social circles they go straight to the source or as close as they can get, as far as the blacks that end up making 6 figures and higher. Most black men who even bother getting married are married to black women, but a MAJOR chunk of the set earning in the 6 digits is married outside their race.

    Jamaicans who are poor and ignorant in Jamaica don't have much of a chance aside from education and a scholarship to get away from Americans are first of all born into opportunities that people are risking their lives and freedom for crossing the mexican border or coming here illegally from the Caribbean...they have social services that may not pay much in cash but can fund food for the entire household and then some, a ton of charities that will donate (although of course some red tape and loss of privacy), and even if they can't make big bucks being ignorant, there are the unskilled jobs like retail and fast food.

  3. I have seen a woman with 3 kids cooped up in a rundown room with the (also unemployed) father of the third child sit on her phone and put more effort into tracking her man's every move to make sure he's not behind her back with other women (he still is) and have her kids live in squalor always begging people food because she never feeds them on time and has at least one obese as a child from all the junk, while she waits on some injury settlement that is taking forever to materialize, rather than put her children's quality of life above her desire to find a way to just get money without working any at all and go find a job so she can live somewhere where the kids aren't practically sleeping on top of each other. That's not white people that's HER. If your children don't give you some ambition to MAKE life happen, what will?

    Yes there is racism but what you see in the ghettoes here will make even a black person not want to deal with it at all, and the parents are ignorant and happy to wallow in the gutter, you really want your children trying to learn next to anybody they raise? Not the schools you want your kids in.

    I use to speak out about the lack of healthy food choices in the hood too, until I saw how Walmart squeezed a store in there downtown with all the choices needed from clothes to shoes to vitamins to toys to produce, fruits, meat, and more...and STILL the blacks in the store complain and find some way to say something they are getting is inferior and "they wouldn't do this at the white store"...simple things like the boxes being stocked at the top of the shelves, becomes oh they would have unpacked that sh- if it was in the WHITE neighborhood...never mind that the store has like no space and they are likely trying to warehouse some back inventory without the space in the back for it...and also, I took folks who had no car there and 2 of them got arrested for shoplifting $13 worth of fake jewellery. It was very clear to me why they then get all the leftovers commercially speaking. The one decent store that gives your neighborhood a chance and is not even food or soap to wash your clothes you taking, or better yet a JOB in there you applying for...stealing, and stealing useless crap. THAT is the reality. And when someone does work, it's the girls usually that scrape by on some little job while hoping for some 6 foot something rich prince charming to come rescue them...nothing wrong with wanting that but not when you are not at all working on being the type of woman that man deserves because you are too lazy and too delusional to start with the person in the mirror. The boys are infantilized beyond repair, and grow up to be shiftless womanizers who pride themselves on living off some woman. I have to say Jamaica have far more than its fair share of womanizers, but come on at least most of them are the type to expect to spoil a girl and have her living with them not be living off her while dissing her left and right! Crazy! Even the most homeless bum up here can find a black woman, a pretty one at that, to waste her life and time on him...the only set of men who get rewarded endlessly for achieving nothing in life. Nowhere else in the world are women that darn gracious, cause you can't feed kids with that.

    Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics...they all came here maligned and detested and stocked up the cash, maintained strong family units, and moved up overall in society to become powerhouses...the gays are also stocking up on money and that is why they are so powerful a voice now.

    Black people did not stock up on the money overall and did not maintain unified families. Even as an effect of slavery, how many hundreds of years more are going to pass before one turns thoughts inward and turns off the tv and figures out how to get to a normal standard of living and elevate? And I am not sure slavery can be blamed because it is said by blacks here that their communities actually had more intact families before de-segregation.