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Freedom, Liberty, Peace and Goodwill between Man

I am not a religious person… to be honest I have very little time or patience for religious minded people who think it is his or her duty to bombard me with their religious beliefs. Religious beliefs varies depended on the religion, the person and on their own interpretations and for a person like me it gets a bit claustrophobic as they invade my mental space. But I would like to think I am a person who respect other people, that I am open and objective. We will all never agree on everything but that is OK, we do not have agree on anything except to be humane, respectful and polite.

Command and Control: For the most part I think I am an easy going person but what I do hate are people who not only try to live by some regimental made up concept but also try to push/force their concept of life unto others and then judge you if you reject their concept of life. It is not only the religious foot in the door types who piss me off trying to win your soul in the bingo of life but also the Afrocentric muppets who are no different to the religious evangelical nutters trying to get you to play on their team and live by their rules. Those if you are black then you must wear this, listen to this, drink this and smoke this, talk like this and act like this types.  You must live your life according to how I say you must live your life or else I will revoke you black membership.

I am also not the type of person who takes personal unwanted advice from judgmental individuals, there are people who love to give advice about various issues, telling you how to live your life while they are failing in their own life. This shows that they are not in a position to give anything by way of advice. If you want to impress me then pay my blasted mortgage after which you can advise me and criticize me all you want. I have a core group of friends and family members with whom I am comfortable approaching for advice and they respect me enough to wait until I ask for that advice. Off course if they thought I was heading down the wrong path they would immediately step in to inquire why and point out where I am going wrong then help steer me back on the right track and their opinions are always constructive, objective, from the heart and welcome by me.


I am not a public person, I like to keep my personal life, private and I find that when one divulges too much information into the public domain, one opens oneself up for unwanted advice and simplistic criticism from people who do not have enough information to formulate constructive and objective opinions. I am on Social Media but I am not off Social Media, what I mean by that is, I do not understand people’s desire to divulge so much of them shelves to the world. I cannot do it because I find it not only vulgar but embarrassing at the same time. I do not like to feel like I am pushing my personal self onto others, I am just not that type of person. I do not want to come across as showing off or Narcissistic. I am personally conservative and reserved by nature, it is how I was raised but I respect others who do it just do not ask me to follow suit.

Peer Pressure
In school I was never one to succumb to peer pressure, no one could get me to do what I did not want to do. They use to call me all sort of names, simply because I would not conform the social conventions and follow the herd. I am not the type of person who seek other peoples approval. It is basically how I am today. I have my views, my opinion and my own belief system and unless you can supply me with the logic to change my mind then you are wasting your time… I am also not one who has to be right all the time, I will be the first to admit when I get something wrong and stand corrected, that is what life is all about, growing and learning.

I get a lot of slack from people because I have a Facebook profile which does not contain any personal information. Not that I care what they think or say. I consider the account in question a pen profile, just like a writer would have a pen name, hey if Samuel Langhorne Clemens AKA “Mark Twain" can have a pen name, then why can’t I. The state of my account is my business and I will share enough of myself as I deem necessary or is comfortable with. In any case this account is not about my personal life but about the world I live in and what I have to say about it. My socio-economic opinions only and I want nothing else to distract from that fact. In any case I am sure the NSA and GCHQ Prism know exactly who I am.

I am an opinionated person but I do not construct opinions on individuals unless asked. I reserve my opinions for much wider topics, Socio-Political-Economic situations as it relates to the wider society. When it comes to the Adult Individual, I am liberal, I believe an Adult Person is free to live the anyway they want to live, so long their lifestyle does not bring harm to others which includes causing negative socio-economic development. For example, I am not anti-religion, I respect every ones individual’s rights to their religious beliefs. I am happy that they found something that helps them through the day and make life bearable. If it makes them happy and gives their lives meaning and structure, then by all means but I do not respect or want religious pollution or violence through religion. Nor do I respect being woken up early on a weekend morning because you want to have a chat with me about my soul… my soul is my business… so bugger ye off!!!…

I do not regard myself as being 100% liberal, I am ultra-liberal about some stuff, just liberal about others, conservative about some stuff and ultra-Conservative about other stuff. So it depends on the situation and circumstances surrounding the stuff in question. For example when it comes to a person who hurts a child, or animal or murder someone or a thief, you will find I am ultra-Conservative and will volunteer to flip the switch on that person. I am ultra-liberal regarding the sexual activities between “Consenting Human Adults”. So long as it is in the privacy of your home, these things are like cigarette smoke, you are free to smoke so long as I do not have to smell it or inhale it...

The Gay Debate
When it comes to gays in Jamaica there is no debate, almost everybody speaks from a position of pure ignorance and if you disagree with them then they get dark, ignorant and disgusting as they accuse you of being "one a dem". A statement design to take control/bully you out of the debate. Most Jamaicans do not logically debate Homosexuality because they are afraid/scared to death of being labeled "one a dem". While the people who are ignorant, the "Kill Battyman" crowd wears that ignorance like a badge of honour. 

When it comes to a topic like Homosexuality you will find that I am liberal, my basic view here is that… what one “Consenting Human Adult ” decides to do with another “Consenting Human Adult” is none of my damn business, I do not care, it has nothing to do with me. I have my own life and the life of my loved ones to worry about and I will not lose sleep over what “Consenting Human adults” decides to do with each another and your religion and religious views plays no part in my decision making process as I am free of that burden. I value people based on how productive they are to society, how balance and well socialized they are, how they treat other people. I value people on whether they are kind to animals and each other and respect the laws of the land and the environment.

I have seen no evidence to show that homosexuality between “Consenting Human Adults” is counterproductive to society. I saw the following in the Jamaica Observer … “Centuries of reinforcement have caused some to believe that God is against same-sex relationships and that the logical conclusion of such relationships is the end to childbirth and the replenishment of the human race”…. In what time-frame and why would I care about the replenishment of the human race after I am dead and gone because I am dead and can no longer care. Not to mention lesbian and gays are coming together and having kids, it might involve a turkey baster but they are having kids. In my travels I am meet different people in different cultures. One such family I met have 2 kids and these kids have two fathers and two mothers, who are highly educated professionals capable giving these kids more love than most people. At least these kids get more love than the barrel Pickneys we have littering Jamaica who only get to hug their sperm and egg donors parents every couple years.

Over the life of my career as a Software Engineer, I have met and worked with a lot of people who consider themselves Homosexuals and I have worked with and for these people. Some are highly educated, some professors, politicians, doctors, others are executives in fortune 500 corporations. I have met Database Administrators, software developers who can develop complex algorithmic software systems with their eyes close, use to run the worlds financial systems and they are gay male and female.

I have met owners of companies big and small who are homosexual male and female. I have met dancers and actors in the entertainment and art industries who are valid members of society doing productive value-added work, contributing to the greater good some giving their time freely to support various charities. I even have people who are gay in my own family, my cousin who I grow up with, who I look up to and who took care of me as a child and who I love dearly and would never turn my back on because she is gay. I find the anti-buggery laws a Joke because I do not believe my tax dollars should go towards paying the police to monitor the Private Parts of “Consenting Human Adults”. The police force should not be used as vagina, buddy and batty policing squad, when those body parts belong to “Consenting Human Adults and if the church feels so strongly about it then let them pay for this policing, not to mention the church don’t even pay taxes.

I believe the problems we are having in Jamaica with Gay Street kids carrying out criminal activities is a direct result and/or a reaction to our actions towards them. We reject them, we beat them up, their own families and friends disown and isolate them. We treat them like animals, worse than animals, coupled with the fact that most are illiterate, hungry and live a life of poverty which is a lethal combination regardless of sexuality.

We created this environment because how I see it, gay people in more developed countries are seen as equals and are productive members of society. They are educated members of those societies, they are for the most part accepted by mainstream society but not in Jamaica. This is what happens when we reject, demonized and treat people/kids/young adults like animal outcast, they grow up to act like animals, gay or straight. Just look at how aggressive some of those street kids cleaning the windshield at the stop lights can be and most Jamaicans treat them like dogs.

Knowing how gay people are treated in a country like Jamaica makes me believe, being in gay In Jamaica is life threatening, they are risking life and limb, so I cannot understand why someone would choose to be gay knowing how bad they will be treated. If being gay is choice as some are saying and could cost your your life. It is like being black this too can cost you your life in some countries.

I saw my first gay beating at the age 15 on my way home from school with friends in the Plaza, it did not take much. One man shouted beat the batty boy and a group of people with nothing better to do, join the chase and proceeded to beat this man who was running for his life. And I saw my first Jungle Justice not too long after when a woman falsely accused a man of trying to go into her bag. From what I saw after they were finish playing football with him, his body was lifeless. One market woman took out her knife and used it as if she was a trained butcher. Tried and executed by public opinion.

So my position on that is very clear, I might not understand what makes one person gay and another straight. I might not understand the attraction between “Consenting Human adults ” of the same sex but that is none of my business and I refuse to join your senseless, ignorant hate mongering mob and there is no religious verse you can quote that would make me change my mind. If your God have a problem with these people then let him handle it directly. Not to mention 80% of the people running around trying to tar, feather and beat these people and using religion to do it are not even religious and according to the scriptures they are also going to burn in hell fire right next to the gay person they beat. Study also show that most anti-gay people are themselves fighting their gayness. I have better things to do with my short time on this earth to care about your hate mongering.

Why I dislike Negative, Nasty Dancehall
I was once asked how come I am liberal towards Homosexuality and detest Dancehall and the answer is I find most dancehall counterproductive to society affecting the minds of the young, making them dysfunctional. I view Reggae as productive message music, trying to uplift the oppressed and the downtrodden, trying to enlighten them, trying to better their lives, telling young people to stay in school, be respectful, turn from violence and be all you can be and if there are Dancehall artist out there using their talents to achieve these objectives, then I place them in the category of Reggae and I support and encourage them.

What I dislike is a bunch of semi/barely-literate dancehall DJ’s preaching nothing but hate and helping society to self-destruct and implode. If your only message is to murder-death-kill, stab it, beat it and dig out the red then you are nothing but a bloodsucking leach on society not only trying to get rich on human misery but helping to create more Human misery and as such I will oppose you till the day I die. I view this type of dancehall no different than I would view a child molestation and as I said when it comes to harming a child I am ultra-conservative. This type of dancehall is grooming our young people for failure, stripping away self-respect, decency and ambition, desensitizing to violence and telling them that education is a waste of time. Filling them with hate and promoting a Jamaica rampant with murder, underage sex, teenage pregnancy and anti-social behavior.

The educated mature mind can listen to these music, laugh at it and dismiss it like water off a ducks back but the uneducated immature mind, worships the very ground these dancehall DJ's walk on and live by their every word and that is what they are hoping for because that is how they make the big bucks and live up Norbrook.

The original concept of this blog site was to try and promote the good that is taking place in Jamaica of which there are many, but as times goes on, I find myself reacting to various socio-economic things that disturb me. I am political by nature, I am from a family who takes their politics seriously and grew up listening to various political debates between family members and at one time I wanted to do Political Science in school. I remember at school we use to hold court during lunchtime, discussing the socio-economic problems of Jamaica and debating solutions. Back then I believed that good honest hardworking Jamaicans, Nation Builders would rise up and take this country to the promise land, that a revolution of the mind would bring in positive change. How young, idealistic and foolish was I. Because it is greed and selfishness that is leading the charge and good honest people are being pushed back.

In other News
Good honest people are losing out worldwide as the multinational corporations have joined forces with corrupt Governments and religion to push their interest of greed and selfishness to the forefront. Monsanto that hell spawn of a company hired Blackwater a private military company that made so much money in America’s wars, to "secure its interest".  Imagine a private company with a private military army? Reminds me of the British East India Company of colonial times being allowed to raise their own army to "secure their interest" in foreign lands which means rape and pillage. Monsanto continue to pay the American Government to do its bidding, over $260,000 was openly pumped into the House, and $122,000 was pumped into the Senate, total paid by Monsanto to Democrats: $72,000, Total paid by Monsanto to Republicans: $190,500, not to mention what was paid under the table and as a result the Monsanto protection act was passed in the name of big business.

Is it me or is hate on the rise? As they say in Jamaica “It-Tun-Up”. Every time I turn around one group of people are finding some excuse to beat the hell out of another group of people, if they are not cutting peoples head off they are cutting out their hearts and eat it, trying to show just how barbaric they can be for their cause. Imagine my surprise while watching the nightly news to see a story about Buddhist setting fire to Muslims and beating and killing many more as they go on a hate filled rampage like mad dogs and here I was thinking Buddhist were the coolest non-violent people on the planet. When you read some Buddhist text, it is filled with love and turning the other cheek with a smile but here they are on a lunatic rampage.  ...“Security forces struggled to control Buddhist mobs who burned Muslim homes on Wednesday for a second day in the northern Myanmar city of Lashio in a dangerous widening of ultra-nationalist Buddhist violence”.

It is official…. man, just love to kill other man, it is our favorite pastime, we will find whatever excuse we can to attack and wipe out people who are not like us or share our views and the problem is everything is open to human interpretations which is flawed. The Muslim religion seems to attract more psychopaths than any other, there is no limit to the depth of depravity some will go to any length to express their outrage and protect their narrow minded views. It is as if they interpret their religious words to mean the more deprave they are in the name of religion to closer they will be to their God. Western countries are also not without blame, those in the west have a knack for jumping in planes and ships and carpet bomb anyone they feel like and because they control the worlds media they can spin it anyway they like. For them it is like going on a safari as they dehumanize the people they are about to slaughter, they can reduce the earth’s population by 100,000 at a time, as they parade their might and technologically advance killing devices…

All I care about now is to find a nice quiet part of the planet, away from these mad lunatics, who are roaming around trying to take other peoples stuff. People as a society will continue to act this way until the end of time.

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  1. It is sad...another reason why people are re-thinking where they raise their children, who they are raised among, and even having any, or having anymore. Too much going on to protect them from and still turn out higher functioning higher class human beings...

    But I don't know about Muslims being the worst. The entire world has been recolonized pretty much in the bloody rampage of CHRISTIANITY. The Inquisition, the World Wars, the Crusades, the Middle Passage?

    And a lot of the Muslim territories in the middle east and so on are lashing out in guerrilla warfare because of the U.S.'s past interference in their country, and sometimes still ongoing...that is the part we miss over here because, as you said, the media is biased. We focus on the religion the terrorists claim and not on the reasons WHY they are doing it, as in the catalyst in the first place.

    When people murder in Jamaica, or whore down the place with other people man or woman, or have 10 children for 9 different men, or molest children...they call themselves Christians...we don't go on news blabbing their religion any at all, because it's understood that that might be what they were raised in, but obviously not what drives their present reality.

    Yet we somehow blame the religion instead of the person whenever it's a religion we were not raised a part of... Jamaica is hyperreligious and hypersexual and hyperaggressive all at once...bun fi bun is not a christian concept but yet it ingrained in the culture...we need to realize that there is the religions, and then the various cultures that superimpose their cultural isms onto or into the religious teachings, and yield all these different flavors of it...and take everybody else's walk with their God with a grain of salt, and just ensure our own spiritual wellbeing and our mate and child (without the overbearing high pressure crap, I don't take well to being force fed anything either).