Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gleaner: Partying To Debt - Sprint Financial Services Sees More Patrons Taking Loans For Events

The Gleaner reported that many Jamaicans are taking out loans to attend party events….. Yes borrowing money and paying interest in order to attend parties…. WTF!!!

"Founder and CEO of Sprint Financial Services, Christopher Barrett, pointed out that the number of persons accessing loans to attend events is on the increase. The company started offering loans to patrons attending some of the most expensive parties in the west of the island in 2012 and is doing the same this year: ".......

A person would have to be completely WORTHLESS to borrow money to go to party, I know we love having a good time but one cannot love merriment that much. If these are the people we are expecting to bring Innovation and Imagination to our Economy and Society then all is lost.

Several people are blaming the lending agencies for lending people money to go to parties but not for education, well if you are the type of person willing to borrow money to party then you are clearly  NOT the type of person who cares about education and the financial houses should make a living off your sorry disgusting ass..

These are the same people who curse the Government for not Letting Off ( giving freely) the countries resources, we want free light, free water and free house but have no problem borrowing money to attend parties. Some of these people normally use the Poverty Card as a means to an end. They almost riots when $20 was added to the price of a patty, saying that the government was trying to kill poor people. They do not have any Personal Responsibility, the Government must let off and Jamaicans in foreign countries should send them money and barrels.

It must be the fault of you Jamaicans living overseas, you are lazy people and not working hard enough, so get a second or third job you worthless cruds. You clearly need to send more money and more barrels, just look what these poor people are force to do because you Jamaicans living overseas failed to send enough money, they are forced to borrow to finance their Over the Top Lifestyles. Listen you lazy, good for nothing overseas Jamaicans,  Hennessy  and merriment is not cheap, so get your act in gear, work harder and send more money.

"In 2011 Audi sales overtakes BMW for the first time in Jamaica and now 2013 Audi Sales Climb - Adam Stewart Credits 'Aspirational' Demand For Luxury, Sets Sights On No. 1 Slot."

The person who pioneered micro lending got a Nobel for it. A Bangladeshi fellow who formed grameen bank. to help poorer than poor Bangladeshis (plenty women) make a living off hustling, buying/selling, to get a leg up in society and take care of their households and lift them out of grinding, generations of poverty. Micro lending is for the poor bag juice man to buy couple bags wholesale to sell and then buy and sell, for the handcart man, the market woman. When they get a leg up in society, their children benefit, the nation benefits.Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Micro-Loan Pioneers

Micro lending in Jamaica is helping the so-called suffering oppressed masses, who almost riot because of the $20 increase on Patty to Party like its 1999 all over again....

Appleton Temptation Isle (ATI)
Smirnoff Dream Weekend
RumFire Temptation Isle (RTI)
Rum-Bar Flex Week
Stage show fi stone dog
Reggae Sumfest
Fashion shows 
Jazz festivals…

Party loan firm disburses over $1.6m this summer 2014
LOCAL lending agency Sprint Financial Services Limited says it has already disbursed more than $1.6 million in party loans for the summer. According to Sprint Financials Chief Executive Officer Christopher Barrett, party loans have been on the rise year over year from patrons attending the highly anticipated Appleton Temptation Isle (ATI) and Dream Weekend parties.

Barrett said that last year the company recorded $1.2 million in party loans for the same period.

"The average person will come and borrow $30,000 to $35,000 for Dream Weekend or the exact amount for the tickets, which run about $25,000," Barrett told the Jamaica Observer.


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