Thursday, August 1, 2013

Emancipation Day, August 1st

The Picture might be funny but it gives me a lot to think about. Slavery was something that was done to us, we did not have a choice, it was forced upon us, however most of our suffering and hardship that we are experiencing now represents things we did to our selves... Maybe as an over reaction to freedom and fighting for that freedom.

I have never said Nation Building was simple, I am very much aware of all the global forces affecting us, having lived through the cold war but trying to deflect Personal Responsibilities and pretending as if we are completely innocent with regard to the state of the country today, is disingenuous to say the least. There were times in Jamaica’s history when we willingly Yinged when we should have Yanged, decisions made out of pure selfishness and greed, it is time to man up and take full responsibility as a people.

It is way too easy for us to blame everyone and anything but ourselves. It is Slavery fault, It’s the British fault, its America’s fault, Its IMF fault, it’s the World Bank fault, it’s the JLP fault and it’s the PNP fault, it’s always someone else fault except the man in the mirror. It seems we are a nation of Retards not capable of making the right decisions and may I add highly educated retards because our people can boast with the best of them about how much degrees they have under their belts. No one forced us to consume water from Trinidad or to import beef patty from Florida. We may sign various agreements but we should have the discipline and common sense to make the right decisions for the good of the Nation, in the Nations interest.As a people we made better decisions when only 30% of the population could read and write than now with a literacy rate of 87%

  1. Independence and Freedom means absolutely nothing without a strong sense Responsibility and Discipline. 
  2. Equality, Social-Justice, Self-Reliance and Discipline are wonderful principles to live by and we should try to instil these principles back into our society.
  3. Political Tribalism will be the death of us, as we are way too small and too poor to survive this crab in a barrel mentality.
  4. Jamaica is a country with so much potentials, we could achieve so much as a people if we apply our selves but we do not think or operate as a collective, for the collective good.

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