Monday, August 19, 2013

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By Breakboy NRG...

It has been a while, maybe 6 months or more since I’ve written anything, if you remember my last post paid homage to my grandfather who died in December.   Since then I’ve been more or less looking at my life and reassessing some of my views and approaches …  questioning a few things in particular.

My duties as a home school dad over the past two years has really forced me to try to understand what it really means to be a good father and by extension a good teacher (they are one and the same, aren’t they?), There are so many things that I want my children to learn about “navigating the waters of life”, I want to be able to instill in them an ability to find solutions to problems, to communicate effectively, to care for their bodies, to be kind and considerate, to fundamentally understand and love all people while having the wisdom to discern abuse of that benevolence, to understand addictive behavior and to understand money as a tool and not an idol and to be able to stand up for themselves.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way that I can accomplish such a monumental task is to understand that young children learn most effectively by example and repetition, in other words I have to be an example of what I want to teach.

This requires soul searching on my part, over the past 6 months or so one of the questions that I have been pondering, is the real value of what I have chosen to do with my life and trying to clarify it.

In the past few years, I have noticed both foreign and local reports of fitness aficionados passing away due to heart attack, cancer, suicide or drug overdose. The reports usually are worded something like….”X was energetic, fit and ate in a very healthy way”

As someone who wants to lead by example, I felt a need to reassess my views as a fitness professional and ask myself what it is that I truly believe.
  • Do I really believe that eating right and working out will help someone live longer?
  • What am I really selling to people?
  • Is it health and longevity, looking good or being a “fit” person?
I am very interested in active, functional, medication free longevity.  As someone who makes a living promoting “a healthy lifestyle”, I find it increasingly interesting that many people who  don’t practice this “way” sometimes live very long, productive, happy lives and  to the contrary, those who claim to, don’t.

Is this important?

The health and fitness industry is a global multi-billion dollar industry, the marketing is space age and the players can coax huge amounts of money out of your pocket without giving you absolutely anything in return.  The industry profits from telling people half-truths, preying on people’s insecurities and selling unrealistic quick-fix solutions….but guess what? The even bigger scam and much more profitable (by more than double) is the diet and weight loss industry, cuz, well... people would much rather take a pill than exercise.

People selling diets or that new “pill” or “system” don’t tell you that the success rate of sustained weight loss on these “miracle” plans are as low as 5 percent.

Gym owners don’t tell you that only 20% of the members are using the gym 80% of the time, so the huge amount of income generated at the start of the year due to New Year’s resolutions is largely charitable.

The health/fitness/diet/weight loss industries uses body image anxiety and the tremendous global chronic disease epidemic to sell their products, whether science based or not, to the public.

I have a problem with basing decisions on fear, I believe basing decisions on fear will always cheapen your experience of life, but it seems like the paradigm of fear or inadequacy fuels every institution in modern society …. Whether education, religion, our career choices, our financial planning, even how we raise our children.

This is all to say we need to revisit our reasons for going to the gym or any choice we make for that matter, The first thing that a new client usually sez to me is “I want to lose this belly” or “I’m getting too fat” or “I’m going to a wedding in three months and my ex-girlfriend is gonna be there” …so FIX MEEE!

The first thing anyone should understand is that when it comes to your body, mind or spirit, any problem that you have is probably either created by you (your behavior) or by your parents/nurturing environment (conditioning) or a combination of both. Your own self searching and behavior modifications is more than likely where the solution lies and not with any magical place, pill or person (I like that!).


I believe in being active, and strong, and agile, and durable. I believe in paying attention to your body, improving our shortcomings and treating your body with love, this means doing what you love, having fun, getting enough sleep and putting the best things inside, I also believe in loving people, spending time with positive people and respecting our environment, if I live longer as a result of these beliefs then fine, if not then so be it.

It’s never about quantity but about quality. 


Every day in my life I experiment; my diet, my meditations, my workouts, my thought processes, my choices,  I make mistakes, I observe, I make adjustments. I tell you.

I observe you all, I question, I touch, I listen and I learn…We share.

With me, there is no tried and true science for everyone, we are all guinea pigs, what works for you may not work for me and vice versa…but we share anyway and inspire each other and give each other hope.


We face the same kinds of problems, if one can triumph; there is a possibility that we all can.

My mission statement is to provide quality service that is informative, enriching and effective, motivating you toward your health/fitness goals and giving you endurance and strength for your many endeavors.

This hasn’t changed.

I continue to search for the truth, If I think it’s BS and/or part of a scam I’ll tell you…I continue to seek long lasting happiness, health, vitality and longevity for myself and everyone else, I know these things aren’t located at 89 Hope road, any gym, any church, hospital or doctor’s office, these qualities reside in each of us, we just need to be determined and committed to find them.

If I find it I’ll let y’all know where to look..If YOU find it first, don’t charge me too much…

I’m BAAACK…get your asses in gear!

Breakboy NRG...
New Phase Health and Fitness Coaching
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