Monday, December 30, 2013

Jamaica Crime Season: 2013-2014

Jamaicans follow their local crime season like how the English football fans follow the English Premiere League Football season. We even try to keep daily scores while informing anyone who would listen of the latest murder score/rate, did you hear…. 6 dead in St. James, 8 dead in Spanish Town, 5 Dead in West Kingston… This goes on and on until the end of the season when the grand total is announced and we compare it to murders of seasons past.   1583, 1618, 1683, 1428, 1124, 1087, 1198…..

One would think that if Jamaica was under attack and it is, from our Home Grown Terrorist, … that a bipartisan consensus on crime coupled with a joint unified statement from the political class outlining their plan of attack on the criminal elements within our society and a support for the concept of us law abiding Jamaicans against them, the murdering criminals, would have been the strong natural reaction to this daily barbaric onslaught on the Jamaican people. But instead we get small minded partisan bickering from our little political pricks in Parliament. Some things are not supposed to be used as a political football and the wholesale murder of Jamaicans is one of them…

In 2009 Jamaica recorded the highest murder rate in history and the PNP long with their diehards laughed at the previous JLP Government, mocking them, saying that they claimed they would fix the problem of crime they should get on with the job of fixing it… and now the JLP Government is doing the same to the PNP Government, hoping to score some political points and in the meantime Jamaica and Jamaicans are under constant siege, with massive loss of lives, regardless of which political party they support.

…The Opposition Party regardless of which party belongs to the opposition (JLP or PNP) always sees increasing crime as a positive thing, they get a real hard-on from it because they see it as an opportunity for them to get re-elected. This is one more thing to take with them on the campaign trail as they shout with glee that the Government is losing the war on crime and they alone can bring about a solution, nothing is sacred to these people, not even the very lives of the people they claim they are trying to better, to lead to the promise land, while all the while leading us further and further into Zombie Land, willingly I might add. ...Politics is a dangerous game my friend…

Crime is an affront to who we are as a people, to our National Heroes, to our nation building experience and future generations of this country and as such this partisan, Political school boy bantering must stop especially since it is costing lives.

The Minister of National No-Security?

If the only achievement of this Minister of Nation Security is to hold the murder rates to the same level as last year or marginally above or below last year’s numbers then this Minister of National Security and the Police force are failures… and get a failing grade from me and Mr. Bunting should either resign or change Ministry, failure is not an option Sir, we cannot afford incompetence.  

The Minister of National Security and the upper echelon of the Jamaica police force seem to have ran out of ideas a long, long time ago… I am not sure what their policies are, I have no idea and they have not communicated anything to the general public, The minister says it requires Divine Intervention but with all that is happen in the world why would any divine forces waste time of Jamaicans…It is obvious that the police force is a reactive force, trying to use the band aid approach to fighting crime… Almost like playing Whack a Mole.

The Policy of the Government is that of trying to walk the fine line between policing and giving the impression to the global community that Jamaica is open for business but every global entity has access to the internet and the ability to research Crime and Jamaica, which immediately presents them with the fact that Jamaica is not really open for normal business. At times I get the impression that the Government thinks they can appeal to the better nature of our dog-heart criminals but our dog-heart criminal have no better nature to appeal to…

The last JLP Government “accidentally” may have found a temporary formula to reduce crime, thanks to them being forced in the corner by the Americans during the Dudus civil war, which resulted in the reduction of crime from 1683 in 2009, 1428 in 2010 and 1124 in 2011… It then seems that the only “Short Term” solution to Jamaica’s crime problem is to restart the 2010 Dudus levels of policing. A yearlong State Of Emergency, suspension of all merriment activities, no dancehall, shut all clubs, nightly curfews, regular stop and search and house to house searches and immediate detention without charge because I agree you cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and freedom and democracy is not for everybody because it is clear that Jamaicans cannot handle all this freedom… These Criminals are continuously advancing while being defended by the people and it seems the security forces are backing off while being attacked by the people... Most Jamaicans hate the police more than they hate the criminals...

But Crime fighting and police actions in Jamaica is a political football as the oppositions and their diehards declare that the Government is oppressing their poor and downtrodden people who just want to eat a food and have some fun… along with "Jamaican For Justice" going on and on about police Brutality and how the murderer was innocent …. Everybody it seems is watching way too much CSI on TV and playing way to much politics ...but as I said.. ..Politics is a dangerous game my friend…

Political Stagnation and JLP Fact Finding Crime Tour
December 19th 2013 was a typical day for Jamaican politics… it was business as per usual for the members of the political class in both Political Parties and proof positive that Jamaica’s politics is as stagnated as the Jamaican economy.

If the leader of the opposition had announced after is Fact Find Crime Tour through the war torn streets of St. James, that he would like to meet with the Government to discuss the matter of crime and that he is prepared to elevate the issue of crime outside of the political arena as a matter of National Importance and in the National Interest then a star would have been born and I would have supported that man through thick and thin because he would have proved to every Jamaican that Andrew Holness was a different leader, a new charismatic, young,  innovative and dynamic Leader.

Instead the young Politician engaged the old, antiquated people in Government using his old antiquated head, the same tactics that we have been using since independence, the same tactics that brought us to where we are today, to this place in time and space. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, what accrued on December 19th 2013 between the Government and the opposition was disgusting and embarrassing, a Tit-For-Tat game of who-said-what-who-did-what-when-and-where which was like a ghetto tenement yard cussing in the National Media.

Opposition Leader Crime Free Compound!!

The Opposition fired of a public anti-PNP letter on crime, the Government responded with a public anti-JLP letter on crime and then the opposition fired off another anti-PNP letter on crime. These Tit-For-Tat anti-party letters were flying everywhere left, right and center. None of these letters were intended to address the issue of crime but to score cheap party political points at the expense of the country and the people being murdered. So we are no closer to a solution on crime because our political class cannot think or act outside of the box, they are set in stone with decades after Independence molding their minds to what it is today. ...Selfish, Small Minded, Greedy little Pricks!!

PNP Knickers in a Twist
As a result of the JLP publishing their anti-PNP crime letter, the PNP Government got their knickers in a right twist … If this issue of crime did not exist or was improving/trending down then the opposition would NOT have anything to be opportunistic about, so I am at a lost as to why the PNP got so upset. Crime is real and people are being killed, so JLP opportunism is the least of our concern, feeling safe and not having to worry about being killed is our concern. The PNP does NOT have a leg to stand on... with regards to the crime rate… You are the Government, so stop your damn bellyaching and get on with Fracking Job attacking the crime problem. If you had dealt with the problem then the paid opposition would have to find something else to complain about, some other issue that you are falling short on. Let me remind you all that it is the Job of the paid opposition to highlight the problems in our society and call out the Government on their failings that is why we pay them the big opposition bucks…

PNP=JLP=PNP=JLP..&& (Political Interest != National Interest)....
There really is no difference between the members of the JLP and the PNP, they are the same old, tired post-colonial types that have made this nation what it is today, however they did not do it alone and as far as I am concern the Political Class gets 20% of the blame, while 80% of the blame for the state of Jamaica Today belongs to the Jamaican people, "yes yu!! a yu mi talk, regardless of geographic location, a di whole a wi mash up this rass"... . These members of the political class will almost never make a decision based on the National Interest, they would never make the right decision but they have and will always make decisions based only on their own Political Interest. They have successfully, throughout the year’s being able to mask their Selfish, Greedy Political Interest to make it look like the National Interest, ..making the Gullible Jamaican People think that the Party's Political Interest and National Interest was one and the same and people would have to be complete idiots to believe that.... hahahahahaha....The Political Class and the Jamaican people are like peas in a pod, perfect for each other... Our Political, Educated and Business Class must wake up everyday and thank their lucky stars... because they luck out when it comes to the Trinket minded, money loving Jamaican People....

The North American Weapons of Death Dealerships
No one can deny that Jamaica is flooded with illegal Guns, which is everywhere in Jamaica, we have so much of the stuff. Jamaica does not manufacture guns but guns unlike food are not in short supply. The United States of America is doing her very best to keep Jamaica enriched, fully stocked with her illegal weapons of death. Constantly we hear on the news that barrels upon barrels of illegal weapons of death was found in containers shipped from the North American Death dealerships and yet we are powerless to do anything about it…. America is beyond reasoning, beyond approach, she does not care what affects us or how much of us must die daily for her to turn a profit on weapons but she will make sure that we look after her interest.  Jamaica must bend over backwards to protect the American boarders, we must prevent weed from leaving Jamaica and Jamaica must prevent the transshipment of hard drugs heading to America, while America does nothing to prevent her weapons of death reaching Jamaica and gladly turns a blind eye.

For a country so technologically advance, a country that can spot a pin on the moon, read a book on earth from space, send robots to mars and deploy her war machines in seconds, I fail to understand why she is so powerless to prevent illegal guns from leaving her ports and enter the ports of Jamaica or is this by design?  They will gladly tell you Guns do not kill people so it must be our fault but we cannot tell her that drugs do not hook people but people get hooked on drugs, so it is not our fault.

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