Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Auntie and the Handyman, In the Land of Wood and Bottle Water...

My Auntie hired a handyman to do various work around her house. On his first day on the Job he arrived very late with the excuse that he did not have any money for bus fare and had to borrow the money for it…

My Aunt then asked if he needed something to drink before starting work, tea, coffee, juice, water and he requested water. My aunt went into the house and returned with a tall glass of ice cold water to which Mr. Handyman asked… Is that Tap water or Bottled water? My Aunt declared that it was refrigerated tap water to which Mr. Handyman responded that “he does not drink tap water but only drinks Bottled water”.

My Aunt told him that she does not have any money to waste on bottled water especially since she is at home and that she drinks the refrigerated tap water because she finds nothing wrong with it since Jamaica’s water is not recycled but comes from various rivers, springs and underground streams. However she directed him to the nearest shop and told him he would then have to finance his own bottled water… So I said to her …if he had to borrow the bus fare, then it sounds like he also need to borrow the money to buy bottled water…. To me bottled water is something you get when you are not home, on the road and need to quench your thirst...

Produced In Jamaica
The factory is located in Newcastle in the famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica. 
Here, spring water is bottled at source and packaged under the Catherine’s Peak label, perfect when you are on the run and need a drink.

One can only hope that the bottled water he cannot afford but only drinks was locally produced and not imported, I am also sure he does not know the source of bottle water or care about the source… I remember a news report coming out of America that a bottle water company was filling up bottles with tap water… The case was against NestlĂ© Waters, which sells Ice Mountain and other popular U.S. bottled water brands, including Poland Spring, Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ozarka, Calistoga, Zephyrhills and NestlĂ© Pure Life and the charge was that the bottles contain filtered municipal tap water.. The company ultimately settled by agreeing to provide $8.05 million in consumer discounts and contributions and made $2.75 million in charitable donations, court records showed.

Imported Trinidad Garbage

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