Friday, January 3, 2014


 “For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." T.S. Elliot

Our body is a remarkable machine and if we observe the workings of the body with fascination, it helps us to see the bigger picture of life in nature.

Greek philosopher, Heraculutus compared the human body to a river. He said a river is a very mysterious thing. When you look at a river it looks the same to you in every second of its existence but in fact it's not the same river. He said you cannot step into the same river twice because new water flows in all the time. The physical bodies that you had a year ago, isn't the one the one you have now. The cells in our bodies are constantly dividing, regenerating, and dying, Your body makes between 11 and 13 million new cells every second.

You are regenerating yourself continually. Your skin renews itself every 2-4 weeks, your liver every 5 months, your red blood cells every 4 months, Intestinal cells change every 2 -3 days. Taste buds every 10 days. Even your bones completely regenerate themselves.

If you are in fact regenerating yourself every moment of every day, the end of each cycle signals an opportunity. An opportunity to create a stronger, healthier, more energetic, more conscious, happier, and more loving entity.

The earth also renews itself gradually over long stretches of time as well, and so does the elements in nature; water, soil and air.

Rebirth is necessary for evolution, but rebirth without evolution is crazy.

The cycles of nature shows the process of rebirth as a template for growth, decline and rest. You see a necessity for moving away from processes that no longer promote growth, but then after a period of development there is always decline then rest.

Year in, year out we make resolutions but rarely do these commitments stick.

This is because our resolutions sometimes reflect societal values and not our truest deep seated drives. Typically popular resolutions might be; losing weight, gaining more wealth, and travelling more, but if we haven’t reached the stage where we are ready to commit to these endeavors we won't succeed.

People change their ways because they want to change them or better yet, are moved to change them when the time is right/ripe. Change is usually gradual, it is not a process for the impatient. Success comes when all the right things are in place. We cannot FORCE change.

FORCING change is doomed to fail because it comes from a negative place and usually associates the solution with punishment. The resulting failure results in making negative judgments about ourselves and others, which is decidedly more destructive to our love of self.

I see people paying for memberships they don’t use, not giving their all in their training (“just going thru the motions”), and having no passion for their undertakings.


This year make a commitment first to loving yourself, you will see how over time this will mean making better lifestyle choices that promotes peace, love, health, happiness and prosperity not only for you, but for humanity and the entire planet.

Peace, Love, Health, Happiness And Prosperity
Happy New Year

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