Friday, March 14, 2014

My Public Opinionated, Facebook Account

I have always been an opinionated, social and political activist  for as long as I can remember,  I am from a family of opinionated, social and political activist …

I write almost everything under the Pen-name “InMyOwnWords”, I have been writing with this name long before Facebook was ever invented or thought possible, I use to write letters to various news organizations, to ministers of Government and various members of Jamaica’s Political class and so I saw no reason not to continue that tradition when I first created a Facebook account to associate with this blog. My inspiration for creating this pen-name came from the TV show Dark Angel, where Michael Weatherly who played the character Logan Cale an underground cyber-journalist with the alias “Eyes Only” fighting for truth and justice.

OK give me a second while I get the images of Jessica Alba’s Maxim shoot out of my blasted head…mmmmmm


Original Cindy is Max's Lesbian Friend

....OK Done!….

So my intentions for creating this pen-name long, long ago again before Facebook was even conceived and when Mark Zuckerberg was still in short pants was to be like “Eyes Only” and then the movie “V for Vendetta” hit the big screens and “InMyOwnWords” evolved. 

By this time I had lost all respect for Political parties, the entire political class, almost all of humanity, i definitely have no respect for countries, nationalities and world Governments, to me they were all not the solution of anything but the problem to everything, keeping up the same tired year in year out murdering Almshouse, consumed with greed, selfishness and full of cruelty towards their fellow man.

Having lost all respect for everything and everyone I began to tell anyone who would listen exactly what was on my mind, diplomacy was dead to me. My intentions for the “InMyOwnWords” Facebook account was never to make friends, this was not about collecting friends and sharing cute pictures, I did not want to share my personal life with anyone, I only wanted to share my raw opinions on the world while promoting social activism and I did not want anything to distract from that fact, my personal details was irrelevant and if anyone cared that much about it then they should have unfriended me and block me, it was simple as that.

However over the past couple months facebook started asking some people on my friend list about my profile and it seems some of the people who befriended me (again my original intention was not to have an account with friends) did not like my profile and informed facebook as such. This to me is puzzling because if a person did not like what I had to say or how my profile looked the solution was simple, unfriend and block me then they would never hear from me ever again. Facebook did not like my profile name and started trying to force me to makes changes to it simply because some so-called-Facebook-friends, did not like my profile and highlighted it to them, anyhow that day I was in a rush and quickly changed it to comply but realized that I hated what I changed it to.

I am sorry but that name was not me, I am “InMyOwnWords” or Words as some would call me, have been for a very long time and I am an opinionated social, environmental and political activist and since the new name sucked to no end, trust me it was total rubbish and Facebook was no longer allowing me to change it, I deleted the account all together without saying goodbye to 1 or 2 special people, I actually liked. It was not like they did not have my IP Address or I was not traceable and what is in a name, I could have given any normal sounding name, Sheriff John brown or Tony Montana, any normal sounding name but then they said that names should match credit card information… Match what? As if Facebook have anything I would want to buy.

To be honest I was kind of getting tired of being that public opinion animal on Facebook and also the constant request for personal details from both Facebook and ordinary users was getting on my last nerve. I have been trying to come to terms with that for a while now and was long considering deleting my “InMyOwnWords” Facebook account, however I would have liked to have done so on my own terms and not forced.I am not the type of person to open up my personal life to others nor do I feel the need to explore the lives of other people... I like to deal with things from a higher level but Social Media seems to be about leaving your guts all over the internet, from planking to twerking...

InMyOwnWords” made a lot of friends but “InMyOwnWords” also made loads of enemies, I often wondered why political diehards befriended me or engaged me in a debate knowing well and good that I say, what I say, because it is what I believe not because of any allegiance to any particular party or allegiance to any country or person, I have long since passed that stage of my life. They often get upset because I do not say what they want me to say, to take their pro or anti party/country position. So I get accused of being bias towards one party or the other. When PNP diehards accuse me of being JLP and JLP diehards accuse me of being PNP, then I know I am right where I want to be. The most important thing to me, is for me, to be true to myself, I cannot say or support a position simply because that is your position or the popular position, unless you can logically prove to me that my position is wrong but I do not exist to please anyone..... bugger dat!...

Then there are those people who want to tell me how my profile should look and what to say, …WTF, my profile, my business and your profile is your business, I post what I like and I use whatever profile picture I like. I would never go on another person’s profile and question what they post or how their profile looked, I do not care that much. If a person posts something that I do not want to see, normally something I consider graphic then I quickly select the hide post option and move on, as simple as that, no need to question them, to inquire “why did you post that?” because I really do not care. Some people are just control freaks and I have no time to be controlled by anyone. Who cares if you do not understand my love of Gothic/Industrial art, that is not my problem, if it bothers you that much, then ....unfriend and block me, it is as simple as that.

Peer Pressure
In school I was never one to succumb to peer pressure, no one could get me to do what I did not want to do. They use to call me all sort of names, simply because I would not conform the social conventions and follow the herd. I am not the type of person who seek other peoples approval. It is basically how I am today. I have my views, my opinion and my own belief system and unless you can supply me with the logic to change my mind then you are wasting your time… I am also not one who has to be right all the time, I will be the first to admit when I get something wrong and stand corrected, that is what life is all about, growing and learning.

I get a lot of slack from people because I have a Facebook profile which does not contain any personal information. Not that I care what they think or say. I consider the account in question a pen profile, just like a writer would have a pen name, hey if Samuel Langhorne Clemens AKA “Mark Twain" can have a pen name, then why can’t I. The state of my account is my business and I will share enough of myself as I deem necessary or is comfortable with. In any case this account is not about my personal life but about the world I live in and what I have to say about it. My socio-economic opinions only and I want nothing else to distract from that fact. In any case I am sure the NSA and GCHQ Prism know exactly who I am.

We live in a world where everyone is being spied on, every piece of data is being captured and analyzed where the authorities must know what everyone is saying, doing and where everyone is, it is the reality of life. Some will say it is because we are living in more dangerous times but I believe there is a lot of money to be made in dangerous times and as such it is in some entities interest to have more dangerous times.

Take for example the American prison system, it is no surprise that by privatizing their prison system the number of people in prisons quadrupled as more people become expandable, engineered and destined for the Big House, simply because it is in some entities interest to have more people in prison, Mo Heads, Mo Money. Our Societies are now engineered only for profit as they try to justify everything because it is profitable, if you privatize wars, then there will be more wars.

The British Empire was not created from a standing army but from private Armies as various private trading companies was authorized to create their own armies and take what they want. Also Privateers were private persons or ships authorized by a government by letters of marque to attack foreign vessels for profit. Privateering was a way of mobilizing armed ships and sailors without having to spend treasury resources or commit naval officers and allowing private people to make a tidy profit out of death and destruction. So it was then and so it is today……

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  1. Come on this is easy: make a facebook PAGE not a profile. Like mine