Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Grand High School Reunion

For some time now we have been planning our High School Reunion, this year we made a decision that we were not getting any younger and seeing that some of the news we have been hearing about our old high school friends have been too good, we made the decision to have this grand get together over the annual High School Girls and Boys Championship week.

Currently we have friends booked to fly in from almost every continent, all landing at different dates and times, so the logistics needs to be worked out and this involves lots of time on the phone, texting and "Facebooking", who is going to pick up whom and where is every one going to stay and then there is the planning of various get together over the time period. The main date for everything is the final day of the Boys and Girls Championship to be followed by the after party, then on Sunday it will be beach day, fish, festival and beer then finally Sunday night will be the Ray Town oldies get together after which everyone disperse back to their home countries and families.

I am really looking forward to this since it will be nice to see the boys again, to catch up on life and talk about the good old days and remembering the friends we have lost along the way. It will also give some of us boys the opportunity to settle various petite rubbish differences we have had over the years, to bury the hatchet and move on with life, it makes no sense to continue what little life we have left keeping up almshouse.

we have secured 25 Champs tickets!


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