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Americans will never like Football (soccer)?

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Sarah Palin says you are a Terrorist Lover because you like Football..
I just wanted to drop you a line, to let you know that I am sick and tired of your constant bitching, whining, moaning and groaning about “Why Americans will never like football (soccer)”. It seems every blasted time the World Cup is on, you Muppets feel the need to take to social media and the news media to bombard the rest of the football loving planet with your spam like articles telling us “Why Americans will not like football (soccer)”. It seems that you really think that the rest of this planet actually gives a damn if the USA like or does not like football (soccer).

I would like to inform you, in case you do not already know that we the football playing people of planet earth "well at least myself and almost everyone I know", do not care if you like or dislike football (soccer). As a matter of fact what you like or dislike is irrelevant to us, Americans do not validate or bring any additional credibility to the “Beautiful Game” of football (soccer) so why then are you constantly bitching and griping about it to us? If you do not like it then do not watch it or even play it.

Sarah Palin's says This person is Anti-American and love Terrorist because she likes Football.
Throughout this 2014 World Cup campaign my Facebook wall was bombarded with articles after articles declaring that “Americans Don't Love Soccer”. Then that brainless all-American idiot Sarah Palin decided to add her two cents to the debate, making statements like “American soccer fans love terrorists“, “Soccer is Un-American” and “Only Immigrants watch Soccer”.

Then it was that zombie like Eva Braun of the Republican Party, Ann Coulter turn to have her anti-soccer go: "Real Americans hate soccer, No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer"
Ann Coulter: Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay
A quick internet search showed pages after pages of articles all declaring that Americans do not like soccer but for a sport you do not like you certainly seem very obsessed with it. If I do not like something then I never give it the light of day, I go about my business as if it does not exist. For example there is not one American Sports that I can say I like, simply because when it comes to sports, I have a very short attention span of about, let’s say around 90 minutes, which for me equates to about 4 pints of Real Ale not that watered down rubbish you Muppet drink. Normally two in the first half and two in the second and as such I could never watch one of your 3 to 4 hours event with back to back commercials (there is nothing I hate more than commercials), not to mention your sporting event with a halftime concern that seems way more important that the blasted game itself plus I would never actually write an entire article declaring why the world will never like an American sports simply because I do not care what other people or other countries like.

Ann Coulter: nation's moral decay

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Another thing, why spend so much money to broadcast World Cup only to have your commentators constantly bitch and moan about every aspect of the game. They complained non-stop about the weather, they complained non-stop about the need for water breaks, and then they complained about the use of penalty to end a match, saying they should play the match again on another day until someone wins. They have been complaining about the need for goal like technology which was implemented for the 2014 World Cup but was not needed but that did not stop them from broadcasting the goal that even a blind man could see went across the line and into the net from the point of view of the goal line technology, it was over kill but you still had the need to prove to us that if it was one of those did-it or didn't-it go in goals the tech would work. 

An idiot commentator on an American channel expressed his disappointment and dislike of the world cup trophy. He stated that for such a big event it should have a big trophy…. He obviously knows the price of everything and the true value of absolutely nothing…. Even if the trophy was a dried up piece of cow shit, it is the accomplishment of winning the title as the world’s number one that is of value… But these days, if it is not bling then it must have no value… 203 countries entered the world cup and there can be Only One!!

Processed Cheesy Products! 
Almost everything that Americans complain about and demanded was designed to extend to the playing time of the match so they can sell more commercial time, during one water break ESPN was able to sell that slot with back to back mini-commercials. Why would anyone want fat money grubbing corporation executives who knows nothing about the sport and have lost all ability to enjoy anything it is pure form, to dictate how their game is played.  That is why you all end up sitting in front of the television stuffing your fat asses with GMO processed food.

One person declared that “There's only one real reason why soccer might not make it in the US. No time for commercial breaks on TV. It's a money loser. No TV, it dies on the vine”…. Now I am confused by this  because I hate commercials and I thought everyone else hated it too since it got in the way of your entertainment, so saying it will not make it in America without commercial breaks tells me that as a people you are sick in the bloody head. If you need commercials breaks to make a sport enjoyable and popular, you certainly drank the Corporation Kool-Aid. Maybe Americans like commercials because it gives them more chances to get more processed cheesy products to stuff their faces... I just don't know.

203 countries entered the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so you can keep your “World Series” which is just you and 1 team from Canada, if I am not mistaking. In a couple months all these 203 countries will start the 2018 World Cup Qualification process all over again, with everyone trying to make it to the final 32 in 2018 and if the USA do not like football (soccer) then they should drop out, stop complaining and make it 202. You will not be missed because football (soccer) is number one in almost every country on the face of this planet and that is without the back to back commercial breaks for bloodsucking corporations, ...imagine that.

I was able to attend a couple New York Red Bull MLS matches a few years ago but left disappointed having attended Premiere League matches in the UK and matches in Jamaica. MLS was a boring experience for me, there was one organized cheering section that the TV cameras focused on to provide a sense of atmosphere to the TV viewers at home and that was a tiny part of the stadium, no singing, no cheering by the rest of the stadium who just sat around stuffing their fat faces with processed cheesy products and watered down beer, there was no passion, no love for the club and the players.

My friends and I tried to get the singing and cheering going, "Who are you! Who are you but there was no home and away sections and people with their mouths stuffed with processed cheesy products just looked at us funny. I also went to a NY Knicks and a NY Yankee game but was bored out of my frigging skull on both occasions and left very early, I think after about 90 minutes since there was more standing around than playing. If real world class footy is failing in America then it is your own damn fault because you are trying to convert Football into baseball or "American Football/Rugby", real footy is a passionate, free spirited Animal... Another thing I hate is that you have a static league, no 3-up and 3-down, the same blasted clubs every single year, no giant killers, no under dogs to turn the establishment upside down... boring!!!

Now do not get me wrong, I do not mind the United States joining the party and having fun, the more the merrier, all is welcome. At one point during the 2014 World cup I was actually happy for and rooting for the USA because I like it when the underdogs make a real fight of it and turn the establishment upside down but then I started listening to and reading your anti-football chatter and it turned me off to no end, amazingly even when you had pro-football chatter it came across as anti-football, after which I wanted the USA out of the World Cup, “exist stage left”, anything to stop your good vibes killing chatter. Why is America so insecure, it is like, if you like football then you may lose your soul, you may stop being an American. Why are you afraid to embrace the planet?

Ian Darke and Steve McManaman on @ESPNFC are the worse Football commentators known to man and in the history of all sports. Listening to these two is like watching an episode of “One foot In the Grave” They are the Victor Meldrew of Football Commentating… Constantly complaining, whining, Whinging, moan and groaning, the quintessential miserable Brits.

Now here is a true American sport, as American as apple pie, something Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter would embrace… Hot Dog eating Contest

MLS Attendance Up 6% Before World Cup Break; Toronto FC Up 18% At BMO Field

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