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Jamaica Is NOT a British Penal/Prison Colony


    First let’s clear up a few facts:
  1. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that the United Kingdom of Great Britain have a sovereign right to decide who should or should not stay in or visit the UK. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  2. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to deport anyone they do not want in their country. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  3. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that it is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to arrest and imprisons any Jamaican nationals who break British Laws. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  4. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that it is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to arrest and imprisons then later deport any Jamaican nationals who break British Laws. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  5. The vast majority of Jamaicans also understand that it is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to detain and deport any Jamaican national who break British Laws. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye

What we do not understand and will never see eye to eye on, why is it Jamaica’s responsibility to further incarcerate the deported Jamaicans nationals at the Jamaican tax payer’s expense even though those nationals did not break any Jamaican laws? They broke British Laws, was Sentenced in a British Court and as such are British Prisoners because to be a Jamaican Prisoner they must break Jamaican laws. Jamaica is not a British Prison Colony!!! They Broke British Laws, Sentence in a British Court but you want them to serve their time in a Jamaican Prison at Jamaican tax payer’s expense so you can save 10 Million pounds a year... If that is not taking the Piss then I do not know what is...

Dodgy Dave

Jamaica has no problem or choice accepting the genuine Jamaicans that you deport back to Jamaica, the USA and Canada is doing just that, they both might imprison law breaking Jamaicans for a specific amount of time and then directly deport them but they do not ask us to finance their imprisonment. But you do not want to do that, you want to sentence them to prison in Jamaica at Jamaican tax payers expense. It is amazing that when the United Kingdom of Great Britain is short teachers and nurses you are not afraid to raid our country and take what little resources we have.  Britain have no problem 'ransacking' Jamaica of teachers and nurses who have been trained at tax payers expense and again just like after the war they fly out to assist the Mother country in her hour of need leaving behind their homeland to suffer.

Let us try to understand these figures by examining meal related expenditure. If it costs $400 per day to feed a prisoner in Jamaica and 300 prisoners are sent to Jamaica under this arrangement, it will cost the taxpayers of this country approximately $44 million annually. ($400 x 300 x 365 days). An additional 30 correctional officers to man the new prison, each earning J$1.2 million in salary, will cost us a further J$36 million annually. So I am theorising that the people of Jamaica can expect a further recurrent expenditure of approximately $150 - $200 million annually to operate and maintain this new prison facility. The UK will spend put up 40% to build the prison which is £25 million of the cost to build the prison, Jamaica must find 60%. This will Cost u$

Jamaica owes the world financial community a lot of money, Jamaica is having trouble maintaining its education and healthcare sectors. Jamaica is even have trouble finding water to drink during this period of drought and it is OK that you do not care one way or the other but now you are adding to our hardship by insisting that we subsidize your prison system using the meager funds at our disposal. It is times like these that I wonder why we have the grand title of The Monarchy of Jamaica, why we still have the English Queen as Queen of Jamaica or Queen to the right of Jamaica and why the English Queen is still Jamaica’s Head of State.

Over 5,700 Britons are arrested overseas on various offenses each year. British nationals represents just under 40 per cent of the 176 foreigners in Jamaican prisons. At the end of March 2015, there were 26 British nationals in prisons in Jamaica.

Foreigners in Jamaican prisons 2012-2014
British 68
Americans 16
Canadians 12
Dutch 9
Guyanese 6
Trinidadians 5
Others 60
Total 176

One-way prisoner exchange programme with the UK

Now to add Insult to Injury:

“PRIME Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) David Cameron yesterday announced a package of British investments in its former Caribbean colonies as he sought regional support for his plan to boost his country's exports.

Cameron admitted in a speech to a joint sitting of both Houses of Jamaica's Parliament, at Gordon House, that his Government's target is to boost UK exports around the world, including the Caribbean, to £1 trillion by 2020.”

You now want us to import your crap!!! I would tell David Cameron to go have relations with a dead pig but by what I am hearing from the British media he already did. #PigGate

West Indies Caribbean women part of Britain's Auxiliary Territorial Service during WWII

 The Caribbean Regiment During The Second World War, 1st Battalion

The British West Indies Regiment in camp before the Battle of the Somme in 1916
Jamaicans Fought for King/Queen and Mother Country

According to the latest UK Home Office figures, police recorded 52,528 hate crimes in 2014-15, up from 44,471 in 2013-14. More than 80 per cent were categorised as race hate crimes, with others involving religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender victims. 816 Islamophobic offences recorded across UK capital  - up over 70% on last year - with women wearing veils most vulnerable.

This Is Britain!

Weekly Racist, Nazi Hate Marches Up and Down the High Streets of Britain!

Xeynophobia Gone Mad



Neo-Nazi, Right Wing Crazy

The Mother Country is heartless and Ruthless!

  • Britain Leave the EU
  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should leave the UK
  • Dissolve the Commonwealth with each country removing the Queen as head of State and become a Republic.
  • England Stand alone.   

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Humanity and InHumanity, is one and the same

One of the main difference between some people I know and myself, is that some people I know still have hope in humanity, still believe in humanity and still have faith in humanity, they still believe that Humanity can change and they can help change Humanity. Even after all their years on this planet and after going through centuries of human history. I am shocked that some people still believe that human beings are going to change, be more loving, more caring, more peaceful and coexist in harmony and I am still wondering why, which planet have you been living on? Yes we can find good decent individuals but as a people we are destined for more of the same, more mass violence and a vicious cycle of self-destruction.

How can you still believe and my question to you is what are you seeing that I am not seeing? I am very happy for you to tell me that I am blind and not looking deeper and for you to show me the error of my ways and make me see a light at the end of the tunnel but trust me when I say I am at a complete lost. I have observed man’s behaviour, I have studied the history of man and I bear witness to the current affairs of man and all I see is the human animals trying to find an excuse to kill each other and to murder each other with glee. There is no time in the history of humanity that we have lived in harmony for any extended period of time. Human beings have always and will always try to wipe out other human beings and over the most trivial things.

This current generation is no more civilized than the generation before it, we are no more civilised than our ancestors as we continue to try and find different ways to commit the same barbaric and uncivilized acts against each other. As I write this humans are trying to figure out ways to murder other humans both on an individual level and a societal level, using historically tested, tried and true sick twisted reasoning that has been used many times in our history. Humanity have not developed any new reasons to slaughter each other, we just recycle the same old reasons while finding more efficient ways to slaughter more people wholesale. Yes I am very pessimistic when it comes to humanity but I have good reason to be because I have the history humanity on my side.

I am not a religious person and by my observation the human concept of religion is the root of almost all evil and the number one reason we use to justify wholesale murder of the humanity. The most ironic word I have heard is the word humanity often use to express kindness as is “where is your humanity” because inhumanity and humanity are one and the same thing, they mean the same thing … Death, Destruction, Greed and Selfishness.

This world will end, man will be eliminated from the face of this planet, doomsday will come but it will not come from a mythical all powerful entity in the sky, it will come at the hands of man, we will not stop until we have achieved our ultimate goal, we do not need outside help for this to happen. Man must kill man because we are genetically predisposed to accomplishing this task. Our history and mythology is filled with two human beings where one turn around and kill the other, it is littered with Cain and Abel which to me symbolises the interrelationship between humanity.

So yes am pessimistic about humanity and I have no faith in people but I am also tired of our bullshit attempts to rationalise and reason away our disgusting behaviour of murder, death and destruction. I have been listening to our excuses for decades now and as a student of history I have read past excuses as to why villages, cities and towns full of people had to be exterminated. We will not change because we enjoy ...Death, Destruction

It always amazes me that the people throughout history the people who declared themselves to be the most civilized, cultured and who declare other people savages and primitives, are always the ones to carry out the most uncivilized, inhumane acts in human history against the so called savages and primitives. It is as if being more civilized is a one way ticket to bringing death and destruction to the rest of humanity in the most savage and primitive way. As soon as one country gets the advantage it sets out to slaughter other countries and take what they have.

The refugee situation in Europe is alarming and getting worst as the days goes by and there seems to be no let up on the hordes of people fleeing the now destabilized, war-torn Middle East for the safety of Europe.  This is a direct result of the US and UK shock and awing the Middle East a decade ago into democracy because before the invasions and destabilization and all the speeches about being greeted as liberators, the migrant numbers were just a trickle. It is also retarded to think this amount of people is fleeing their country just for British benefits because that no longer holds true. Their initial reason for leaving their homeland is fear of death thanks to Western intervention. 80% of Syrians live in poverty and 64.7% in extreme poverty, the education system has collapsed, unemployment is at 57.7%, economic losses total $202.6 billion and more than half of the population has been displaced. The estimated average lifespan in Syria fell by more than 20 years from 75.9 years in 2010 to 55.7 years at the end of 2014 with 310,000 killed.

Even more shocking is that what is happening in Europe is almost never reported in the USA, it does not make the nightly news and the vast majority of Americans are unaware and most don’t care. This situation, this mass migration, this human suffering was created by bad UK and American Foreign Policy with the USA thinking they can Nation Build but what is even more shocking is that the United Kingdom was a willing participant in this flawed process and out of all the countries in the world, Britain is more experience and should know better since they have had enough failures to know what not to do. 

Everyone can remember how we got to this point and why we are now in this situation, American Patriotism and Nationalism coupled with a blood lust for revenge after 9/11, then throw in the very profitable military industrial complex and what we have here is a disaster of crisis proportion.  We remember the French opposition to the invasion and we remember America’s attempt to demonize the French for it, throwing French wine in gutter and renaming French fries to freedom fires with some burning French flags and protesting out of French embassy but the French will be on the right side of History for their stand. We remember the speeches, the cries of crusade as the religious right believes that this is required for the second coming. I also remember Bush’s “with us or against us” speech and the naming of the Axis of Evil. I remember when the Americans were having trouble convincing Western Europe  so they declared them to be old irrelevant Europe while the Eastern bloc countries that supported the American illegal wars was regarded as new Europe...  So how much refugees will the United States take?

Have you ever wondered why during zombie apocalypse movies the greatest threat to human life is not the brain eating zombies but other humans? In fact the brain eating zombies are nothing but a nuisance. Life follows art.

During natural disasters some humans attack other humans out of selfishness, greed and a sense of entitlement. Take for example the first New York City blackout, humans ran wild as they try to take advantage of other humans. We often see this behaviour during hurricanes and other disasters around the world, every man for himself and to hell with the rest of you, looting, robbery and murder.

Visit any prepper’s web site and one quickly realise that preppers spend a lot of time making plans for protection against other human beings. So if you wake up tomorrow and find out we are in the middle of a brain eating zombie apocalypse your chances of survival would be better if you ignore the brain eating zombies and shoot the humans in the head.

Iraq Body Count
219,000 Killed 

Wednesday 2 September: 22 killed
Baghdad: 7 killed by IEDs.
Hamam al-Alil: 4 executed.
Fallujah: 5 in air strikes.
Khalis: 4 by car bomb.
Baquba: 2 by gunfire.

Tuesday 1 September: 18 killed
Makhoul: 11 killed in air strikes.
Baghdad: 7 by IEDs, gunfire.

Monday 31 August: 38 killed
Baghdad: 8 by gunfire, IEDs; 3 bodies.
Baiji: 5 policemen in clashes; 4 burnt alive.
Rutbah: 7 executed for demonstrating.
Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Basra: 4 killed for organising protests.
Fallujah: 1 by mortars.
Suq: 1 policeman in clashes.
Khalidiya: 2 by mortars.
Baquba: 1 body.
Mukhisa: 1 by gunfire.
Yusufiya: 1 policeman by IED.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jamaica’s Yearly Drought - Permaculture and Sustainability

There are two major factors that is guaranteed to affect economic growth and our standard of living, these two things affect us almost every year, at the same time. The effects of hurricane and drought on the Jamaican economy and society are well known and expected. It is not if the island will experience a storm, hurricane and/or a drought but more a matter of when the island will be affected by these two things, it is inevitable because of our geographic location.  It is inevitable regardless of which Political Party is in power at the time, both the PNP and the JLP are powerless to stop the events and only use them as excuse about why we have not achieved growth. Growth was always this close... if it was not for the Hurricane or the drought.

The Political Class long and short term solution... pathetic

Political Class and Technocratic Incompetence

There is very little we can do about storms and Hurricanes except prepare the very best we can and hope that the ride we are taken on by mother nature, is smooth with little destruction and that most of us make it out alive with our houses intact. However with regard to drought it is another story, yes we cannot control Mother Nature, we cannot make it rain, we do not have that power but what we do have some control over is putting in place measures to minimize the effects of the yearly drought during the dry season by taking certain actions during the rainy season and in Jamaica the drought and rainy season comes back to back. What amazes me is that in the face of certain suffering resulting from the yearly drought, we have done almost nothing to minimize the suffering it causes, except complain, which fixes nothing. It stands to reason that most of what we are going through at the moment is self-inflicted, we are doing this to ourselves because of our inaction.

Also please spare me the rubbish about political parties, when the JLP was in power they did nothing about it and instead waste our time with some grand over the top LNG project that never saw the light of day and since the PNP was elected they have also done nothing about it but instead waste our time with over the top 380 megawatt power plants and rare earth metal projects that have not seen the light of day and never will.

Politicians love to talk and love to hear themselves talk.. Telling us the same things over and over again makes them feel important and impress upon us... What you are saying is NOT new and been with us from the start of time itself. In all that talking you will not implement anything...

Summer Merriment and the Yearly Drought

In 2009 Government licensed 17,600 entertainment events and in 2014 Government licensed 24,000 entertainment events with 66% of the events were street Dances.

This incompetence however does not stop with our political class, although there are those among us who sleep better at night placing 100% of the blame on the politicians and in between our constant complaining, our merriment loving and poverty screaming people spend their time borrowing money to attend weekend long merriment events we have done nothing by way of public activism for the greater good, we are not Nation Builder but destroyer of societies.

Why go to a water Party with Shower caps
During last year’s drought and in between the constant complaining, Jamaicans kept the most water parties and defended these water parties even though the dam was almost empty and no water was coming out of the pipes, reason for our over the top merriment making..  "a requirement to survive hard times". This year’s drought is no exception as the amount of foam, water parties and week end long merriment have reached record levels. The party lending company “Sprint Financial Services Limited” boasted that borrowing to attend summer merriment was at a record high and during the summer alone the company lend upwards of $2.5 million (and still tallying) in loans, were disbursed to party-goers, a whopping 56 per cent increase from last year, such is the extend of my people’s suffering that they must borrow to attend merriment events.

The company said “On average, we disburse $30,000 per person for a loan. The funds are then reimbursed through salary deductions, and 50 per cent of our clients have opted to use guarantors in order to secure loans” …Someone actually co-signed for these loans so that careless people can enjoy their nightly merriment.

The Island of Jamaica is not short of water, we have more than enough water to satisfy our demands even through our periods of drought. However what Jamaica is short of is insight, Jamaica lacks the ability to seriously plan and implement plans based on forecasting in the interest of human development. Jamaica lacks the ability to manage its own water resources and as I type this a large percentage of our ground water is simply running out to sea.

Our current water harvesting techniques was put in place at the turn of the 19th century, long time ago to solve early 19th century problems, to satisfy the needs of 19th century population but since then our population has increase and on the move and as such our needs have also changed, we are demanding more water but our harvesting abilities have not changed to meet that demand. 

We know drought is coming, we know we will go through water lock offs, we know the drought will affect our ability to grow our economy and still we have done next to nothing to prepare for the yearly drought but mark my words when I say the planners of the summer merriment are already planning next year’s season of merriment activities and party loans will increase over this year’s borrowings.

Turn Your Hand Make fashion – Water Harvesting
I was walking up Jacks Hill the other day when I came across a leaking fire hydrant which was dripping at about 1 drip per second, 60 drips per minute, that is 3,600 drips per hour, which is 86,400 drips per day which translates to 31,536,000 drips per year and apparently the person who lived beside that dripping fire hydrant must have also done the math because through a stroke of simplistic genius this is what he did to capture that drip of water and channel it into his yard. This to me represents everything about Permaculture, sustainability and self-reliance that I love. 60 drips per minute is about 8.64 gallons per day, which is 258.2 gallons per month(30 days) and 3,153.6 gallons per year of wasted water from that one leaking fire hydrant.

Most people who know me, know that I am fascinated by the concept and practice of Permaculture, which at its core is the concept of sustainability and self-reliance, in which water harvesting, recycling and reuse plays a big part, water security goes hand in hand with food security. Permaculture brings with it a sustainable way of looking at our consumption and usage patterns as well as identifying in nature where we can best utilize natures natural resources. Permaculture design always starts with identifying the best ways to access water to satisfy our needs. If one is going to buy a property, let’s say a farm then the first thing that must come to mind is an independent water source because without it you are certainly buggered.

A lot of our rain water is wasted with regards to human consumption, I would say about 80% of our rain water is lost. With regards to our garden we want rain water to enter our soil, instead of running off into street gutters and we strive to design landscapes that allows for maximum rainwater absorption. What we want here is to control the flow of water in and around our space, if we are in control then we can decide how best to use this water, nothing should be left to chance. Roof tops should be designed with water channeling in mind, we want to control where that water goes once it is on our roof and where it comes off the roof to be stored in cisterns for use or directed to into the garden soil.

A lot of people in Jamaica are not waiting for the Government to solve their water issues and are taking matters into their own hands. They are designing and implementing various water harvesting techniques and features. Our roofs are lined with gutters in an attempt to capture and control the water runoffs and at every exit point we have pipes that leads into a plastic barrels positioned around the house. The ultimate goal is to link up all the gutters to channel the water to a central location serviced by 6 or more barrels in the same place and when one barrel fills the water runs off into the adjoining barrel with the main barrel used for natural filtration making sure we have clean water.

Even the yard is designed to control the flow of water, levels are used to control water runoffs and channels dug to direct the water to storage pits or just to areas of the yard that does not get enough water. If water is going to leave the yard then it is only allowed to leave the yard after you have used and reused it for primary or secondary purposes. Rain water can be channeled back into the house and use to flush toilets or for drinking if filtered properly.

The bathroom face basin is another point where water is wasted, the water going into a face basin is almost never contaminated because we use it to do trivial things like wash our hands after using the loo, wash our faces or brush our teeth. That water can be channeled into the toilet tank for flushing or captured in barrels for watering the plants as the soap in the water can be used to control a wide range of plant pests. The dishwasher uses a large amount of water that normally just enter the sewage but the dishwasher can empty’s the water into a series of barrels and that water is recycled, used for secondary purposes.

This is our simple set up, designed to capture water from the basin for watering plants, however the extraction hose can also be placed into the toilet tank for flushing the toilet with waste water.
Water use to water plants or flush the Loo
 The recycling possibilities in one’s home is endless but not every Jamaican cares about sustainability, there is a certain section of our society, usually the ones who scream poverty the loudest, do not think about sustainability, recycling and reuse because to them screaming poverty is an excuse not to. A lot of these people have decided they do not have to think because they stand by their principles that Government “A-fi” must look after them, give them stuff.

Most of these people have a well established/developed sense of entitlement and they represent the waste in our society, these are the people who throw garbage on the ground and then complain that Government not cleaning up after them fast enough. Water is constantly being wasted across Jamaica, fire hydrants and pipes left open and their justification for this is that Nation Water Commission are all thieves anyway, not realizing that they are not hurting a company but hurting themselves. These people can cause the most damage and scream poverty and oppression the loudest then demand Government must come fix it, such is the carelessness of their existence.

One of the many barrels we have around the house
I have found that people in richer, more developed first world countries with a higher standard of living are more inclined to adopt sustainable way of living than people in the developing third world and Jamaica is a perfect example of that. Which makes me wonder why people with the least and who lives closer to nature have a bigger sense of entitlement than people in richer countries. We are the first to turn our backs on tried and true traditional sustainable ways, which is what my aunt’s gardener did when he informed her that he does not drink water from the pipe but prefers bottled water, even though he could not even afford the bus fare to come to work. Jamaica in the 50’s and the 60’s was much more sustainable than Jamaica in 2015 but we were sustainable not because we wanted to be but because we had to be, it was just the way things were.

However we have defined those days as the dark backwards days, never to be repeated and these days as modern even though these modern, pretentious times is not sustainable to us or beneficial to Jamaica and the planet. 

Portland residents can now generate green electricity simply by turning on their water taps and flushing their toilets. Fast Company reports that the Oregon city is using a state-of-the art system to capture energy from water flowing through the city’s pipelines.

The entire sustainable movement came about because we have seen modern time and found it wasteful and lacking. We realized that as a people we cannot continue to live this non sustainable lifestyle, it simply will not last, it is self-destructive and counterproductive. We have identified some past practices as the most beneficial way of existing, some by applying modern development to them as in the case of using solar energy. As a people we need to start thinking and acting out of the box, moving closer to nature and seeing value in simple things.

Persons await their turn to get water from a truck in Annotto Bay, St Mary on Tuesday. (PHOTO: EVERARD OWEN)

After two days of Rainfall

Nine Miles water catchment area for the village

Drip Irrigation System

No Gutter, No Control, Wasted water