Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Humanity and InHumanity, is one and the same

One of the main difference between some people I know and myself, is that some people I know still have hope in humanity, still believe in humanity and still have faith in humanity, they still believe that Humanity can change and they can help change Humanity. Even after all their years on this planet and after going through centuries of human history. I am shocked that some people still believe that human beings are going to change, be more loving, more caring, more peaceful and coexist in harmony and I am still wondering why, which planet have you been living on? Yes we can find good decent individuals but as a people we are destined for more of the same, more mass violence and a vicious cycle of self-destruction.

How can you still believe and my question to you is what are you seeing that I am not seeing? I am very happy for you to tell me that I am blind and not looking deeper and for you to show me the error of my ways and make me see a light at the end of the tunnel but trust me when I say I am at a complete lost. I have observed man’s behaviour, I have studied the history of man and I bear witness to the current affairs of man and all I see is the human animals trying to find an excuse to kill each other and to murder each other with glee. There is no time in the history of humanity that we have lived in harmony for any extended period of time. Human beings have always and will always try to wipe out other human beings and over the most trivial things.

This current generation is no more civilized than the generation before it, we are no more civilised than our ancestors as we continue to try and find different ways to commit the same barbaric and uncivilized acts against each other. As I write this humans are trying to figure out ways to murder other humans both on an individual level and a societal level, using historically tested, tried and true sick twisted reasoning that has been used many times in our history. Humanity have not developed any new reasons to slaughter each other, we just recycle the same old reasons while finding more efficient ways to slaughter more people wholesale. Yes I am very pessimistic when it comes to humanity but I have good reason to be because I have the history humanity on my side.

I am not a religious person and by my observation the human concept of religion is the root of almost all evil and the number one reason we use to justify wholesale murder of the humanity. The most ironic word I have heard is the word humanity often use to express kindness as is “where is your humanity” because inhumanity and humanity are one and the same thing, they mean the same thing … Death, Destruction, Greed and Selfishness.

This world will end, man will be eliminated from the face of this planet, doomsday will come but it will not come from a mythical all powerful entity in the sky, it will come at the hands of man, we will not stop until we have achieved our ultimate goal, we do not need outside help for this to happen. Man must kill man because we are genetically predisposed to accomplishing this task. Our history and mythology is filled with two human beings where one turn around and kill the other, it is littered with Cain and Abel which to me symbolises the interrelationship between humanity.

So yes am pessimistic about humanity and I have no faith in people but I am also tired of our bullshit attempts to rationalise and reason away our disgusting behaviour of murder, death and destruction. I have been listening to our excuses for decades now and as a student of history I have read past excuses as to why villages, cities and towns full of people had to be exterminated. We will not change because we enjoy ...Death, Destruction

It always amazes me that the people throughout history the people who declared themselves to be the most civilized, cultured and who declare other people savages and primitives, are always the ones to carry out the most uncivilized, inhumane acts in human history against the so called savages and primitives. It is as if being more civilized is a one way ticket to bringing death and destruction to the rest of humanity in the most savage and primitive way. As soon as one country gets the advantage it sets out to slaughter other countries and take what they have.

The refugee situation in Europe is alarming and getting worst as the days goes by and there seems to be no let up on the hordes of people fleeing the now destabilized, war-torn Middle East for the safety of Europe.  This is a direct result of the US and UK shock and awing the Middle East a decade ago into democracy because before the invasions and destabilization and all the speeches about being greeted as liberators, the migrant numbers were just a trickle. It is also retarded to think this amount of people is fleeing their country just for British benefits because that no longer holds true. Their initial reason for leaving their homeland is fear of death thanks to Western intervention. 80% of Syrians live in poverty and 64.7% in extreme poverty, the education system has collapsed, unemployment is at 57.7%, economic losses total $202.6 billion and more than half of the population has been displaced. The estimated average lifespan in Syria fell by more than 20 years from 75.9 years in 2010 to 55.7 years at the end of 2014 with 310,000 killed.

Even more shocking is that what is happening in Europe is almost never reported in the USA, it does not make the nightly news and the vast majority of Americans are unaware and most don’t care. This situation, this mass migration, this human suffering was created by bad UK and American Foreign Policy with the USA thinking they can Nation Build but what is even more shocking is that the United Kingdom was a willing participant in this flawed process and out of all the countries in the world, Britain is more experience and should know better since they have had enough failures to know what not to do. 

Everyone can remember how we got to this point and why we are now in this situation, American Patriotism and Nationalism coupled with a blood lust for revenge after 9/11, then throw in the very profitable military industrial complex and what we have here is a disaster of crisis proportion.  We remember the French opposition to the invasion and we remember America’s attempt to demonize the French for it, throwing French wine in gutter and renaming French fries to freedom fires with some burning French flags and protesting out of French embassy but the French will be on the right side of History for their stand. We remember the speeches, the cries of crusade as the religious right believes that this is required for the second coming. I also remember Bush’s “with us or against us” speech and the naming of the Axis of Evil. I remember when the Americans were having trouble convincing Western Europe  so they declared them to be old irrelevant Europe while the Eastern bloc countries that supported the American illegal wars was regarded as new Europe...  So how much refugees will the United States take?

Have you ever wondered why during zombie apocalypse movies the greatest threat to human life is not the brain eating zombies but other humans? In fact the brain eating zombies are nothing but a nuisance. Life follows art.

During natural disasters some humans attack other humans out of selfishness, greed and a sense of entitlement. Take for example the first New York City blackout, humans ran wild as they try to take advantage of other humans. We often see this behaviour during hurricanes and other disasters around the world, every man for himself and to hell with the rest of you, looting, robbery and murder.

Visit any prepper’s web site and one quickly realise that preppers spend a lot of time making plans for protection against other human beings. So if you wake up tomorrow and find out we are in the middle of a brain eating zombie apocalypse your chances of survival would be better if you ignore the brain eating zombies and shoot the humans in the head.

Iraq Body Count
219,000 Killed 

Wednesday 2 September: 22 killed
Baghdad: 7 killed by IEDs.
Hamam al-Alil: 4 executed.
Fallujah: 5 in air strikes.
Khalis: 4 by car bomb.
Baquba: 2 by gunfire.

Tuesday 1 September: 18 killed
Makhoul: 11 killed in air strikes.
Baghdad: 7 by IEDs, gunfire.

Monday 31 August: 38 killed
Baghdad: 8 by gunfire, IEDs; 3 bodies.
Baiji: 5 policemen in clashes; 4 burnt alive.
Rutbah: 7 executed for demonstrating.
Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Basra: 4 killed for organising protests.
Fallujah: 1 by mortars.
Suq: 1 policeman in clashes.
Khalidiya: 2 by mortars.
Baquba: 1 body.
Mukhisa: 1 by gunfire.
Yusufiya: 1 policeman by IED.