Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jamaica Is NOT a British Penal/Prison Colony


    First let’s clear up a few facts:
  1. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that the United Kingdom of Great Britain have a sovereign right to decide who should or should not stay in or visit the UK. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  2. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to deport anyone they do not want in their country. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  3. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that it is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to arrest and imprisons any Jamaican nationals who break British Laws. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  4. The vast majority of Jamaicans understand that it is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to arrest and imprisons then later deport any Jamaican nationals who break British Laws. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye
  5. The vast majority of Jamaicans also understand that it is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain sovereign right to detain and deport any Jamaican national who break British Laws. With that we have no problem and see eye to eye

What we do not understand and will never see eye to eye on, why is it Jamaica’s responsibility to further incarcerate the deported Jamaicans nationals at the Jamaican tax payer’s expense even though those nationals did not break any Jamaican laws? They broke British Laws, was Sentenced in a British Court and as such are British Prisoners because to be a Jamaican Prisoner they must break Jamaican laws. Jamaica is not a British Prison Colony!!! They Broke British Laws, Sentence in a British Court but you want them to serve their time in a Jamaican Prison at Jamaican tax payer’s expense so you can save 10 Million pounds a year... If that is not taking the Piss then I do not know what is...

Dodgy Dave

Jamaica has no problem or choice accepting the genuine Jamaicans that you deport back to Jamaica, the USA and Canada is doing just that, they both might imprison law breaking Jamaicans for a specific amount of time and then directly deport them but they do not ask us to finance their imprisonment. But you do not want to do that, you want to sentence them to prison in Jamaica at Jamaican tax payers expense. It is amazing that when the United Kingdom of Great Britain is short teachers and nurses you are not afraid to raid our country and take what little resources we have.  Britain have no problem 'ransacking' Jamaica of teachers and nurses who have been trained at tax payers expense and again just like after the war they fly out to assist the Mother country in her hour of need leaving behind their homeland to suffer.

Let us try to understand these figures by examining meal related expenditure. If it costs $400 per day to feed a prisoner in Jamaica and 300 prisoners are sent to Jamaica under this arrangement, it will cost the taxpayers of this country approximately $44 million annually. ($400 x 300 x 365 days). An additional 30 correctional officers to man the new prison, each earning J$1.2 million in salary, will cost us a further J$36 million annually. So I am theorising that the people of Jamaica can expect a further recurrent expenditure of approximately $150 - $200 million annually to operate and maintain this new prison facility. The UK will spend put up 40% to build the prison which is £25 million of the cost to build the prison, Jamaica must find 60%. This will Cost u$

Jamaica owes the world financial community a lot of money, Jamaica is having trouble maintaining its education and healthcare sectors. Jamaica is even have trouble finding water to drink during this period of drought and it is OK that you do not care one way or the other but now you are adding to our hardship by insisting that we subsidize your prison system using the meager funds at our disposal. It is times like these that I wonder why we have the grand title of The Monarchy of Jamaica, why we still have the English Queen as Queen of Jamaica or Queen to the right of Jamaica and why the English Queen is still Jamaica’s Head of State.

Over 5,700 Britons are arrested overseas on various offenses each year. British nationals represents just under 40 per cent of the 176 foreigners in Jamaican prisons. At the end of March 2015, there were 26 British nationals in prisons in Jamaica.

Foreigners in Jamaican prisons 2012-2014
British 68
Americans 16
Canadians 12
Dutch 9
Guyanese 6
Trinidadians 5
Others 60
Total 176

One-way prisoner exchange programme with the UK

Now to add Insult to Injury:

“PRIME Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) David Cameron yesterday announced a package of British investments in its former Caribbean colonies as he sought regional support for his plan to boost his country's exports.

Cameron admitted in a speech to a joint sitting of both Houses of Jamaica's Parliament, at Gordon House, that his Government's target is to boost UK exports around the world, including the Caribbean, to £1 trillion by 2020.”

You now want us to import your crap!!! I would tell David Cameron to go have relations with a dead pig but by what I am hearing from the British media he already did. #PigGate

West Indies Caribbean women part of Britain's Auxiliary Territorial Service during WWII

 The Caribbean Regiment During The Second World War, 1st Battalion

The British West Indies Regiment in camp before the Battle of the Somme in 1916
Jamaicans Fought for King/Queen and Mother Country

According to the latest UK Home Office figures, police recorded 52,528 hate crimes in 2014-15, up from 44,471 in 2013-14. More than 80 per cent were categorised as race hate crimes, with others involving religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender victims. 816 Islamophobic offences recorded across UK capital  - up over 70% on last year - with women wearing veils most vulnerable.

This Is Britain!

Weekly Racist, Nazi Hate Marches Up and Down the High Streets of Britain!

Xeynophobia Gone Mad



Neo-Nazi, Right Wing Crazy

The Mother Country is heartless and Ruthless!

  • Britain Leave the EU
  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should leave the UK
  • Dissolve the Commonwealth with each country removing the Queen as head of State and become a Republic.
  • England Stand alone.   


  1. The way you portray Britain is very inaccurate.

  2. Which part of it is inaccurate Opulentus?

  3. Agree with you about most of this, but one small point: Britain is not "ransacking" Jamaica. All those professionals CHOSE to leave Jamaica because they perceived it in their own best interests to do so. I think your issue is with them for being less patriotic than you would like.

  4. Several times a year the UK holds job expos trying to recruit our nurses and teachers… But let’s look at the reality for a second. The Monarchy of Jamaica cannot afford to compete with the 6th Largest Economy in the world, we cannot match their salary, our dollar is not as strong as the pound it is 176.18 to 1 pound. So it is understandable that when the British comes knocking with their huge wad of cash people from small developing third world countries will follow them like the pied piper back to the Mother Country for money… But it says more about how little the British care and how much this is a dog eat dog world, knowing that the country is poor and struggling but like they always do throughout history they Blood suck other people’s society, that is the hallmark of Jamaica’s relationship with the UK. Imagine me seeing a poor homeless man on the street, imagine it is the cold of winter, he has not eaten much, need food but I gave him 30 pounds and take his shoes. Britain should be volunteering Teachers and Nurses to the Monarchy of Jamaica not raping and pillaging her society...