Thursday, November 10, 2016

Keep Calm and Simplify Life

The more I travel and the more I communicate with people in different countries both in person and online and the more I explore global news and current affairs as it happens in countries around the world, is the more I have grown to appreciate my Jamaica and my Jamaican people even more. I am not saying we are better than anyone. I am not saying we are superior to anyone and the fact that for the most part we do not think on those levels make me appreciate us more. As a matter of fact most of us Jamaicans know our limitations and enjoy our mediocre simple life. I will go even further to declare simplification of life is a much better way of living than an overly complex life. Simple things make my day and life worth living. Like finding a big East Indian mango, golden in colour, ripened to perfection and sweeter than sugar and it is big enough to be a single meal.

I spent one part of my life chasing the dreams of my parents, thinking about corporate ladders, having sleepless nights, job titles and material things because that is what MY parents and society expected from me. As a result ended up with stress, anxiety and high blood pressure and everything that goes along with it.

My Life changed when I decided that I can no longer live for others, I was not put on this planet to please people and make them happy and I refuse to say what other people want to hear. I cannot live for other people’s approval, I refused to. I must live for me and so I started to reevaluate my limited existence on this planet. If I am going to die then I must live on my terms.

I know there are a lot of Jamaicans out there, especially those overseas Jamaicans trying to convince other Jamaicans that Jamaica is not worth shit and your life in Jamaica have no value but I implore you not to listen to those miserable neva-see-come-see half-idiot people because they are projecting their own miserable existence onto you.

Yes Jamaica is a third world country with third world problems that we are trying to overcome but we live better lives because we know when to put those problems aside and just live our lives. The true value of life is NOT about material passion because if you value life based on the things you own then you are not really living if you are stressing about material things. That concept of life was created by corporations to make a profit, no different to the bogus special days that they created and pushed to encourage you to spend and then make you feel less than a person when you do not.

Human beings were never meant to live forever, we have very short lives but some people approach life as if they will be around for all eternity. The Average Human lifespan is 71 years, so what you spend your entire life fighting for today might not exist tomorrow and chances are no one living after you are dead and gone will ever remember your name much less that you existed and walked this planet.

I, me, this human being, this individual will die soon because an average lifespan of 71 is not very long. From the day I was born the only thing that was certain is my death. That is a fact of life I have longed since accepted.

…“Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. As we get older, so too do our cells. And like us, our cells do not live forever. Most of the cells in our bodies today were not with us when we were born. From birth through adulthood, new cells are constantly forming; that’s how our bodies grow larger. Cells “grow” not by getting bigger, but by dividing in two. Once we reach adulthood, our cells don’t need to divide to help our bodies grow bigger. They divide only to replace cells that have died or been damaged.” …

The only real achievement that I see of the average human being is that they pass on fear and hate to the next generation more than they pass on love and unity. In fact I think we are genetically predisposed to fear and hate so it is very easy to pass it on. But despite all that rage, all that fear and hate, the Average Human Being is and will always be just a rat is blasted cage, a hamster going around and around on a bloody wheel. The stupidity of fighting over the colour of one’s skin when you have no guarantee that the planet will exist tomorrow or after you die is a waste of human life.

So why waste this limited lifespan worrying about things that mean nothing in the long run. Once a cell reaches this end point, it enters a stage in which it no longer divides and finally dies. When the cell receives certain chemical signals that its time is up, the cell switches on a program called apoptosis that leads to the cell’s death. In other words, a cell that learns its time has come commits suicide. The main point of our very short lives is to be happy, live in the moment, love each other and be happy with each other because anything and everything else means nothing.

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