Friday, May 19, 2017

Jamaica's Political Debate On Corruption

SO funny listening and reading post from Diehard Dieheart supporters of both political parties, debating with each other about who is more corrupt. They are not offended by corruption, they have no principled stance on it. What they are offended by, is corruption that was carried out by the party they do not support. Corruption is only real if it is done by the party they do not support else it is an oversight.

...Each diehard dieheart supporter can list in great details each and every corrupt events that was carried out by the opposing party, even quantifying the level of corruption if need be…

“Well we only stole 1 million and your party stole 2 million, so that proves your party is the bigger crook and far more corrupt"...WTF!! ....It takes a certain level of mental retardation to get to this level madness without shame.

This is like two rapist accusing each other about who raped a girl more simply because “It only took him 3 strokes to reach orgasm, while it took the other rapist 5 strokes to bruk” so clearly the 5 stroker must be the bigger rapist and more guilty, the fact that a girl was raped takes a backseat.

It is almost like being in the schoolyard with kids… And the only conclusion I can come to, after listening to charges and counter charges of corruption and crime is that members of both parties are just as corrupt and also corruption is a way of life in Jamaica.

However regardless of who is more corrupt, one thing is for certain and that is the Jamaican people are being gangbang raped by the political class and their cronies. They are being buggered up the behind without lube ...but you know what? I think the Jamaican people love it and scream yes sir may I have another with each corrupt stroke!

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