Sunday, January 28, 2018

Political Correctness Gone Too Far! or Not Far Enough?

Political Correctness defines a war between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Political correctness: The avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

Where there is freedom and power there should also be empathy, respect, responsibility, understanding and discipline because freedom and power without empathy, respect, responsibility, understanding and discipline is nothing but hate filled dog eat dog, lord of the files anarchy, subjugation of the many by the few. Society must create rules that allows it to coexist peacefully towards a common goal or else society will turn in on itself, cannibalize itself and implode. My granny use to say, if you do not have anything good to say then better not say anything, sometimes that is the best course of action. However in this case I take the word "good" to mean Productive, Objective and Uplifting to counteract what is bad, negative and downtrodden. That saying "if you do not have anything good to say then better not say anything" as been misused on many occasions, when it is use to control the narrative and quiet any opposition.

Ever since they created of the phrase “Political Correctness” humanity have been involved in a war of words. The fact is humanity have always been in a war, of words and otherwise over what to say, what not to say and how to act, what is proper and what is not proper but the phrase “Political Correctness” have weaponized these words. Political Correctness is a new name to describe old habits. Political Correctness is like a double edged sword with both edges razor sharp. The advocates of Political Correctness and those of Anti-Political Correctness are trying to accomplish the same thing, to control Freedom of Speech. They are both using the concept to control what people can say and what people should not say. The advocates of Political Correctness however are in general fighting to limit the Freedom of Hate. The enemies of Political Correctness are people who want the freedom to express their hate, to act upon their hate without any consequences.

Looking at the history of humanity, death and destruction always starts with hate speech. In order to attack other humans we must first dehumanize and demonize those humans. That practice is tried and true. Slavery would never had lasted that long without hate speech and the act of dehumanising and demonising black people.

The fact is everyone is free to say what they want to say in the public’s domain and the public is then free to respond to what was said because freedom of expression is not without consequences, not without reaction. However when the public express themselves against what was said they are accused of Political Correctness Gone Mad, cry baby liberal snowflakes who cannot handle the harsh reality of life. Anti-Political Correctness people do not want any opposition to what they say, no matter how filthy, disgusting and hateful.

The Anti-Political Correctness people have made themselves out be snowflake victims of the Political Correctness. The Anti-Political Correctness people will go on and on about how their rights are being restricted and taken away from them simply because they have a different opinion and position which is almost always based on and driven by hate. The anti-Political Correctness people have mastered the art of using Political Correctness like a weapon against anyone who would disagree with them. Crying Political Correctness persecution allows these hate-mongering Snowflakes to take the victim like high ground as they attempt to control the narrative by screaming persecution.

It is safe to say that Political Correctness serves two masters at different ends of the spectrum, political Correctness is used by the people who are pro-Political Correctness to control the narratives and also used by the anti-Political Correctness people for the same purpose. To control the narrative without persecution, in a sense fighting fire with fire. There are also Pro-Politically Correct people who go too far, trying to micromanage every aspect to human life, attempting to sterilize relationships between people.

Anti-Political Correctness Everyday Usage:
Most people who are anti-Politically correct almost always hates diversity and any attempt to inject diversity into their shallow world is rejected by way of a very public, "end of the world as we know it", meltdown, tantrum. Once upon a time the world was white, more precisely white male and everyone else who was not white or white male was made invisible and subjected to abuse but now any attempt to show the world as it really is, a multicultural, multiple gender, multiracial world, to make all people visible, to level the playing field is regarded by these people as an attack on their privileged position in the universe and Political Correctness Gone Mad!.

When people from the ethnic minority are omitted from movies, awards or general employment, no matter how hard they work, how educated or how professional they are, complains about being omitted, there are people who would tell them to shut up and stop complaining. Declaring that the reason they were omitted was only because they were not good enough and not because of their race or sex. One of the main weapons of the anti-Political Correctness crowd beside shouting Political Correctness Persecution, while pretending they are Equal Opportunity, pull yourself up by your bootstraps people, they often declare how they do not see colour or they have a black friend. Their reaction to omitting certain section of humanity is to ask if they think they deserve to be rewarded or employed simply because they are from the ethnic minority or female. That was the debate and defence after one such Oscar year when the academy was accused of not recognizing the contribution of people from the ethnic minority.

However when people from the ethnic minority are rewarded for hard work and professionalism, then all hell break loose. These anti-Politically correct people would complain that this is Political Correctness gone mad, that they are only being rewarded because they are ethnic minority or female. Again implying that they are not good enough and in fact will never be good enough in there eyes. With these people, the ethnic minority cannot win, no matter what they do, people like these do not want them to win.
National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood

I do not think there is anyone alive on this planet who do not know that Blackface, “people who are not black painting their face to make fun of black people”, is insulting and disgusting simply because of its historical context when the world was white and for the most part still white. But even in this day and age there are white people who go out of their way to black up their faces and when public outrage reaches them, they simply apologise while wondering why all the fuss. Public outrage to Blackface is also looked on as Political Correctness gone mad, it was just white people having some fun at the expense of the subjugated.

The last place I would expect to find racism and sexism hate is in for example the sci-fi movie world because it is a genre that shows fictional characters from different worlds but the sci-fi world is no different to real life. I assume whenever human beings are involved they carry with them their hate and prejudices and cannot see past it. Black Panther and Nick Cage have too much black people in it and Dr. Who and Thor cannot be a woman even though Dr. Who is an alien from the planet Gallifrey who always regenerates continuously back into a white Englishman, so he can never be black or a woman.  The concept of Thor is without gender, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." The great confusion comes with the use of the word “he” and who can forget the great comic book debate “Is Political Correctness Hurting Marvel Comics?”

If the great anti-slavery debates that took place in the 18th century was taking place today, there would be people accusing William Wilberforce and various abolitionist of being cry baby, liberal snowflakes in a world where Political Correctness have Gone Mad.

The fact that humanity is always evolving does mean that the things around us must change to match our changing outlook on life. What was the norm and acceptable yesterday will not in many cases be the norm and acceptable today as we try to develop better ways to coexist on this planet. Most Anti-Politically-Correct people are against change fearing they might lose their privileged position if society develops in a more egalitarian way. As a society, one people on this little planet in this vast universe we need to compromise if we are to survive.

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