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The Demonisation of Raheem Sterling

The demonisation of Raheem Sterling is being televised. He might be playing for England but the English media have gone out of their way time and time again to highlight the fact that he is not one of them. British racist have a saying they love to spout every chance they get: "If a dog born in a stable, it doesn't make it a horse" if they will not accept British born minorities as one of their own then what chance will the Jamaican born Raheem Sterling have and yes they are that stupid going around talking crap about dog and horse.

Poster Child for Everything Bad?

Whenever the British media have something negative to highlight about the English FA or the English World cup squad they use Raheem Sterling’s picture as a poster child of everything that is wrong with English football and I am sure when that squad fails it will be Raheem Sterling fault. When Raheem Sterling was leaving Liverpool for Manchester City the Daily Mail UK wrote an article cursing out Raheem Sterling then calling him the “Jamaican Winger” not the English Winger.

My suggestion Sterling would be to quit England National Team because I believe they are setting him to be the fall-guy. They have already set the stage and if the England campaign goes wrong they will try to turn a nation against him. Quit England and concentrate on club football because the English can be a very ungrateful backstabbing bunch. Another Jamaican born player, playing for England John Barnes endured racism throughout his career especially at the hand of the National Front. Sometimes it is best to leave ignorant people alone instead of fighting to bring them glory, they will never appreciate it.

The side of Raheem Sterling the English media never tells you about:
- His father was shot dead when he was 2 years old
- Had to fight poverty before becoming a pro footballer
- Donates £1m to the Greenfell Tower victims 🇬🇧
- Paid funds to build many schools and playgrounds for poor inner city in Jamaica 🇯🇲

"He had British soil under his feet and Jamaican blood running through his heart”

The Shoe bomber Richard Reid was partly of Jamaican decent, born and bred in the UK, never been to Jamaica, spent all his life in the UK but that fool became Jamaican once he tried to blow up a plane. Take Germaine Lindsay for example the British-Bomber of “Jamaicans descent” was described as Jamaican. The man was born in Jamaica, yes, but was NOT bred in Jamaica. He left Jamaica at age 5 and spent his entire life in England. Got all his education and all his socialization from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. He was a failure of the British Society but that did not stop one British reporter from saying "He had British soil under his feet and Jamaican blood running through his heart” that speaks volume to me and I will never forget hearing it. I remember Ben Johnson was Canadian when he was winning races and breaking records but as soon as he failed that drug test Ben Johnson became a dirty no good Jamaican. We found out almost immediately that he had Jamaican blood running through his heart.

Illegal Tattoo, such evil

But what have Raheem Sterling done to deserve this attack? Well he got a tattoo of a gun on his right leg and that is enough for the racist British media to go on the attack. Raheem Sterling is Black and Jamaican born compared to Joey Barton a white English born Anglo Saxon and he will never be given the benefit of the doubt and the chances white English born Anglo Saxon Joey Barton got.

Joey Barton is the brother of the murderer Michael Barton who was sentenced to life imprisonment (with a tariff of 17 years) for his involvement in the racially motivated murder of 17 year old Anthony Walker in 2005. Anthony Walker was found with an ice axe in his head after being ambushed by Michael Barton. But the crimes of the Brother does not belong to the young lad Joey Barton that would be unfair because Joey Barton is more than capable of wrapping up his own criminal record.

No matter what Joey Barton does, no matter how disgusting an act, the British will go out of their way to find an excuse for it. Over the years I watched Pundits after pundits go out of their way to defend Barton and his crazy ways. Whenever the English want to make light of something nasty they prefix it with the words "The Lad" or "The Poor Lad", “the young lad”. Make no Mistake Joey Barton is an English creation as they bend over more times than I can count to accommodate him and his criminal ways.

The life and crimes of Joey Barton are too numerous to list so here is a small sample:

In July 2004 Joey Barton started a mass brawl in a pre-season "friendly" against Doncaster.

In May 2005 he broke a 35-year-old pedestrian's leg while driving his car through Liverpool city centre at 2 am.

Then he was arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage after an alleged argument with a taxi driver in Liverpool while going to his hotel after a match.

In 2008 Joey Barton was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for common assault and affray he was released early then in that same year Joey Barton was given 4 months suspended sentence after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm on former teammate Ousmane Dabo during a training ground dispute.

He was charged twice by the FA, first for the Dabo incident and the second for punching over the Morten Gamst Pedersen in the stomach.

He was twice fined by former club Manchester City for stubbing a lit cigar in the eye of young team-mate Jamie Tandy at a Christmas party and for beating up a 15-year-old Everton fan at City's team hotel in Bangkok during a pre-season tour.

**Just to name a few!

While out on an 18 month ban for football betting he was given the job as Manager of Fleetwood Town and TV Pundit. Raheem Sterling can only wish he had Joey Barton’s luck and colour because this is white British Privilege.

April 2004 – Storms out of Eastlands before kick-off after being axed from the Manchester City side to face Southampton.

July 2004 – Sparks a mass brawl in a pre-season "friendly" against Doncaster.

December 2004 – A Christmas bash for Manchester City players sees him stub a lit cigar into the eye of young team-mate Jamie Tandy. He is fined six weeks' wages by City.

May 2005 – Breaks the leg of a 35-year-old pedestrian while driving his car at 2am in Liverpool city centre.

June 2005 – Involved in a spat with a 15-year-old Everton fan at City's team hotel in Bangkok. Again he is fined by City.

October 2006 – The bad blood with Everton fans continues in 2006 when he drops his shorts in the direction of home fans at Goodison Park. He is fined and warned by the FA for his conduct.

December 2006 – Blasts England players releasing autobiographies after an unsuccessful World Cup campaign. "England did nothing in the World Cup, so why are they bringing books out? 'We got beat in the quarter-finals, I played like s***, here's my book'. Who wants to read that? I don't," he says.

February 2007 - Makes his England debut against Spain, replacing Frank Lampard, one of the players he was thought to have aimed his earlier criticism at.

March 2007 – Arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage in an incident involving a taxi driver. He is alleged to have ripped out the cabbie's radio because he would not wait at a McDonald's drive-through while Barton got food. He is later found not guilty of vandalising the taxi. His cousin, Joshua Wilson, 19, admitted doing the damage.

May 2007 – Involved in a training ground incident with Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo, who presses charges. Barton admits assault and in July 2008 is given a four-month suspended jail sentence. In November 2008 he is also given a six-match ban, with a further six suspended, after admitting an FA violent conduct charge relating to the incident.

June 2007 – Sold by City to Newcastle Utd for £5.8 million. Aims parting shot at City boss Stuart Pearce, blaming his departure on a "relationship breakdown" between the pair.

November 2007 – The press reacts furiously to a studs-up challenge on Sunderland's Dickson Etuhu during the Tyne-Wear derby. "Ban him" screams the News of the World headline. He escapes FA sanction.

December 2007 – Sits out Newcastle's Boxing Day game through injury, but goes drinking in Liverpool city centre afterwards. In the early hours of December 27 he gets into a row in a McDonald's and violence again breaks out. Drunk, Barton straddles his victim, punching him repeatedly in the face. He is refused bail and is forced to spend the New Year behind bars.

May 2008 - Admits assault and affray and is jailed for six months, of which he serves 74 days at Strangeways prison in Manchester,

November 2008 – Escapes FA action after an on-pitch incident involving Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor. Media reports claim Barton made a racial slur but Agbonlahor decides not to pursue disciplinary action.

May 2009 – Sent off on first game back from a long-term injury against Liverpool for a wild tackle on Xabi Alonso. Suspended by club following claims of a dressing-room row with manager Alan Shearer.

Violent conduct
November 2010 – Charged with violent conduct by the FA after allegedly punching Blackburn's Morten Gamst Pedersen during their Premier League match.

August 2011 – Admits "exaggerating" the contact made on him by Arsenal player Gervinho who was sent-off for hitting Barton.

August 2011 – Newcastle transfer-list Barton, making him available on a free transfer. Signed by QPR on a four-year deal.

August 2011 – Goes on Twitter and television to criticise Wolves midfielder Karl (or Kelvin, as he called him) Henry's aggressive style of play. "No-one knew Kelvin Henry before he started kicking lumps out of me," said Barton.

October 2011 – Claims the FA tried to get him to moderate his language on social networking website Twitter before insisting he had no intention of doing so.

December 2011 – Dismisses comments made by Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias, who he calls owner Mike Ashley's "fat mate", and asks Llambias to take a lie detector test over the midfielder's exit from the club.

January 2012 – Is sent-off against Norwich City for headbutting Norwich's Bradley Johnson. The decision is vigorously contested by Barton but he loses his appeal.

January 2012 – Launches an amazing attack on recently sacked QPR manager Neil Warnock, telling him to "shut it" and comparing him to hapless film character Mike Bassett.

January 2012 – Unleashes an online tirade against the FA, labelling them an "Orwellian organisation" in need of a "drastic shake-up".

February 2012 – Makes a series of online comments about John Terry ahead of his trial for an alleged racist remark but escapes prosecution from the Attorney General.

March 2012 – Hits out at QPR fans who booed him during a poor performance against Liverpool.

May 2012 – Banned for 12 matches by the FA for his red card at Manchester City and subsequent behaviour. Barton was sent-off for elbowing Manchester City's Carlos Tevez and was later found guilty of kneeing Sergio Aguero from behind then headbutting Vincent Kompany.

June 2012 – Is punched in the face after getting embroiled in an altercation with two men in Liverpool city centre.

June 2012 – Is fined six weeks wages and stripped of the club captaincy by QPR after being sent off for elbowing Carlos Tevez in the final match of the season against Manchester City.

January 2013 – Involved in Twitter row with former Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann - calling him a "maggot" and a "dog" after Loic Remy decided to move to QPR and not Newcastle.

'Rodgers having a mid-life crisis'
April 2013 – His loan club Marseille are forced to apologise to PSG after Barton gets involved in a Twitter row with Thiago Silva, calling him an "overweight ladyboy".

August 2016 – Says that newly appointed Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers of having a "mid-life crisis" in a radio interview.

September 2016 – Barton is sent away from the Rangers training ground after an alleged altercation with Any Halliday, a team-mate, following a 5-1 defeat by Old Firm rivals Celtic. Later apologises "unreservedly" on Twitter.

September 2016 – Is suspended by Rangers for three weeks after having a meeting with manager Mark Warburton. When asked if he is still a Rangers player by a reporter, he responds: "I think so."

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