Friday, February 24, 2017

On Movies and Superheroes With a JTID Geek

An Evening at the Oscars with a JTID Geek, this is my Bobby Ghisays moment: One “Yuuge” difference between watching an American movie versus a British/European movie is that 99% of the time in an American movie the hero will save the day. It is so predictable that it is not worth watching at times. We know any second now the hero will overcome whatever challenges he or she is facing and save the day and we know 99% of the time he/she will not only survive but ride off into the sunset.

With British movies you never really know how this movie will end because chances are both the hero and the people he/she was trying to save will end up dead or the world get blown to bits and we all die. Somehow people in Europe and the UK are not too concern with saving the day because the reality is, we cannot win all the time. It got to the point where the British film industry was forced to create alternate happy American endings to some of their movies in order to satisfy the snowflake American market and leave the reality of life ending to mature people who understand that we cannot win all of life's challenges. These days money is winning over creativity and the British are making movies for the American market.

I remember my disappointment after watching “Crimson Tide” with Denzel and Hackman that movie should have ended with the world destroyed instead of the predictable last minute save the world happy ending. It would have had a bigger impact with a more realistic message that one day our luck will run out and we will self-destruct, that this is a possibility. That movie should have ended with the brutal destruction of the world, showing human suffering because of human stupidity.

The movie “28 Days Later” was one of the best zombie movies ever to me because it was the only zombie that scared the hell out of me and I am not afraid to say that. “28 Days Later” had 3 alternate endings one where everyone died, some died and they all lived as they try to please the market.

One of the worst Sci-Fi movie to me was Independence Day. I am a Sci-Fi geek but this movie was an insult to my intelligence from start to finish. The special effect was great but the storyline was terrible and the ending predictable. Will Smith who is a brilliant actor just decided to play Fresh Prince in the movie. But it was the science that was all wrong, are you telling me that those aliens with superior technology had no concept of an anti-virus or that a ship that crash landed on earth decades before still had the same software version as the ship that just arrived decades later and was able to reconnect to the mother-ship without a software upgrade or any identifying login sequence and with the Apple PowerBook 5300 they were able to upload a virus to the mother ship. Then that July 4th speech almost made me puke, it was corny and over the top. I was able to look past the fact that humanity cannot get to our nearest planet but we can beat aliens who traveled between galaxies.

The original “War of the World” was a true classic, humanity failed to defeat the aliens, all seemed lost but in the end they were defeated by germs. I still remember watching that on JBC with my 13 inch black and white Westinghouse TV.

One Sci Fi movie that left a lasting impression was the 1951 black-and-white movie, the original, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". It made me question the future of humanity and this planet at a very young age. I began to see humanity through a microscope like little destructive insects

The First Matrix movie blew me away, the second, Matrix Reloaded was rubbish and should never have been made with elements of that script merged into the third movie, Matrix Revolutions. That was milking a script too far.

The 1970 British Sci-fi show with the groovy music UFO was a must watch for me growing up, “SHADO, the Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation”

And who can forgot the 1975 Space 1999. Not to mention the fashion of the time use to drive a young boy crazy.

Star Trek Next Generation is the best of the Star Trek franchise, followed by Star Trek Enterprise and the Star Trek Voyager. I was not a big fan of Star Trek Deep Space Nine but it comes sixth behind two shows that does not belong to the Star Trek franchise but are top rated by me, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis while Stargate Universe was just rubbish!

I purposely left out Star Trek Original because it is in a class all by itself.

The Christopher Reeve superman movies just did not do it for me, I remember watching the first Christopher Reeve’s movie at the Carib and was excited about it but that quickly wore off. The first one was great but all the others failed, however the line “kneel before zod” will live on forever. Reeve was perfect for the role but the writing, plot and characters were way too weak for a comic head like me. Coupled with directors who ignore decades of comic history and decided to create their own idea of what superman was, the same can be said for some of the old batman movies.

I can sit down and watch the old Star Wars over and over but I cannot sit down and watch the old superman without feeling like throwing something at the screen. The worst one by far was Superman Return, I was not sure what the writers and directors was trying to do but it was an epic failure not worth a second watch and what made it even worst was that the movie had the technology to do whatever it wanted. Henry Cavill Superman, Man of Steel was in my view the best so far.

I think people are either a Superman or a Batman fan, everyone have a preference. I am a Batman person, not that fancy pants version of batman but the Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb type Batman, mean and gritty, the Batman who would not kill you but when he is finished with you, you wished he had, not to mention he carries a piece of Kryptonite with him just in case he needs to whop Superman’s ass.

The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.
I frigging wish it was because that is one concept that does my head in. I can handle to the simple go back in time shows (Doctor Who) but I refuse to watch shows stuck in time loops with subtle changes between loops. It is lazy television, making 10 minutes of show and loop it for an hour until the end. Then there is the time paradox, a temporal paradox. A causal loop is a paradox of time travel that occurs when a future event is the cause of a past event, which in turn is the cause of the future event. The consistency paradox or grandfather paradox occurs when a future event prevents the occurrence of a past event that was partly or entirely the cause of the future event, thereby preventing the future event from occurring, thus creating a contradiction. Oh dear lord please shoot me now!

Time travel drives me crazy and I can see why the logical Vulcans would say it is not possible, as a way to simply not deal with it, the permutations can drive you crazy.

Time And Relative Dimension in Space 

However I love Doctor Who because for the most part it is simple time travel.

99% of the movies I watch have nothing to do with reality because I try to disconnect from reality when watching movie. 85% of the movies I watch are Sci-Fi movies with strong story line because the science is not enough. I do not watch movies that stereotype black people as suffering criminals and poor sistas with worthless baby fathers, none of that Boyz n the Hood type rubbish. I feel a lot of these movies are telling kids how they should live and not how they should NOT live. It is a glorification of a dysfunctional lifestyle and does nothing to uplift people. In a large part of the white world their perception of everything different comes from Hollywood and I must say some of us get the perception about ourselves from Hollywood as well.

If all you know about human history comes from Hollywood and the film industry then you do not know history because that industry exist for a different purpose.

AND YOU BETTER KNOW WHO Bobby Ghisays was.

The post Oscar debate is just so amazing
When people from the ethnic minority are omitted no matter how hard they work and how professional they are and when they complain, there are those who tell them to shut up and stop complaining declaring the reason they were omitted was only because they were not good enough to win. As they ask if they think they deserve to be rewarded simply because they are from the ethnic minority or female. That was the debate and defense the last time the Oscar was accused of not recognizing the contribution of people from the ethnic minority.

However when people from the ethnic minority are rewarded for hard work and professionalism. These same people complain that they are only being rewarded because they are ethnic minority or female, again implying that they are not good enough and in their eyes they will never be good enough. With these people, the ethnic minority cannot win, no matter what they do as people like these do not want them to win.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Dutty Black Gyal - Portrait of a Prime Minister

The Dutty Black Gyal as the opposition like to class her achieved something in her personal life that 99.9% of us will never, ever achieve and when we die no one will know we ever existed within half a generation time.

Portia Simpson-Miller was not born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she was not high colour, upper class or even middle class. Some people believe that Portia Simpson-Miller and people like her should never achieve much in life. So little are their expectations of poor black people. In various debates people have told me that Portia belongs uptown as a maid, that a person of her Stature belongs on her knees scrubbing floors and washing clothes for upper St. Andrew, as she was not good enough to even be an upstairs maid. It is also ironic that most of the hatred and venom that is thrown in her direction came from poor black woman who feels that she should never achieve anything in life.
She was not packed with high-end education, nor was she well-spoken (speaky-spokey) but she managed to rise up the ranks of the political party even when well educated, professional male members of that party opposed her and called her dunce and classed her in the lowest manner known to man. What she lacked in that regard, she more than made up for in personality, and drive and desire and dedication. She not only managed to rise up the ranks of her political party but she became the President of the party and twice she became the first female Prime Minister of Jamaica, the leader of our country. She achieved all this in the face of nasty disgusting opposition that made me sick to my stomach because it was not about her policies that people opposed but how she looked and how she sound, but helmet-head as some called her achieved all that she achieved and against the odds.

We have a lot of people in Jamaica who are packed with High-End Education and can speaky-spokey with the best of them but you will never meet a bigger set of fools.

You might not like how she looked and you might not like how she sound but how can you not respect her personal achievements and if you cannot then you suffer from hatred and pure bad-mind. Portia Simpson-Miller is a strong black woman who went against the tide and should be a role model to young girls, an example of what they too can achieve even in the face of nasty disgusting opposition. The lesson to learn from Portia Simpson-Miller is never let anyone define you, your destiny is in your hands, only you can define you, never let anyone drag you down and tell you where your station in life is, the lesson to learn here is to be strong, be proud and rise up, get up and stand up for your rights and position on this planet.

The period between 2011 and 2016 was successful in the sense that it achieved what it set out to achieved. A successful Implementation of austerity with discipline and dedication so much so that it provided this Government with the wiggle room for growth. The period between 2011 and 2016 improved Jamaica’s financial standing with the world, improved our financial books and moved Jamaica in a positive light. Yes Rome was not built in a day, implementing austerity and growing the economy was always going to be difficult but austerity served its primary purpose and since the buck stop with the leader, the credit must also go to the leader of the party, the country and the leader Government, Portia Simpson-Miller because she presided over a Government that did what they intended to do.

The last Government return Jamaica’s financial books in proper working order.
  • Inflation: 3.7% lowest in 50 years, down from 6.0% in 2011
  • GDP Growth while small was always in the positive
  • Debt to GDP Ratio was reduced to 126% of GDP down from 150% of GDP in 2011
  • Jamaica Stock Market makes record in 2015
  • Jamaica moved up 5 places in the 2015 Forbes Best Countries for Business Report
  • Net International Reserve (NIR) US$2.44 billion, above target US$1.64 billion and stable
  • Primary Surplus of $55.8 billion, above target of $50.5 billion
  • International Rating Agency upgraded Jamaica’s Credit ratings over the years, Moody’s, S&P and Fitch all upgraded Jamaica.

To Portia Simpson-Miller, you made your mark, you will go down in the history of this country for your personal achievements. Rest now, enjoy what life you have left, sit under the mango tree, feel the cool Caribbean breeze on your face and enjoy that nice big sweet East Indian mango. You can please some people, some time, but you cannot please all the people all the time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Colonial Cultural Conditioning Using Soft Power

Cultural conditioning or as the British historians Niall Ferguson calls it the use of Soft Power to control hearts and minds and make them do what you want them to do. This concept came back to me while I was watching the 1939 movie Gunga Din. A story about the exploits of colonial Great Britain in India. Growing up in post-colonial Jamaica as in most other colonial countries meant for the most part we inherited the mind-set that White Great Britain was right and we the native people were useless and worthless without them. This is what the British spend over 350 years beating into us as a means of control. To hand over control to the British we had to accept the concept that we as a people were useless and worthless and without the Mother Country we would be in a worse situation. Where would we be without the Mother Country but the real truth is where would the Mother Country be without us.

Farmers in India were forced to grow opium instead of food crops. Millions starved to death for Britain's drugs trade.

I first watched the movie Gunga Din in the early 70s and hated the East Indians fighting the civilised British and cheered on the white empire as it imposed its military might on the savages. I felt the same way as a young child watching most British colonial propaganda movies from Tarzan to Zulu, they were some of my favourite genres as a boy. The Savage mud-coloured natives who needed the white man to protect them from themselves. These British colonial films wanted us to believe that they had a God given right to govern over what they called primitive native population and a God given right to own native resources. They made me as a young boy in post-colonial Jamaica believed that they the British had that right and that they were a force for good.

The reduction of the North American Indian population from an estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237,000 in 1900 represents a"vast genocide

As a boy I also hated Native American Indians in those old cowboy movies, they were the enemy, savages to be wiped out. Pesky redskin savages trying to kill white people who just wanted to live because I was made to believe that those White people had a God giving right to native land. Playing Cowboys and Indians as a boy, I never wanted to be the Indians and that role was reserved to boys lower down on the pecking order as the price for friendship and a chance to play. I found nothing wrong with John Wayne saying the only good Indian/Injun was a dead Indian. In fact I thought it was a badass thing to say about savages whose life I clearly saw no value in.

So young, so stupid, so ignorant and naive was I but at that time our history made it look like we were the lucky ones for being enslaved and should thank the British for enslaving us. I was a product of my society and education system created by the British.

As a young boy I was paid to go to the movies, I had two sisters with whom I was in conflict with whenever I got bored. So my father came up with the plan to give me money every Saturday morning to go to the 10 AM matinees to see the double and triple bill features. I remember going to the Matinees at The Carib and Regal to watch old colonial movies and listened as the entire audience erupted in cheers, clapping like idiots when the white colonial forces turned up to slaughter the native savages, Africans in Africa, Indians in India and Arabs across Arab lands, aborigines in Australia and native populations in almost every country on the face of the planet, none was spared the military might of White Europeans.

The forgotten concentration camps in South Africa where the British sent black people during the Boer War. A minimum of 20,000 people died.

So good was the British colonial system at beating the self-worth out of us, so perfect was the brainwashing that we hated the various versions of ourselves and of our experiences being played out on the big screens and in real life. We were told by the British that we were no-good and that we needed them to take care of us and to be good we needed to be less of who we are and more of who they say we are, who they wanted us to be. The very idea that black people got a reputation of being lazy and don't want to work was created during slavery a period of savage brutality and force labour by a people who were dependent on slaves because they did not want to work. It seems the white man is allergic to hard work and would drop like flies.

25 Dec 1831, Christmas Uprising, Jamaica: 60,000 enslaved Africans  led by Samuel Sharpe resist British who responded by executing hundreds.

The British colonial system was not a system that helped in the development of human self-worth. That was the last thing the British wanted the people they ruled over to have. Because one minute you have self-worth and the next you start demanding freedom and equal rights. If we believe that everything about us is wrong, that we are useless and worthless and everything about them is right and as such we cannot live without them taking care of us, then we will relinquish all control to them and thank them for the scraps from their table and count ourselves lucky to get those scraps from our benevolent British Masters and Rulers.

1090 Kenyans were hanged by Britain for opposing colonial rule which stripped the most fertile land from them & was given to white settlers.

A lot of Jamaicans opposed independence, opposed the fight for equal rights and universal adult suffrage simply because they believed in the superiority of the British and they believed that everything about us black people was wrong. My own black grandmother, bless her and love her loads was against independence and black empowerment. My grandmother was a royalist and loved her white English queen. Growing up our house was littered with Royal memorabilia. The picture of the Queen on the wall and on the plates in the cabinets. Her favourite pastime was collecting various Royal memorabilia, anything with a British Flags, Royal insignia's and pictures of the royal family, they were all over my house growing up. My Grandmother regarded everything white to be right and superior and black people inferior and not to be trusted. My Grandmother saw black people through the eyes of the white colonial class, she was a product of her society and the perfect example of British foreign policy.

Plundering most of the world and building your nation off the back of it. With an obligatory whine about immigration. #BritishValues

I do not know the origin of the terminology "anything too black not too good" but I can imagine it being said first on the plantation as the whip cuts across the slaves back after which Jamaicans adopting it and run with it. That is conditioned behaviour created after over 350 years of Britain beating the self-worth out of us and us into submission.

For me it was not until the 1970s, the period of my enlightenment characterized by the movement of social development and the fight for egalitarianism that I at least started developing more self-worth and started seeing the world differently. Declaring that we are more than a blasted beach, God damn it, we are a country! We are valid people equal to all, second to none and should be proud of who we are. It was a period of social re-engineering trying to reverse over 350 years of colonial brainwashing in the shortest possible time. It was not easy to move the literacy rate from 38% in 1962 to 90% by 1980, providing free education and healthcare to the population.

I love history, always have and adopted it very early in school. But it was not until college when I was introduce to my West Indian history professor that I really became captivated by it. The British version of West Indian history was rubbish, it was yet another use of soft power to control hearts and minds. It was not real history but British Propaganda design to make themselves look benevolent.

If all you know is the British version of West Indian or Colonial history then you do not know West Indian or Colonial history.

Murdering Fuzzy Wuzzies with Glee

I now know that the natives were not the savages but defenders and that the invaders were the real uncivilized savages while proclaiming how civilized they were. I now know that the natives were only fighting for their very survival, for their freedom and culture, their very lives and that the invaders only wanted to murder and enslave them while taking their resources, so wicked and disgusting were their hearts. Why is it that through history it is always the people who declare themselves to be the most civilized who always carry out the most savage brutality.

These days Even though I know how these old colonial movies will end, I know the British will slaughter and enslave the native population but now I cheer when the native people rise up kill the European invaders and now see these movies as tragedies. A documentation of the wicked and evil act that one set of human beings inflicted on another set of human beings out of greed. What was once Soft Power used to condition hearts and minds now serves as documentation to the greatest evil that ever spread across the planet like a plague. It is now Soft Power but with an opposite effect conditioning hearts and minds to see them for what they are and to fight oppression.

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Series of Unfortunate Events - From Brexit to Trump

A series of unfortunate events, Brexit and Trump has played right into the hands of both Russia and ISIS.

EU president: Donald Trump's election has placed America's relationship with Europe at risk, EU president Jean Claude Juncker has warned. In a series of blunt and forthright remarks on the shock winner of the US elections, Mr Juncker accused the new President-elect of ignorance and said he must be taught "what Europe is and how it works".

Russia supported Brexit because Russia wanted the UK out of the European Union, they were happy like a pig in slop about the outcome of the Brexit vote. The United Kingdom was like a thorn in the side of Russia because the UK would use her position as a top member of the EU to counter and block Russia's moves. On top of all that the UK was the eye, ear and mouthpiece of the USA in the EU, they both would work together to influence the EU activities and countering and blocking Russia.

In fact Russia also wants the European Union dismantled because Russia hates dealing with a united block of countries preferring instead to challenge each individual countries because they are weaker in the face of the Great Russian bear. Russia also saw the EU expansion not only as an economic threat but also a military threat since EU expansion could also lead to the expansion of NATO.

It is Russia's world now, with a puppet in Whitehouse and Britain Brexited out of Europe. Russia’s obstacles are being knocked down one by one. Everything is falling in place now for Mother Russia who have invested very heavily in the upcoming Moldova elections backing the Pro-Russian, anti-EU candidate who is favourite to win.

Brexit was the first step that could lead to other EU member exit, ending the EU and reducing USA influence on that block and over that region. The USA path to the EU as always been by way of the UK, exploiting their Special Relationship since the other partners are too unpredictable and not very easy to control. Britain however is and will always be a willing partner who jumps on USA’s commands. The U.K. is one of the most ardent supporters in the EU of American foreign policy.

It is clear that Trump sees no value in the EU and in NATO which plays right in the hands of the USSR 2.0. The world is moving away from globalization and protectionism will increase and as a result global trade will fall, Brexit and Trump is as sure sign of that, TTP is dead.

This will be the period of time to eat what you produce and produce what you eat. Trump does not seem to have the patience for diplomacy either, asking in the security briefing why nukes was not used and why bother to make them if you are not going to use them, is a sure sign of a lunatic that is unhinged.

There was a time when one could say at least there is the UK but they are just as mad and fearful after making themselves redundant on the world stage. It is Protectionism time not only for trade but for national security because the Orange Fuhrer now has the nuclear codes.

Blaming Progressive Liberals For Trump and Brexit

The people who voted for Trump are saying that the reason why they voted for Trump is because liberals call them names, so like small children in a playground they voted for Trump out of spite. This line of reasoning is living proof that the people who voted for Trump and Brexit are dumber than a bag of rocks and should never be allowed to vote.

People with progressive views have nothing to do with creating people like Trump or Farage or Hitler because people like these are born out of fear, hate, greed and entitlement. Trump and people like him is made possible because they can take advantage of simple minded people who are vulnerable to fear mongering and who respond with hate like a blunt instrument. Their simplistic response to his fear mongering is guaranteed and is a tried and true method used throughout the history of mankind to control lesser people.

To say that people should limit what they say, so as not to upset the simple minded people, the idiots among us, who are void of all logic and commonsense is laughable and shows just how stupid they are and they really should never be allowed to vote.

Terrorist Support Brexit and Trump
ISIS praises Brexit for destabilising the EU and ISIS welcomes the election of Trump for a number of reasons. For one they see Trump's brash, outspoken and in your face anti-Muslim and anti-Islam methods as a perfect recruiting tool. Stereotyping and alienating all Muslims, lashing out blindly will push a lot of these people into the hands of the ISIS, misery and hate loves company.

'An important step towards victory!' Al-Qaeda terrorist responsible for recruiting 3,000 child soldiers to fight in Syria CELEBRATES Donald Trump's win

Up to this point President Obama changed the nature of the game, treating ISIS as a separate entity, not part and parcel of the Muslim community and certainly not part of the Islamic Religion, trying to isolate the terrorist animal from the Religion and the People. The USA method of engaging terrorist under Obama has been covertly and surgical in nature, top down precision targeting approach which irritates the hell out of the terrorist. This also irritates the hell out of Christian religious/alt-right and Jews all of whom wants the same objectives and the terrorist, they all want outright perpetual war of religion. They all want to claim victim-hood and to push fear and hate as the way forward thus increase recruiting for their grand religious war. ISIS is as much Islam as the KKK is Christianity.

Obama's method dries up both funds and volunteers leaving ISIS weak and on the run. But Trump is ignorant, even more ignorant than Bush and will undo all that was done because he believes he should offend all Muslims and treat them all like terrorist which is a pro ISIS move. Trump reminds me of Benito Mussolini, ll Duce, a tough talking idiot void of all logic.

Amnesty International urged US president-elect Donald Trump to commit to upholding human rights, criticising his "poisonous rhetoric" following the Republican candidate's election victory. But Trump did not campaign on human rights, love or unity. His campaign was based on fear and hate, he harnessed that power very well and promised a lot of hateful stuff. The US voters then gave him the mandate to carry out the hateful stuff that he promised and I sure hope he delivers on those promises. It is what they deserve.

It is a shame that the non-aligned movement that was created to disconnect the developing world from the developed world is dead and gone because this is a perfect time for developing progressive countries to come together and create a progressive alliance of our own. The Far-Right movements in these countries, USA and UK have clearly sent a message that they do not value a Multicultural and Multiracial world. So why not create a world among ourselves where we value our diversity.

Redundant Britain
The Brexit vote has made Britain redundant on the world stage. After voting themselves redundant the British are having a hard time dealing with the fact that they are now just a small insignificant little country that no one has time for. Little Britain is no longer a power brokers on the world stage, the ex-mother country, use-to-be-important country, a once mighty country is now forced to spend her post Brexit time begging trade agreements from countries who have bigger more important things to do.

Most multicultural and multiracial commonwealth countries know that the commonwealth was the first Brexit and that Britain did not treat them properly or with any respect. The Commonwealth knows that the mother country is in fact a wicked step-mother and as such most have no interest in running to her aid. It is clear the that Britain exist in the shadow of the USA, at her mercy, poor PM May was so upset she was not the first to get a call from Trump and the village idiot Boris is trying to sell a trade agreement with Turkey , after India made it clear they want Immigration changes before sending PM May packing.

The Self-Destruction of the West continues:
After the American election The British started worrying about if and when Lord Trump will call. They then went into full panic mode when it was reported that he did not called and when the call finally came they were 10 calls down on the list of calls and now they are worrying that they may not be important enough for their new Overlord. The British started the mother of all blame game, as some politicians started complaining that other politicians said mean, bad things about the Overlord Man-Boy Trump and they may have hurt his very fragile ego and as a result he was punishing the "Mother Country".

I never laugh so much as I read everyone back tracking on their pre-elections opinions of the man just for scraps from his table. Yes this is the so called Mother country, the leader of the Commonwealth and where the Queen is Head of State. Are you Fracking kidding me Jamaica? This ladies and gentleman is what Redundant Britain looks like. They are nothing but a small island begging for scraps from the table of the powerful, they are now rock bottom. If a country like Jamaica is going to gravel, beg for handout then lets gravel directly to the Overlord man-boy Trump and not Redundant Britain, lets go to the source.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the only one to show some backbone and restated her position on the new President elect and made it clear she will not tolerate is rubbish regardless of the consequences.

People need to realise that the American Economy alone is not responsible for the American standard of living. That the USA in order to maintain that high standard of living needs the global market place and that this high standard of living have spoiled the American people who in many cases undervalue the global world and its importance to their lifestyle..

The Black Poppy
Campaigners have created a black poppy designed to mark the contribution of soldiers from African and Caribbean countries during conflicts of the last century. While I like the idea I am not on board with the cause, it simply did not go far enough. I wanted the Black Poppy to signify the British invasion, brutalization, enslavement, mass murder, suffering and colonization of almost the entire planet while bloodsucking their resources and I want FIFA to allow players across the Commonwealth to wear it, to highlight victims of British aggression. But something tells me that is FIFA was to allow that then the British would drop their demands that FIFA allow them to wear their red poppy.

Trying to Please his Trump Master

Potential Trump Homeland Security head says anti-Trump protests must be 'quelled'

During slavery there were black slaves who were handpicked my the slave master to dispense punishment on the plantation. These handpicked black slaves had a reputation of being vicious and inflicted great harm on other slaves. They felt that if they punish their fellow black people harshly then their masters will be pleased and in turn make their lives better. Black people were also used to track down and return run away slaves back to the plantation. It comes as no surprise that during a slave revolt these anti-black, black-slaves would be the first ones to be tracked down and killed.

This was no different from Jewish Collaborators in Nazi Germany, these little turds would help the Nazi's to exterminate their own people. This man, David A. Clarke, Jr. aka Sheriff Clarke is one such person.  I bet you he has no mirrors in in house because he hate the sight of his own black skin.

It is the Hypocrisy that I do not like and what gets to me

Michelle Obama Slaughtered For Baring Arms

No We Haven't Forgotten How Conservatives Criticized Michelle Obama For Bare Arms BUT Stay Silent On Melania Trump’s Nude Pictures.