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Jamaica, News of the Week ending September 28th 2013

Are we Ungovernable? "Unpoliceable"?

There are a lot of Poor countries on planet earth, some poorer than my Jamaica, with a lot of poor people living their lives trying to make the best of what life throws at them. A lot of them do not adopt this level of violence and murder that we have here in Jamaica. So what makes Jamaica and Jamaicans so different…. Why is it that some Jamaicans find it so easy to murder their fellow Jamaicans, often times over rubbish? Are some of us Genetically Predispose to Psychopathic Primitive Behaviors? Jamaicans also export this psychopathic primitive behavior, to the point where some countries are forced created special police task to deal with the negative influence of Jamaicans in their society. It is the fear of being deported that keeps most in line with the countries laws but in Jamaica they fear nothing. The UK created several Yardie Task force to keep the bitches inline, the Americans also created the Posse Task force and so did Canada. All to deal with Psychopathic Primitive Jamaicans who have caused various countries around the world to throw up travel restrictions against all Jamaicans… Are we ungovernable?... "unpoliceable"?

Nationally, the JCF figures show that there has been 856 reported murders between January 1st and September 24th, an increase of five per cent when compared to the 817 reported for the corresponding period last year.

The Question of JLP Leadership

For some reason I had it in my head that Dr. Christopher Tufton and Hon. Andrew Holness would have made a wonderful team. The dynamic duo like Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, Green Hornet and Kato, The Wonder Twins leading Jamaica into the 21st century but maybe I just read way too much comic books… I was really hoping for some young vibrant, educated, intellectual to take us on a different path to enlightenment but what the hell do I know…

I am beginning to realize that Dr. Christopher Tufton and Hon. Andrew Holness are more like Batman and Joker, Superman and Lex Luther, arch enemies like Red Skull and Captain America. However Audley Shaw will never get my support in any elections and have a long way to go to even earn my respect.

Mr. Shaw and his Big Financial Backers All this cry of corruption from the opposition JLP but what amazes me is that while they are opposing the Government on the grounds of Corruption and they should, their own internal party election for leadership is plagued with cries of corruption as one side accuses the other side of trying to win the election by using corrupt means.

The problem is not that Mr. Shaw has Big Financial Backers, the real problem is that Mr. Shaw is using his Big Financial backer (as per the grape vine Butch Stewart) to Buy party delegate VOTES…. This is nasty disgusting corruption Mr. Shaw because you are trying to circumvent the democratic process with money…. So you want to come to power using corrupt means while paying lip service to anti-corruption…

This picture really gives me the creeps, a cold chill pass over me each time I look at it. I have never seen a scarier bunch of cut throats and vote buying scumbags, I do not know where to start. I am only sorry Tufton is among the wild bunch ... but as my granny use to say.... "Water find its own level"

Audley Shaw versus Mike Henry

If I was given the choice between Audley Shaw and Mike Henry, I would most definitely choose Mike Henry, for one, I respect his position on reparations, he is like the lone voice in the wind but he is consistent and persistent. Not to mention any man who would respond to charges of corruption with regard to Purchase and Upgrade of the minister's state-owned house with tax payer’s money saying “he was not accustomed to living in squalor”, certainly earns my respect, I mean.. This is something I can relate to.

The British White Widow

The name “White Widow” sound like a comic book hero/villain and I really hate it, this is the woman who some believe was the master mind behind the disgusting Nairobi attack. Most seems to think that wicked Islam converted this Poor Innocent White Woman into a murdering psychopath but I do not buy that for a second, this woman was already a murdering psychopathic bitch looking for a home so she could act out her nasty disgust hateful desires and she found that in Islam where she could justify her evil actions with religion. She represents a failure of the British society to properly socialize her and now she must be stopped by any means necessary.

Regarding the Manchester Bus Crash:

I read a couple facebook post claiming that the children who was on that bus must share some blame for their death, that these kids love the fast buses with disgusting loud dancehall music they play…. BUT we cannot blame the children... children are by nature idiots... that is why they are children and that is why we are mature grown people entrusted to look after their wellbeing.

The grown man driving that bus should have more commonsense and experience to know that what he was doing, was dead wrong and to have respect for the rule of law… The problem was the grown man driving the bus might have been a grown man in body but mentality he was retarded, a damn idiot, a child mind unable to make basic mature decisions, with no sense of personal responsibility and while I can excuse the children for their behavior, chucking it up to youthful exuberance and immaturity… for being a child, I can do no such thing for the grown ass men behind the wheel.

Everyone is upset about the Manchester Crash, most are blaming both the police and the Government, crying that both the Police and Government need to do more to protect our kids but most of the people who are crying and upset are hypocrites. Rules, Regulation, Policies and Procedures are to most Jamaicans like Kryptonite to Superman. They love to talk a lot about Rules, Regulation, Policies and Procedures but dislike any implementation there off and is disgusted by any attempts at enforcement.

If the police had set up a traffic surveillance station, monitoring drivers, ticketing them and taking their busses away, then we would hear the cries of the people. “Leave the poor people them alone ….they are just trying to make a living …earning money to feed their families. This is police harassment, this is what they do with poor people, the government and the police are wicked” as they use cries of poverty, poor and downtrodden to fight every Rules, Regulation, Policies and Procedures and live how they want to live. The rest of the Mini-bus drivers would pull their services and start massive protest against this police harassments and most of the people crying now, would support them...

We are no longer trying to implement old world socio-economic and political ideologies because we live by some new ideologies of our own, that of … Let-Off, Run-Wid-it, Eat-A-Food, Hustle, running’s which are enforced by cries of poverty which is big business.

NBC Sports and the English Premier League

OK so I am reading reports that The NBC ratings for English Premiere League is so far, much bigger than those of both Fox and ESPN when they use to showed the PL… The ratings are so large that they are getting near American Football numbers on some weeks…. This seems to be driving patriotic Americans nuts on various messaging Boards… One would think that America was under attack that to love footie was betray all things American. The NFL plays at least one match at Wembley stadium in the UK and they also show the NFL games on TV in the UK but I do not get the same level of inferiority Complex from the British, declaring that their "Britishness" is under threat nor are they trying to prove to anyone that theirs number are bigger than yours... I will never understand how a country so big and powerful can suffer from such complex... The very idea that Americans might be watching UK football or football in general is rubbing some them the wrong way… This guy on one messaging board declared that no red blooded American would ever watch “soccer” so it must be all those damn illegal aliens… In one messaging board another person declared that the New York Yankees was the biggest club in the entire world… What you say? So imagine his shock and horror when I told him that #1 is Real Madrid, #2 is Manchester United and #3 Barcelona with New York Yankees in the #4 spot… and My Arsenal at #10. I remember a 2009 blog titled “How Soccer is Ruining America” declaring that Soccer is running America into the ground… This blog was written by… Stephen H. Webb a professor of religion and philosophy at Wabash College (which explains it). His recent books include American Providence and Taking Religion to School.

We are bebe's kids, We don't die, We Multiply! ....

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